Friday, October 15, 2010

Dr. Mantena's Natural Remedy for Lifestyle Disorders

Of late I have been coming across people, regularly seeking remedies for lifestyle disorders like Diabetes, Constipation, Piles, Hemorrhoids, obesity and other gastric, digestive and intestinal problems. In my observation these diseases are not just life threatening but also very expensive. People across the world are spending lots and lots of money on these disorders. Unable to bear the increasing medical bills people have begun to live with these disorders suffering throughout their life. I am not sure whether it is true; but I observed people in the west are more prone to these disorders.

Few days ago, I have come across a NRI from Boston, MA, USA on social networking site facebook; according whom getting an appointment of a doctor in the US is a daunting task as they are quite busy with large number of patients. If anyone in India or any other parts of the world is asked, “which country is well sophisticated in medical science?” You get the answer “America” without a second thought. Despite the advancement of medical science in America, it has failed to regulate the increasing number of patients. The scenario is no different in India. If you look at the number of hospitals and clinics in India in the recent past; it has grown up to a great extent. You have big corporate hospitals and clinics in every nook and corner of the cities in India. They are prospering at a very rapid pace. No matter how sophisticated is the medical science today; it can neither prevent nor eradicate the disease from its roots. It can only assist or help you in your cause. As already mentioned in my previous blogs that Medicines and Doctors do not cure diseases, they just assist or help our body to cure diseases. It is our body that fights and cures the diseases. According to Andreas Moritz – an internationally famous medical intuitive and practitioner of Naturopathy and Ayurveda, bacteria and viruses are not the one to be blamed for infections and diseases; it is the environment that is created within our body is to be blamed. These bacteria and viruses are unavoidable. They are everywhere and in everybody. The same virus might be in someone else' body at the same time but it troubles you and not him. The reason is quite simple, his environment within the body is clean and healthy which enables his active cells to kill those bacteria immediately on intrusion.

I often notice, people compare their state of health with others. For example, a friend of mine Mr. Srinivas has approached me to teach asanas and diet routine to get rid of his disorders. He was suffering from belching stomach, obesity and constipation. When I told him to follow some of the natural diet routines he asked me a question. He has a friend called Raja Lingam who usually eats large quantity of food especially non-vegetarian. Why is he still slim and problem free; whereas he is suffering from all sorts of disorders in his early 30s? Another of my friend Mr. Naseer feels that there are other people who eat plenty of non-vegetarian food and still they are healthy without any issues; whereas he is suffering from the lifestyle disorders, though he is eating moderately. Many people like these, don’t realize that when you have a problem, it is within you. Instead of comparing your status with others you should take your own initiative to get rid of these issue. There might be many factors that differentiate you from others. The major three factors are: (1) Genes (2) Lifestyle and (3) Environment. You can do nothing with genes that are inherited to you with certain disorders. But you can do a lot with lifestyle changes. Majority of diseases or disorders in humans are lifestyle disorders.

Irrespective of the geographical boundaries the mankind is suffering from the common issue of lifestyle disorders. Unless a person realizes the strength of a human body and try to eradicate the diseases or disorders from their roots, they are not going to get relieved. Unless we collectively make an effort to bring a change in our lifestyles, the mankind cannot get away with these sorrows. No matter another million hospitals come into existence; the root cause cannot be eradicated. This is where Dr. M.S. Raju is working so hard for the past 20 years in the state of Andhra Pradesh. He is like a messenger of God for those who relieved from suffering. It is really less whatever is written or talked about this great man. He took up the mission to change the lifestyle of people so deep rooted in the culture for so many years. As Gandhiji said, every great movement has to begin with a single step and this true karma yogi Dr. Raju has singly begun his journey of educating people to change their lifestyles 20 years ago. Today the seeds sown by Dr Raju have grown into a chain of Mega Trees giving fruits to the entire society. Dr. Raju all through these years tried to take us back to the roots where we belong. Our ancestors especially the Indian ancestors were quite intelligent and wise. They spent many years on study of human body and remember without these modern technology. They gifted us every possible thing to live healthy and happy. They inserted those healthy habits deep into the roots of our culture. Today with the development of science and technology we have learned that vegetables have plenty of nutrition in them. We often discuss everyday about the healthiest foods in the world. Today in every news paper, you find column analyzing the nutritional values of different fruits and vegetables. They say eating so and so vegetable will give you so and so nutrition and so and so fruit or vegetable is good for so and so organ of your body and blah…blah…blah…! Just imagine what technology our ancestors might have used to find the nutritional value of a food? How they might have picked which vegetable is good for the heart, liver, kidneys, blood etc. etc. Out of millions of fruits, plants and vegetables, how those few plants, fruits and vegetables were picked up by our ancestors and included in our kitchen? Every one of us, including all those doctors and scientists who analyze the nutrition of these plants, vegetables and fruits are eating the same thing suggested by ancestors.

