Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My First Lankanam Experience

In these 18 months of Natural Way of Living, it was the first time I felt really sick with severe fever. Full credits to the Municipal Water for successfully going through the defense of my immunity system. As my daily routine I was drinking 5-6 liters of water every day. On Tuesday the 2nd of September 2010 while I was fetching water from the tap one of my friend warned me of pollutants in the municipal water since 3 days. I drank the same water the whole day ignoring his advise. The next morning I found my body little sluggish while practicing asanas. My body wasn’t moving the way I desired therefore I picked up the pace and practiced asanas for 2 hours (my usual time) and I took shower after practice. I was quite tired and there was no willingness to eat. Obeying the orders of my body I moved out to work without breakfast. By afternoon on 3rd of September 2010 every part of my body is aching and is shivering with high fever. I realized that my friend’s warning proved right and some aliens intruded my body causing the trouble. I immediately rushed back home and laid on bed unmoved till my wife came back home from work in the evening. The real drama began from here. When she found me at home at that hour of the day, she immediately sensed that I am not feeling well and checked my temperature by touching her hand on my forehead. Without holding a moment she asked me to visit a doctor immediately. I gently denied her request and conveyed my willingness to try Lankanam – a fast unto recovery. She nodded her head with a worried look even though she knows it is a paramaushadham – a superstar medicine. And Lemon? She asked! Because she knows the importance of Lemon and honey during Lankanam and thankfully we had enough honey at home. I said, I got them while getting home. She then made me a glass of honey lemon juice and I slept for a while after drinking it.

I recollected every word of Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju on Lankanam for confidence. According to Dr. Raju one has to give complete rest to their stomach and intestines by starving food so that the entire energy is used by our body to kill the intruded alien bacteria or viruses. You might say that our body needs energy to fight the bacteria and if we do not eat where the energy going to come from? Well… nature cure has a solution for that. The medicine we use during Lankanam is water and honey lime juice in a manner described in my previous blog Fasting - A Super Medicine. The role of water is to clean the inner body by carrying and excreting the waste. The role of lemon juice is quite important here. It works like an anti-biotic in our body as we are all familiar that lemon is a rich source of Vitamin C that helps in the production of anti-oxidants or antibodies. Dr. Raju always recommend people to maintain enough antibodies within their bodies by following natural life style abiding the need of taking anti-biotic externally. And now the Honey – it’s a rich source of potassium which gives you instant strength. Apart from energizing your body honey improves your immunity system by eradicating free radicals. Lankanam means giving rest to the entire body so that the body cells finish their work effectively. It might take 1 day, 2 days , 3 days or even more depending on the type of virus that had intruded and the immunity system of your body.

It was all going well until I was made to face the first hurdle. My mother came to know about my illness and she along with my sister rushed over to see me with fruits in her hands. When she learned that I am on Lankanam she got worried and tried to convince me for visiting a doctor. When I assured that I will be visiting her next morning fully recovered; she left home offering her blessings and love. I again laid on the bed for relaxation.

The day finally ended up and the night arrived. It was the turn of my wife this time. She was waking up every hour at night and checking my body temperature. This way she hadn’t slept the whole night and neither let me sleep. This worried lady was taking every possible care of me without speaking a word. I was eagerly waiting for the dawn because I was expecting to get well by next morning. On 4th September 2010, by the time I opened my eyes it was already 9 AM which is quite unusual to me. I immediately tried to wake up in a hurry but realized that nothing had improved in my condition. I gently got up and completed my cleaning activities and again laid on bed.

When the neighbors knew about my illness they approached me; shared their own concerns, worries and advises. When I told them about Lankanam they started shouting on me and even on Dr. Raju as if he has no other work to do. Any how I managed to get rid off them and continued with the routine. My wife wanted to stay with me seeking leave from work but I managed to send her to work. I took complete rest the whole day on honey and lemon water in a prescribed manner and had a nice sleep for couple of hours til my wife got back home in the evening. For a moment, I was terrified to see my wife’s mobile ringing. It was a call from her Mother. I told her not to tell her parents about my illness as I was not in a position to listen their concerns too. She thankfully obeyed my request and saved me from another attack.

The temperature was high and had severe body aches throughout the night. I was getting short of breathe, my pulses were beating faster, a severe headache etc. I realized a fierce battle is getting on between my body cells and the aliens and I was confident that this night is going to be a decider. My wife was worried over my temperature as usual. I convinced that I am totally alright and nothing to worry because I was confident on the atmosphere I have provided to my cells during these 18 months of Natural Way of Living. I have no idea how the night passed away and I again woke up around 9-00 AM on 05th of September 2010 but to my happiness I am well recovered—all aches disappeared and the temperature too come down to normal. But I was feeling little weak. I could see the happiness in the eyes of my wife. She too was on fasting yesterday as part of our weekly practice. She was quite hungry and getting ready to make some breakfast for me as well. I showed my regret to eat any cooked food as of now because my tongue was still bitter. She then made me a glass of fruit juice. Since it was Sunday and we remained at home taking rest till afternoon. I started sensing movements in my intestines which is a good sign of my recovery. Now the cells are on their regular work. It’s time to feed them now. I decided to have a light food for lunch and we visited a market, bought one big size papaya and had it in Lunch. Had a big nap for few hours after lunch in the afternoon.

