Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The hidden Science of Fasting in Curing Diseases

In my previous blogs, I tried to focus on Lankanam – The Fasting unto recovery and its invention. So far we have learned fasting as a super medicine and its ability to cure diseases. Like every one of you I have also doubted the benefits of fasting until I experienced the benefits myself personally. I thoroughly practiced fasting when I was sick on quite a few occasions and practically experienced the benefits of fasting. Only then, I began promoting this wonderful natural ailment of fasting.

As discussed in my previous posts, Lankanam or fasting unto recovery is neither invented by me nor Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju. But Dr. Raju to the best of my knowledge is the person who is responsible for its revival in modern society. He has done a great job in promoting the hidden Science of Fasting in curing diseases. The educated community had already written off benefits of fasting as superstition. It is Dr. Raju’s intense research and scientific explanation through his programs and campaigns all over the state of Andhra Pradesh, fasting has revived. He is a gifted speaker. The way he explains the subject is quite convincing and commanding. In one of the conversation with Subrath Mohanthy from Cuttuck who is also a beneficiary of Natural Way of Living said that we the people of Andhra Pradesh are quite lucky to have a person like Dr. Raju. In fact, the entire mankind benefited by him is lucky to have him on this Earth. If he wouldn’t have there, I wouldn’t have written this blog and Subrath and many others wouldn’t have been benefited through my blog. When I reckon the efforts of Dr. Raju, I remember a few lines of Robin Sharma – the leadership expert and the author of the Monk who sold his Ferrari, “The Love and affection towards fellow humans is like the Rent we pay for finding a place on this beautiful Earth.” And who is paying better rent than Dr. Raju? According to Osho “The God is neither a noun nor a pronoun. It is a verb – an action! It is the truth! It is the brightness!” Dr. Raju makes this statement true. I have received so many comments on my blogs blessing and praising Dr. Raju for his efforts. He is a Messiah for those suffering from various forms of diseases. A single candle is essential to lighten up the entire room. He is the power house that is generating so much energy to lighten up different houses across the world. He might be situated at a far distant place; his preaching are spreading across the globe and lightening up the lives of people suffering from various diseases.

Dr. Raju through his Campaigns, books and programs on TV, has been intensively involved in educating people about the oldest form of medical science called fasting and its energies in curing all sorts of diseases. Let us try to focus on what Dr. Raju has to say on the hidden secrets of fasting in curing diseases. Does burning our stomach without food really help curing diseases? Let us raise the curtains now:

If our body comes across any trouble, it tries to resolve the issue on its own. This tendency has come to our body naturally by birth. If our body hasn’t done this job we would have died way back. In fact, we are not the one to die. It is the body the dies. The body needs additional energy to save itself from the trouble that has come to it. Excess energy of our body is utilized in digesting the food we eat and the work we do. The body spends 75% of our total energy in completing these two tasks. Whenever the body lands in trouble it try to save this 75% of energy and utilize in completing the task of saving itself from the trouble by making a master plan. If the man usually eats and move around for his work during trouble, it cannot complete the task. Therefore it creates a master plan and makes the man sit at home without eating and moving out to work. The implementation of master plan begins from the tongue. If the saliva tastes sweet as usual, the man would definitely eat all sorts of foods. The body thus, takes the first precaution by making the tongue dry and bitter by releasing some sort of enzyme in order to kill the desire to eat. If we are active, we might move around and work usually. The body thus, takes the second precaution by creating dizziness and aches all over the body and makes you feel tired, week and feeble in order to make you sit or lay at one place without moving. In this way the body tries to save the energy and utilize it with full force in the task of defending itself from trouble. Until the task of defense is completed we neither feel like eating nor moving. This is the dharma of our body. Any of you got these symptoms? You cannot deny it by saying no. Every human goes through this situation. Though it is another fact that you might have ate and moved around during these symptoms. Just imagine once! For whose benefit the body is doing all this? All its effort is to make you feel convenient. Is it asking you to borrow some energy from the President of America? Is it asking you to climb hills and jump down the valley to get the energy? Nope! The entire energy to carry out the defense mechanism is within me. I can get rid of the trouble myself. If you sit quite without moving, that is enough for me. I will take care of the rest – says the body. Can’t you listen to this little request of your body for some time? So far it has allowed you to eat all sorts of food and do all sorts of work. Have you ever thanked this wonderful body? In spite of that it has done its duty silently without any complaint. But today, when the body is in trouble it asks you to help by keeping yourself quite without eating and moving. If we listen to this request of our body we always remain healthy and happy. You don’t need any education, intelligence and medical sciences to listen to the call of your body. In fact, these are the hurdles in listening to the call of our body. There are some doctors who always criticize the benefits of fasting. Does anyone get cured off the diseases by burning the stomach by fasting? They simply write off by calling it a mere superstition and unscientific method. They forget this is the Science of Nature. They also forget, way before the invention of Medical Science and even before the birth of the term Science, this Science of curing diseases by fasting had born. That is the Natural Science of the Science of Nature. No one can change the rules of this Science. This Science will save all the living beings as long as they live. The animals are still following this science and living without any disease. At the end, I would like to conclude that “those who believe this Science will live healthy like animals and those who don’t will suffer like humans with all sorts of diseases and sorrows.”

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  1. Ram Garu,

    You are doing great work, why dont you join in matenas yahoo groups and give suggetions who ever suffering from lot of health issues.

    Here is the link:



  2. I am already a member of the group. And I really appreciate all the fellow members of the group for giving their valuable suggestions.

  3. Can you define Natural Ways of Living? I'm doing a paper on the idea of Natural Ways of Living as a discursive construct, namely focusing on white peoples' ideas of Indigenous ways of living as a source of the construct for white people.

  4. Natural Way of Living can simply be defined as living according to the dharma or nature of our body. It has nothing to do with color and creed. It is concerned with the entire mankind. During the early evolution the humans were very close to the nature. Ever since the advent of Science and Technology the man had deviated himself from nature inviting all sorts of troubles. Natural Way Of Living is an attempt to get back to the roots and follow the dharma of body. The dharma of body is to acquire fresh energy from nature in the form of air, water and food and spend this energy by moving our limbs to complete our tasks. We have polluted every kind of energy and we aren't even using our limbs for our tasks. This has become a major cause for various diseases and disorders. By Natural Way of Living is an effort to remove or reduce this harm. For more details you can follow these links:


    2. http://naturalwaysofliving.blogspot.com/2009/06/five-elements-of-nature-in-our-body_4760.html

  5. thanks for the valuable details, a great joy to find such a useful informative blog which offers such guidance. a pleasure.

  6. can diabetes be cured by fasting ??

    1. There is no cure for diabetes. One can only control the sugar levels through natural way of living suggested by Dr. MSR.


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