With the change of time and working environment, the lifestyle in India especially after the Liberation of market in mid 90’s has changed. The whole junk food centers opened up creating all sorts of health hazards. When I say junk food it is to the body and not to the tongue. Always remember that a Tongue’s delight is body’s demise. We are addicted to these attractive eateries which delight the tongue but disrupt the other major organs of the body. Better late than never, I was enlightened by the teachings of Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju and changed my entire lifestyle. I realized that I must eat only the food that is liked by each and every 100 trillion cells of my body and not just the taste buds of my tongue. It is not easy to follow Dr. Raju’s Natural Way of Living if you are perfectly healthy. It is not because you can’t follow but because people around you cannot let you follow. I had a real hard time with my parents, friends, relatives and everyone who knows me. When I began eating all these sprouts, half boiled vegetables, fruits, and juices avoiding the usual food, they termed me either crazy or sick.

Very recently, one of my friends Mr. Arif told me that I am torturing my body by eating those stuff. He feels that my eating of phulkas (Indian whole grain bread), vegetables, fruits and dry nuts by eliminating the oil, ghee, spices, sugar etc. is a kind of torture to my body. I really pray for my friend to realize the fact before his body cracks down internally. I want him to realize that it is not me but he is torturing his own body with all those kind of food that is not meant for his body. Before you eat anything just remember that your body is not a garbage bin to throw every dirty object in it. It is your responsibility to keep it neat and clean. People spend hours in cleaning and decorating the external body but none is concerned about the cleanliness of inner body. Inner cleanliness reflects your personality. Inner body is the shelter of our soul. A cleaner soul gives mental peace and happiness and happy and peaceful mind always keep you fit and healthy.

And when it comes to my parents and in-laws they feel that they have spent their life time eating meat, ghee and all that stuff and still they are healthy. In fact, they are healthy because of that kind of food. I totally agree that consuming meat and ghee gives you energy and strength because of the high fat content in it. That was okay for them because in those days they used to work really hard to earn their livelihood. Whatever they consumed is to burn out without any scope for fat deposits in their body. Where is the effort now? We need fats for the maintenance of bones and generating extra energy but how often we move our limbs?

According to Dr. Raju, Fat deposits are like money in the bank. The more you transact, the better is your progress. Stagnant money is useless; in fact a burden. Similarly, the more you work that fast the fats burn and provide energy making you stronger. Where were the motor cycles, cars and buses in those days? They used to walk many a mile everyday in search of their livelihood. We are no match in their comparison. We cannot be like them no matter how hard we try.

The success mantra of healthy living of our ancestors is to work hard and eat healthy in the available circumstances. Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju has designed a wonderful routine of things to be done in order to get rid of almost all sorts of disorders and diseases naturally and prevent any sort of such disorders in future if you don’t have any right now. This routine is studied and designed by Dr. Raju based on the knowledge and experiences of ancestors and molded for the people living in the modern society. Try to include these practices into your daily routine in order to stay fit and healthy.

(1) Rise around 5 A.M. in the morning. Lot of importance is given in Indian culture to wake up early. 4-30 A.M. to 5-30 A.M is considered as “divya samay - the divine timing” as the entire Gods move around you in the morning at this hour. The Idea is to make you wake up that early and have the wonderful breeze of pranic energy or life energy during these hours. Lots of prana flow during these hours of the time. Robin Sharma in one of his books mentioned that joining the 5 ‘O’ Clock club will change your life. Therefore wake up and see the difference. Seriously include this in your lifestyle and see the difference.

(2) As soon as you wake up fill your mouth with water and sprinkle water on your eyes for 10-15 times. This is a wonderful practice taught by Baba Ramdev-the yoga guru. It does wonders to your eyes. Practicing this will relieve you from frequent headaches, migraine and issues related to your sight. It is practically proven as boon for students and people who work on computers for hours.