When I didn’t visited my mother yesterday morning as promised, My dad visited me and he started insisting me to visit the doctor immediately. He even gone on to explain the heroics of medicines and doctors terming the practices taught by Dr. M.S. Raju are out dated though he practically don’t appreciate the allopathic medicine. I didn’t argued much with my dad and kept quite listening to him nodding my head to whatever he said. I convinced that I am alright now and nothing to worry about me. Finally he left me with a sigh of relief.

We had some hot Maggie noodles in dinner and gone to bed. I slept peacefully the whole night as my temperature was normal. My eyes lit up early in the morning at 5-30 Am on 06th September 2010. I had a light breakfast of Idlis (a South Indian recipe) and got back to work. Had a wonderful lunch of my usual brown rice with lentils. I bet Dr. Raju might have wanted me to stay on liquid for another day for better results. I was feeling much better but not yet fit enough to get on to my yoga mat. I need to put up a few kilos of weight in order to practice asanas.

I felt like sharing these experiences as some of you might face the similar kind of situation at some point of time or many of you might have already faced it while following Dr. Raju’s Nature Cure – Lankanam. After experiencing this I would suggest any body who try to follow Lankanam make sure (1) that your body is capable of fighting the intruded bacteria or virus (2) You are following a healthy life style suggested by Dr. Raju like good diet and exercises (3) You are free of chronic disorders like heart, liver, kidneys, diabetes etc. (4) If you feel uncomfortable can visit a doctor. Pregnant ladies are not advised to try this.

Neither Dr. Raju nore myself is against allopathic medicine. It is a boon to the man kind. In fact, there is no better medicine than Allopathy when it comes to the treatment of accidents and surgeries. Dr. Raju’s Natural Way of Living is only an attempt of prevention as we all know that prevention is always better than cure. Swamy Ramdev Baba rightly says, curing a diseased body is like saving a house caught up in fire; where as natural way of living is like saving the house from being caught up in fire.

The main purpose of Lankanam is that if you let your body kill the bacteria in this way, you never know when the same bacteria intrudes your body again. Because it kills them without your knowledge. According to Dr. Raju when our body cells kill the aliens on their own; they record the mothod of killing them in our memory and whenever they attack us again in our life time, they simply finish them in style. Take an example of chicken pox. No form of medicine can cure chicken pox though they might help. When children gets effected from chicken pox they are kept in a cool and separate place till it gets cured. It is our body cells that kill them. Once you get chicken pox and it won’t repeat you again. Based on this memory, vaccination is introduced. Once a vaccination is given to the kid, it is stored in human memory and when that particular bacteria or virus intrudes they gets killed without our knowledge. It doesn’t mean that polio doesn’t attack our body if vaccination is given. It does; but the vaccination stored in our memory kills them immediately on intrusion. The task is again carried out by our cells. Being a human we get prone to millions of bacteria and deadly viruses. Every minute our body fights with all these intruders knowingly or unknowingly. Water purifier might clean the bacteria but our body fails to kill those simple creatures.

Our body is simply based on the theory use it or waste it. When you use your body it improves its potential if you keep it unused it becomes rusty. Take another example of animals. If you observe the cows and buffallows are always found in places of high pollution and still they remain healthier than humans. They never had water filters, cleaned and cooked food as we do and still they are better. They drink polluted water at pools and swim in stinking water and still remain healthy. Every time it rains millions of people are getting prone to different types of infections and rushing to the hospitals. Swine Flue, Bird Flue, Dengue, Malaria, Filaria, Typhoid and many other diseases terrorize us. Don’t you think these diseases attack the cattle and other animals? They does but still they aren’t effected. Simply because they battle it out without medicines. Their only medicine is Lankanam. If you have raised cattle or if you have lived in villages you might have noticed that no matter what happens the cattle doesn’t eat a single gulp when they feel sick. They simply sit a side without moving till their cells kill the intruded bacteria. Lankanam is the secret of their resistance power. These animals are more prone to diseases than us as we remain in our homes and offices most of the time which are always clean and tidy. The difference between animals and us is that we clean our external body ignoring the internal body which has such a long nervous system and so many vital organs functioning every time for us. Where as animals keep their inner body clean ignoring the outer appearance. Finally I would like to say that keep your inner body equally clean as your outer body by practicing occasional fasting as suggested by Dr. M.S. Raju. Following a weekly fasting in the manner suggested by him is a very healthy practice of keeping yourself fit and healthy internally and externally.

Anybody who has gone through any such experiences in life can feel free to write their views and reviews. Keep watching the space for more updates as usual.

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