Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We, Our Body and the Mistakes we Commit

Of late, I have come across a series of 10 handbooks tiitled “Dasapustakalu” written by Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju. I have got them from his franchise at Sanjeev Reddy Nagar, near Umesh Chandra Statue, Hyderabad. They are available at all the sponsored suppliers of Dr. Raju across the state of Andhra Pradesh at a very reasonable rate of Rs. 2/- each. Check the listings in Dr. Raju’s website for details www.mantenasatyanarayanaraju.com. These books contain very vital heath tips and precautions apart from some of the experiences of Dr. Raju over the years on health matters. They are quite affordable and worth having it in every household. So please go for them.

Today, I have decided to share very important information from one of those books. It is an attempt to understand the relationship between ‘you’ and the ’body’ and the mistakes you commit every day. If you apply little wisdom, you can understand that ‘you’ and the ‘body’ are two different entities. Your birth implies the emergence of thyself on Earth in the form of physical body. Your death implies the exit of thyself from the physical body. Notable factor is that thyself and the body lives together as one till survival. It is an undeniable fact that there is no life without body. Similarly the birth and death are not in our hands. But the life in between these two is absolutely in our hands. So if this life continues with good health and happiness or with ill-health and sorrow; then we are solely responsible for that and not the body. Any difficulty to our body is the sole result of our mistakes. Since, our body is a vehicle we travel the journey of life, it has to run according to our will. Similarly if we wish to drive it without any problem then we need to listen to its issues and concerns as well. Only then the journey of life ends on a happy note. But we are committing a great mistake by ignoring the issues and concerns of our body. We are totally neglecting the core needs of our body. That is why we have been suffering from all sorts of diseases and disorders. We are loading it with all our likes and dislikes but never listening to its complaints.

The body of every living being is like an automatic machine. The body has the strength, capacity and capability of repairing itself by birth. If this mystic strength, capacity and capability of our body have to function effectively and efficiently, we have to listen to its core issues and behave accordingly. Out of 8.4 million living beings on Earth, how many of them visit a doctor to protect their health? What type of blood tests and X-rays they conduct for diagnosis? Just imagine what might be the secret of their health? The secret formula of their health is undoubtedly ‘following the dharma of their body’. They act and behave according to the nature of their body. Human beings too followed the same dharma of body for millions of years in the past and lead a healthy lifestyle without diseases and the aid of doctors. In spite of so many doctors, medicines and medical sciences why aren’t we able to gain total health? We have learned to give an opportunity to the doctor to cure a disease but unfortunately we haven’t learned to give an opportunity to our body before a doctor to cure the disease. Many people in fact do not know the self healing capacity of our body. The vehicle created by a Man cannot repair itself. Since it has been created by a Man, it has to be repaired by him. Is the human body created by a Man? Since it is not been created by a Man, it has some kind of supernatural and mysterious automatic healing mechanism that is out of reach of our wisdom and knowledge. This automatic mechanism always works for the repairs and maintenance of the body. Every disease is cured by this self healing mechanism of our body if we do not trouble it often with our unhealthy habits and practices.

We often trouble our body knowingly or unknowingly in different ways. For example, we don’t drink water when the body needs it. Instead we drink when we like to drink. We don’t eat food when the body feels hungry. Instead we eat according to our convenience and time table. The trend is worst in metro cities across the world. People eat late nights when the body needs rest. It has to carry out the digestive function at the time when it badly needs the rest. When the body is ready to excrete the waste early in the morning, they sleep during that hour holding the waste within. Whenever the diseases and viruses intrude our body, it immediately declares emergency and increases the body temperature and bitters our tongue. Neglecting the request of our body to give rest and opportunity to fight them out, we rush to the doctors and take medicines. With that our body stops performing its natural duty. In this way the regular use of medicines gradually reduces the immunity strength of our body. Our immunity system strengthens if we provide the first opportunity to our body to fight the diseases. We must first realize that our body is a great doctor and must provide the first opportunity to heal the disease. There is nothing wrong in taking the aid of medicines and doctors if our body fails to cure the disease. We must try to live according to the demands of our body but not against its wishes.

The winter season is on. Many of us might suffer from small infections and diseases like cold, cough, sore throat and all sorts of flu. This is the right time to check our immunity system. Let us give an opportunity to the body first in healing these little problems we often face during winter. Let’s follow Lankanam or fasting till recovery as prescribed in my previous post “fasting a super medicine” and see whether we can beat the disease on our own. Also refer another of my blog post “my first lankanam experience” for further reference. If we see no improvement in the condition, let us visit a doctor for help. People of old ages and those suffering from chronic diseases and disorders are required to practice Lankanam under expert guidance of Naturopath doctors or at their Ashrams under medical supervision.

I hope you like this article. Keep watching the space for more updates.


  1. Dear Sir,Thanks for your articles. Iam 40 yrs old.I am suffering from indigestion and constipation for several years and loss of weight (around 20 kgs) for the past 5 years. Finding difficult to balance food. When I try to fast or take only fruits, weight reduces further and also I feel shaky body of late(signs of weakness).

  2. You did not mentioned your weight and the kind of work you do. It may be that you are not taking the required 250 gms of honey during fast and may not be eating enough fruits to maintain your glucose levels intact.


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