(3) Drink 1 – 1 ½ liters of water in one go or two. Initially some people find it difficult to drink this much of water. Their body is not used to it. To begin with drink ½ liter of water and after one week you can go for one liter. Some people even feel a vomiting sensation in the beginning. Don’t panic if you vomit. Gently make your body get used to it. Water at this hour is to flush your intestines. It is a natural enema. Many of us use buckets of water to cleanse our outer body but never bothered to clean our inner body by drinking some liters of water. Drinking 1 to 1 ½ liters of water puts pressure on intestines and help in the free bowel movement.

(4) After drinking water concentrate on the intestines and walk around for a while and then visit the toilet. Concentration on intestines does wonders. We often see people spending lot of time in the toilet reading newspapers and smoking cigars. They take time to ablate because their concentration is on some other thing. For people with constipation, walking around with concentration on intestines help their cause to a great extent. The result won’t be immediate but as you follow this practice for a week or two you are going to see the difference.

(5) Half an hour later, start any exercise, yoga, walking, jogging etc. for at least 20 minutes. I recommend 1 hour of intense workout of any form for healthy people and 20-30 minutes of moderate workout for people of old ages and suffering from diseases. Asana and Pranayama are very desirable for people suffering from diseases. Remember the golden rule of ancestors no workout no food. If you want to eat well then move your limbs and sweat it out. Unless you workout you are not going to have a healthy life, no matter how nutritious food you eat. According to the great maestro of yoga Dr. BKS Iyengar, “the modern man had stuck to his sofa. He wakes up from bed and lands on sofa for tea, from sofa to dining chair for breakfast, dining chair to car or motor cycle seat to office, again from car seat to the office chair and vice versa. Where is the physical exerting? How is he going to gain health if such is the lifestyle?” If not all but many of us are like what Dr. Iyengar had mentioned. Many of the people living in metro cities say, they are so busy that they do not have time to do exercises. They have time for everything and everybody but have no time for the self. There is nothing ridiculous than this. You must remember one thing “If you don’t take your time for physical exercises now then you won’t have much time for the future.” Therefore be late than never. Realize this mantra and start moving your limbs.

(6) Drink 1 or 1 ½ liters of water again 10 minutes after your exercises. You might get another nature call to attend. I mean the bowel movement. This liter of water is good for people suffering from constipation. This soothes the intestines and improves its condition.

(7) Have your bath and freshen up for your vegetable juice if people suffering from constipation, hemorrhoids, piles, diabetes, high cholesterol etc. Healthy people can have their breakfast now.

(8)Have your vegetable juice with Tomato, Carrot, Beetroot, Kheera (cucumber), Bottle Gourd, Snake Gourd, Bitter Gourd etc. You can combine any one or two of the first 4 vegetables but never make the juices by combining vegetables of gourd family. Please make sure you wash all the vegetables very well and also taste a piece of snake and bottle gourd before you make the juice. Because some of these gourds (1 in a million) tastes bitter and when you notice that please avoid such gourds. These gourds (1 in a million) releases some kind of toxins due to various germinating factors like infertile soil, lack of water, sunlight and air etc. Keep these precautions in mind every time you make the vegetable juice. Remember and make sure you drink each sip gently and slowly before gulping in order to mix your saliva in every sip. Drink pleasantly as you drink your fruit juice.

(9) Have a gap of at least half an hour for breakfast.

(a) Make a habit of taking breakfast of sprouted moong beans or green grams, cow pea, chickpea etc. and soaked nuts like groundnut, almonds, cashew etc. No need to soak the nuts till they sprout. Just soak in the night and use it in the morning. Soak green grams, cow pea and chickpea for 6 – 8 hours and sprout it in a sprout maker or cloth till they sprout to 1 or 1 ½ inches. The longer the sprout, the better the nutrition and lesser the gas trouble. I need to mention one point here, due to high amount of proteins in sprouts; you might feel slight trouble in your stomach with gas. Making larger sprouts and chewing well is the key here. The better you chew the sprouts, the lesser is the gas trouble. You must remember to eat handful of these sprouts and nuts. It won’t be easy to eat sprouts initially because again your body is not used to this kind of food; it has to be made adaptable. It might take 15-20 days to get adaptable. Keep patience and self belief. You are going to love this after a few days because you have already begun reaping the benefits of this superstar food by then.

