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Success Story of Subrath Mohanty in Natural Way of Living

Today’s update is about Mr. Subrat Mohanty who hails from Cuttak, Orissa, India. I come across him couple of weeks ago on a social networking site face book. When he told me the journey of his natural living it made me really excited and happy for him. He is a true and dedicated follower of natural way of living. After learning his success story, I realised that his story might inspire many more people who are trying all sorts of things to reduce their weight spending lots of money with no results. I took up the opportunity and requested Mr. Mohanty to send couple of his photographs along with his experiences on the journey to natural way of living. It is happy that my blog is reaching to a large section of people across the world. I have been receiving lot of accolades from various people over the period of time. But this one from Mr. Mohanty was really heartening one. Lakhs of people might have read my blog, Thousands of people might have liked it, Hundreds of people might have tried to follow the natural lifestyle but only a few might have followed it with sheer dedication. Mr. Subrath Mohanty is one among those few who followed the natural way of living with sheer dedication and reaped the benefits of it.

Obeying my request Mr. Mohanty took pain to send 2 of his photographs belonging to the past and present along with his story. Today’s blog post is totally dedicated to this inspirational follower of Natural way of living called Subrath Mohanty. See what he has to say on his own words:

Dear Mr. Ram,

I am extremely sorry for sending the photographs & detailed story so late due to some unavoidable reasons. Here is my journey on natural life style.

Few days ago I was over 80 kilos of weight with 36” of waist size. I was very uncomfortable with protruded belly. I desperately needed to reduce weight & for this I tried many methods from consuming Dr. Tea to using slimming belts, but all proved to be futile. Then I switched to Baba Ramdev’s pranayamas & asanas. I downloaded almost all videos of Baba Ramdev from youtube & started practicing. But it was not that easy as I had a bad habit of going late to the bed & waking late in the morning. Also I could not get sound sleep at night. But I could not wait to change my bad habit & decided to practice the pranayamas as such & let the habit be changed gradually. I started practicing from May 25. Initially I practiced the pranayamas for half an hour in the morning & evening, two times a day & exercised on a twister. Gradually I increased the timing. To get quick results I practiced pranayamas with much speed which was not good. Especially I used to practice Kapalbhati rapidly & increased the timing from 10 min to 15, then 30 min & then sometimes to 45 min, even 1 hour. For this I could not even get time to consume my breakfast & go for the lunch directly & dinner in the night & nothing in between. After one month I shed 2 kilos & 2 inches. In the following month I retained almost the same status. But here the problem started. Due to rapid practice, I got chest pain & had to go for a check up. But there was no problem. I stopped pranayam for 3 – 4 days & started again moderately. Luckily while searching on google about obesity, I came across Mr. Ram Godar’s blog & read the article “Fasting – A Super Medicine” & got to know the importance of fasting in not only to reduce weight but it’s usefulness for good health. I got interest towards natural life style. I started weekly fasting from July 25. Here I had to go for a battle with my wife to convince her, but failed to convince other family members. They criticized me, but I was strong on my will. I started weekly fasting on Sundays. With weekly fasting, pranayam & food discipline, my weight reduced to 73 kilos in a month. Maintaining food discipline was not easy for me as I reside in a joint family. My family members are reluctant to natural life style & are habituated in oily, spicy & junk foods & they didn’t encourage me. This is the problem when one starts to put on a good habit like natural life style. Not only family members, but most people who know you will try to pull you back. But this will not bother you if you stand strong on will-power & dedication. Fortunately I have already given up non-veg food for 11 years unlike other members of my family & was not a slave of tea, coffee much before than that. I gradually got more information on natural life style from Mr. Ram’s blog. I started eating boiled vegetable curry, fruits, sprouted peas, salads, soaked nuts with cooperation of my wife. I stopped eating roadside foods, cool drinks, ice-creams which I had occasionally earlier. But I am yet to completely adopt Dr. Raju’s alternate healthy cooking system. I used to drink water after one hour of eating food when I started pranayam, as it is recommended by Baba Ramdev. But I was yet to know about the technique of water consumption as strictly prescribed by Dr. Mantena Satyanarayan Raju. This system is a boon to the mankind & those who have followed this system can realize the benefits & I am the fortunate one. After reading about this from Ram’s blog, I started this regime from Aug 23. Luckily, drinking so much water especially in the morning was not a problem for me, as previously I had the habit of drinking more water but not in a disciplined manner as taught by Dr. Raju. My previous bad habit of late waking was gone, as I got sound sleep at night. I used to ablate twice in a day when I started practicing paranayam, but got to know the importance of free ablation from Dr. Raju’s teachings. For the first time, I ablated twice in the morning & thrice in a day. In the first week of consuming 5-6 liters of water a day, I got the benefits. Though I put on the habit of ablating thrice a day, but having free ablation 3 times was not always easy for me. I developed the practice & got excellent results. In fact this is an art & one has to practice it. Eating fruits, raw & boiled vegetables helps in moving the bowels & good bowel movement is very necessary for maintaining good health. My wife was suffering from low blood pressure. I helped her to put on the habit of drinking more water in a systematic manner. It helped her & her blood pressure comes to normal. Even she gave up the habit of consuming tea & non-veg food. With exercise, food discipline, weekly fasting & consuming 5-6 liters of water a day my health improved drastically. Fungal infections in few places of my body, dryness of skin, gum problem, cold, and indigestion were completely gone. Once I got some infection in my right ear. I don’t know how I got this, but it became serious & started running & it was difficult to chew food. Instead of running to the doctor, I continued as usual with fasting, drinking more water & eating healhy food with boiled & raw vegetables. In few days, it disappeared in such a way that as if nothing had happened. Now my weight is 64-65 kilos with 30-31” waist size. I am consuming 6-7 liters of water a day now. I don’t feel weak at all, moreover I feel lighter & more energetic. Now when my family members & friends look at me, are getting surprised to see such a change in my appearance in such a short span of time. They are appreciating me for my efforts & results, but they find it difficult to adopt this as this requires dedication & strong will power. One of my friends with protruded belly is now practicing weekly fasting, but has no dedication for food discipline & consuming water in a systematic manner. One must be serious towards natural life style. Strong will-power & dedication are very necessary. Some people complain that family & social constraints are the main hurdles in maintaining a healthy life style. In fact, many hurdles come when one adopts a good path. But if one has will power & dedication, hurdles will not bother. Hurdles will come & go, but once our body becomes slave of diseases, it will be very difficult to recover. Of course it is not easy to overcome the constraints. I have to also compromise in few occasions but never compromised with my will-power. Also some people say that they have not time for all these things. They have time to run after material pleasure, eating junk foods, but don’t have time for real happiness. Health is real wealth. Even a little effort towards natural life style with dedication helps much. I am very much thankful to Mr. Ram Godar. Apart from his blog, I have also got many valuable tips, advices for me & my wife personally from him through facebook & followed them. Luckily I have also got some of the books of Dr. Mantena Satyanarayan Raju on internet. His teachings should be spread so that people will be aware about natural life style & get more & more benefits. Mr. Ram Godar is doing a great job for taking Dr. Raju's teachings to the masses.

At the end, I would like to thank Mr. Mohanty to make this blog page possible. I would also like to appreciate Mr. Mohanty for his writing skills. Like him, his writing too is inspirational. I hope this article inspire many people to come into the path of Natural Way of Living. Keep watching the space till next updates.


  1. IT is very inspriring..
    Thanks for the blog...

  2. Yes it is! Few more success stories are in line. Keep watching the space to get more inspiration from people like Subrat Mohanty.


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