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Fasting - The Father of All Medicines

Earlier in the month of July’2010 I posted a blog “Fasting – A Super Medicine” followed by a series of other updates on fasting providing some vital information. Recently I have come across some of the speeches of Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju on fasting. It was so inspiring and informative that I immediately felt to make another addition on the subject. After listening to his lessons on fasting I realized that Fasting is not only a Super Medicine but also the Father of All Medicines.

I never get tired of speaking about the charisma this man Dr. Raju has. He has inspired millions of people with his deeds. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest Orators and Teachers Andhra Pradesh has ever produced. Unfortunately his lessons are limited to Telugu speaking people. This blog is an attempt to take his message to the rest of the world. Hopefully, I will be doing justice to this daunting task. It is really an honor and privilege to work in the path of Dr. Raju. Another unique feature of Dr. Raju is the way he presents the subject. He makes things appear very simple and easy. Biological Science was always a tough subject that never excited me from my school days. It is because of Dr. Raju’s simple teaching methods I am able to understand and follow this much. There is no big deal in explaining the subject to the literates. Explaining a subject like biology to illiterates in simple terms and making them understand is what matters. And Dr. Raju has mastered this very art of making the subject understood by one and all with ease.

Before knowing why fasting is called the father of all medicines, Let us now try to understand our body in a simple manner. Our body is just like a Kingdom. As people in the Kingdom, our body has 100 trillion cells. Similar to the way Army, Navy, Air force and Police exist in a kingdom for the external and internal security of the kingdom; our body too possesses a strong defense mechanism in the form different glands that protect our cells from external and internal threats. Similar to the way anti-social elements disturb the law and order of the kingdom from time to time, the bacteria and viruses try to disturb the peace of our body. Depending upon the type of threat the respective department of a defense mechanism takes charge and protects the Kingdom. The same thing happens within the body. Depending upon the type of a threat the glands of our immunity system responds accordingly. War like situation is called an Emergency in the kingdom and Fever or Illness in the body.

Whenever the body falls sick, it demands some co-operation from us. It says, there is an emergency situation within the body that has to be sorted out immediately. Therefore, stop eating anything and lay down unmoved without being involved in any kind of work in order to accomplish the task immediately. If we listen to the call of our body and rest quietly unmoved without eating food, it saves 75% of our energy and utilizes the same in fighting against the virus or bacteria that has caused the trouble. Our body exactly knows which part is infected, which type of bacteria or virus is responsible for the infection, where and how many of them are hidden in the body. The Medical Science has developed tremendously in the recent years. Innumerable diagnostic methods are invented to diagnose the patients. But sometimes, even these advanced diagnostic tools fail to identify the type and the place of viruses infected in the body; but the body never fails. It knows exactly what’s in there. Whatever the type of infection that has formed the minute body cells are always ready for counter attack. The body drives the army of antibodies on the enemies with more vigor and enthusiasm on ‘Lankanam or Fasting unto recovery’ than in a normal situation as it saves 75% of the body energy. The body instantly produces the antibodies depending upon the number and type of virus or bacteria that has intruded. The unique feature of these antibodies is that they kill only the bacteria that are harmful to the body. They do no harm to the friendly bacteria of our body. If you use the antibiotic it definitely kills the harmful bacteria and viruses but at the same time it also kills the healthy cells and friendly bacteria of our body. Exactly the same way, the civilians including men, women, children etc. were killed along with soldiers when the Americans bombarded on Iraq during Iraq-America War of Gulf. On the other hand when you do ‘Lankanam or Fasting unto recovery’, the body saves 75% of the energy as discussed above and utilizes the same in producing healthy antibodies to combat intruded bacteria and viruses without killing our body cells. This battle by antibodies of our body is like the battle of Ahimsa by Mahatma Gandhi against the British Empire during the Independence movement of India without killing the civilians. The antibodies born during ‘Lankanam or Fasting unto recovery’ remains in the body and stay ready to kill those type of infections, bacteria and viruses as and when they enter our body again. They guard our body against such viruses at alert and see that previous trouble to our body is not repeated again. For example, Taliban attacked Pentagon and Twin Towers on 11th of September 2001. Till then the American Security Agencies have no idea of such attacks. After that they realized such threats and maintained a strict vigil and foiled any such attempts by the terrorists on their terrain. Similarly the cells of our body guard us all the time from such intrusions. Regular fasting increases the immunity system of our body. On the other hand it is a well known fact that regular use of antibiotics reduces the immunity system of our body. No medicine in the world except fasting is called the father of all medicines. All the medicines in the world are made up of a substance. The only medicine produced by the body is not of a substance. There is no living being on this Earth that hasn’t taken this medicine of Lankanam or fasting unto recovery. All living beings utilize their antibodies to protect themselves of diseases. Let us learn from animals and try to live healthy and happy.

Ever since I began writing on Lankanam, I have been getting a common question from most of the visitors to my blog. They ask, “The human immunity system differs from person to person and therefore, is it not risky to do Lankanam for people like the kids and aged ones who has low levels of immunity system?”

First of all, I request one and all to go through all the topics of my blog on fasting in previous updates section. I suppose that will answer all your worries. Secondly, Lankanam if you understand properly is an attempt to listen to the call of our body and give an opportunity to rectify the problem on its own. The body tries all its best to counter the problem it is facing inside. When it fails to cope with issue, there is nothing wrong in taking the medical aid. Listen to your body carefully. It will let you know whenever it needs help. You will realize when you need help. Start Lankanam for minor problems first viz., cold, cough, viral fevers etc. Suppose if you were caught up with Jaundice, Typhoid, Malaria, Chikungunya etc. your body might not tackle it straight away. Try to give it a chance for 1 or 2 days by fasting on honey and lemon in the manner prescribed in my previous post ‘fasting a super medicine’. If you see any improvement continue for the third day and if you got still better fast for another day till you recover totally. If any time you find the situation getting worse, consult a doctor. It might be day one, two or three. Listen to the call of your body and seek external help of doctors if needed. This is the way to start safely and gradually. There is nothing wrong in consulting a doctor and taking medicines. Neither Dr. M.S. Raju nor I are against the modern medical science. The only intention is to educate people about this great Science of fasting which is a very crucial part of natural way of living.

I hope you liked and enjoyed this art. Keep watching the space for more updates…!

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