Do not drink water till 2 hours after breakfast. This is because our food is digested by the most powerful concentrated hydrochloric acid and other gastric juices in our stomach. When you drink water the concentration of these acids and juices weakens and hinders our digestion process. Our body needs to produce further acids to digest the food. These excess acids and gases results in belching and other gastric disorders. Some people doubt that we need water to digest. They need not worry because we get enough water from the food we cooked, or even raw fruits and vegetables have enough water in them to help digestion apart from the digestive gases and acids which are again in liquid form.

(c) 2 hours after your breakfast have a glass or two of water. In this way drink 1 or 1 ½ liters of water before your lunch. Remember again drink water 30 minutes before lunch and 2 hours after lunch.

(d) Have 2-3 Phulkas made of whole wheat or ragi and lots of vegetable curry or salad, or 2 servings of Rice (Brown Rice or Pounded Rice or unpolished rice) with curry (salad or boiled vegetables). You may use onions, lime juice, green chilly etc. for taste. You may have curd if required. The mantra is to eat more vegetable salad and curry and less phulka or rice. You need to fill your stomach more than 60% in order to quench your hunger. If you eat more vegetables curry than rice or phulka, you never suffer from constipation or any other intestinal disorders. All the vegetables are rich in fiber source. Fiber acts as a mop or broom stick in our body which cleanses the intestines and blood vessels. Eating more vegetables also cleanses the blockages in arteries and veins. People suffering from digestive and intestinal disorders should strictly avoid animal food because they contain zero fiber. Please note all the animal foods like goat, fish, chicken, milk, chocolates, creams etc. contains cholesterol which we need not take externally. Our liver looks after the production of cholesterol that is required for the body. Therefore don’t bother to take them in. Excess cholesterol reaches the bloodstream and clogs the arteries and veins resulting in high blood pressure, paralysis and heart attacks.

Drink again 1 or 2 liters of water 2 hours after the lunch in small installments of a glass or two. Many people give a skip to drink this installment of water here as they pay no attention to it. It is very essential to maintain enough fluids in our body for proper functioning of nervous system.

(f) You must stop drinking water by 6 P.M. or 6-30 P.M. This is because if you drink water in the late evening or night you need to attend the urinal during the late nights disturbing your sleep. Your body doesn’t need any more water at nights because the temperature of your body cools down with the weather. More importantly we have supplemented enough amount water in the day when the weather is hot.

(g) Dr. Raju is intensively promoting the practice of having the dinner by sunset. This practice is usually followed in rural areas of India from millions of years. This practice has lot to do with good health. We often see people in rural areas of India, Nepal and China are quite healthier than those in urban areas. If you eat early by 7 P.M. the food gets digested by 9 P.M. and you get a sound sleep throughout the night. This again gives rest to your entire body and mind. There are lots of other benefits of eating early in the evening which I will try to bring in my further updates.

(h) If you are a worker who is engaged in heavy physical work then you can have your quota of rice and vegetables without oil, ghee, masala, spices, salt etc. For people working in offices who needs less physical effort and more mental effort have to eat phulkas again with more amount of vegetable curry as mentioned above. People who work late or those with diabetes, arthritis or any digestive problems can have stomach full of seasonal fruits available in the market as dinner.

(i) Those who feel thirsty can have ½ glass of water before sleeping that is at 9 P.M. or 9-30 P.M.

Note: People who are overweight or having arthritis/joint pains should replace rice with phulkas, or Still Better, Have Fruit Dinner (say 2-3 bananas + 2 guavas, or 2-3 mangoes, etc. - up to 1/2 kg fruits OK for dinner). If overweight, take less soaked groundnuts and fresh coconut pieces in breakfast. But they need not starve to become lean. Eat more vegetables and fruits, less rice/wheat, Avoid MOSS - Spices, Oil, Salt and Sugar completely in their food.

I would like to conclude with the slogan of Dr. M.S. Raju: We are humans and every human commits a mistake. Let’s forget about the past and change our present to make a memorable future. I hope this article inspires many to join Dr. Mantena’s Natural Way of Living which is for the better, healthy and happy future. Those who follow this never get prone to lifestyle disorders and those who were already suffering from any of these diseases or disorders can get rid of their problems by following this lifestyle. Follow and let others follow. Keep watching the space for more updates.
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