Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Light on Drinking Water by Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju

If you are a follower of Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju’s “Natural Way of Living” you might be quite familiar with his principle of drinking water. Dr. Raju has done intensive research on drinking water and its effects on our metabolism. He is the only person who is promoting the routine of drinking 5-6 liters of water a day on a large scale. All through my previous updates I tried to bring his theory on drinking water and its advantages on our body. When I began to follow his Natural Way of Living, I started with drinking 5-6 liters of water a day as suggested by him and if I am not guessing wrong, majority of other followers too might have began with this. Whenever, I came across the fellow followers I found that majority of them have begun with drinking water and inspired by the advantages of drinking 5-6 liters of water they have started to follow other practices of Dr. Raju’s Natural Way of Living. There is a huge misconception among people especially in the West regarding drinking more water. They believe that drinking more water results in the washout of minerals and proteins. But the fact is that our body has an automated gauge which measures what is right for our body and how much of what is sufficient for it. If anything that is not suitable for the body or is in excess; is excreted out of the body through various means like urine, sweat and stool etc. And one more thing we need to understand here. Water not only quenches our thirst but also cleanse our body and there is no better cleanser than water. Our body always welcomes the Nature and its resources because Nature has never done any harm to the living beings. Since Water is one of the Five Elements of Nature, it plays a vital role in the metabolism of our body.

A few of my fellow mates in face book (a social networking site) have brought to my notice regarding the death of 2 ladies caused by drinking excess water (it said as 7 liters) at 2 different places. One was a 28 year old Californian wife and a mother of 3 children died from drinking too much water in a water-drinking contest conducted by a local radio. And the other one was a 26 year old Taiwanese woman who died drinking 7 liters of water a day on the belief drinking more water relieves from high blood pressure. In both of these cases, lack of proper knowledge or partial knowledge has led to the death of their lives. Excess of anything is always dangerous to life. Both these deaths have caused by putting too much pressure on the body cells and other vital organs like Liver, Kidneys and Brain by drinking too much water at a time or at a wrong time.

Therefore, I urge every individual not to follow anything blindly without going in depth of the facts available on internet or on news papers. If you are a Mantena Satyanarayana Raju follower listen, read and analyze everything before following it. As it is said, there is nothing deadlier than partial information, always read and listen in full and then follow.

As far as Dr. Raju’s recommendation of drinking 5-6 liters of water a day is concerned, he has done an intensive research, tried and tested on him for many months and after realizing the benefits of drinking that much of water he started promoting the routine. He was later joined by millions of followers in the routine. He has made an intensive study of the people’s life styles and designed a unique way of drinking 5-6 liters of water in a safe and scientific manner. Refer my previous blogs “How to drink 5-6 liters of water a day?” and “Mantena Satyanarayana Raju’s Principle on drinking water” for more details.

Let us now try and find out what made Dr. Raju research on the subject of drinking water – A light on drinking water by Dr. M.S. Raju:

As the civilization has advanced man learnt to add taste to whatever he eats or drinks. Even the fruits, vegetables, leaves, nuts and roots are modified by way of cooking according to the needs of the taste buds. Since we are used to tasty food we are averse to natural foods. Yet we drink water, which has no taste. From the last 15-20 years some people are rejecting the taste of natural water. When their tongue has developed such tendency they are not interested in the natural water. We may be inclined to take water at least when we sweat. There is no sweat either these days. People take water casually without any interest. The tendency is such that they add sugar to water and spice to buttermilk. If this situation continues a day may come when we have to add salt and some other thing to water, store it and drink it. Many in urban areas might have already got this idea by this time. Earlier, guests were given a welcome with a glass or vessel of water. Now we treat the guests with tea, coffee or any soft drink. Rich people are not consuming any water outside their homes. They carry a bottle of water wherever they go out or buy mineral water with the fear of water contamination out of their homes.

Now a day we are used to bed coffee and whenever we are thirsty we consume soft drink, beer and juice instead of water. There are 60% of people who take 1-2 glasses of water per day and there are 10% of those who take between 2-3 glasses of water per day. 5% of them take 3-4 liters of water a day. Those who take 5-6 liters of water a day are very rare. Those who take less water fear that taking more water is harmful as the kidneys will have to bear the loads and the entire nutrition goes out along with urine and blood gets diluted. Even those who take less water suffer from nausea and allergy. There are people who take lime juice instead of water or add pepper to water. Elders commit a mistake themselves by consuming less water and also discourage the children to take more water. Children generally drink more water. Parents feel that children do not take food and milk properly if they consume more water and therefore discourage them to drink more water. Dr. Raju has studied on various people for about 7-8 years and concluded that lack of water has resulted into various disorders among most of the people and yet they are unaware of the fact. Therefore, he took up a mission to educate people regarding the benefits of drinking more water.

I have been following his principle of drinking 5-6 liters of water a day from the last 1 ½ years and there is been a great feeling. I have passed on the information to many of my friends, colleagues and relatives and they too are enjoying the benefits of drinking 5-6 liters of water a day. Drinking water according to the schedule designed by Dr. M.S. Raju is always safe and wonderful. All those who are following this routine have only one word in their mouth “God Bless Dr. M.S. Raju and Long Live Dr. M.S. Raju.”

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and find it useful. Keep watching the space for more updates.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

How Safe are Raw Vegetable Salads & Juices

Lot of promotion is going on these days all over the world regarding the benefits of eating raw vegetable salads and juices. In India, Baba Ramdev and Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju are the two prominent personalities who have been engaged in promoting the use of Raw Vegetables on a large scale for a quite long time. Millions of people following the practice of consuming raw vegetable salads and juices have greatly benefited. Of late, news broke out on all the television channels of India regarding the death of a scientist in New Delhi by consuming the raw juice of bottle gourd and bitter gourd. Mr. Sushil Kumar Saxena, a scientist from New Delhi was a diabetic patient for quite long and had been consuming the bottle gourd and bitter gourd juice as prescribed by Baba Ram Dev on TV from the last 4-5 years. Mr. & Mrs. Saxena took the juice on that day too as it was their daily routine. After sometime both of them felt uncomfortable with pain in their stomach and rushed to the hospital. Mr. Saxena was declared dead after preliminary examinations where as his wife had survived. The moment this news spread on the national television channels people following the routine were astonished. Some who have been drinking the juices are now cautious while others aren’t affected by the incident. On the other hand doctors didn’t miss the opportunity to bash at the nutritionists promoting such practices. They started to play blame game on the part of people like Ramdev Baba and Dr. Raju for promoting such activities. A doctor from New Delhi has gone on to say that people should consult a doctor before taking any such practices.

People haven’t forgotten this incident and another shocking news flashed on world television. This time was from America. A 75 year old man called Ron Sveden from America was very sick when he was hospitalized on Memorial Day – he was having more difficulty in breathing than he usually does with emphysema. He was expecting to learn that he had lung cancer. Instead, he was surprised to learn a pea seed sprouting in one of his lungs which is half-inch long. Amused Steven giggled for a while and after a short pause he realized it was not cancer. For him, his wife and family it was quite a relief. He later got operated and Dr. Jeff Spillane removed the obstacle. The drama hasn’t ended here; in fact the real debate began now in medical circuits all over. Doctors and scientists have engaged in discussing the possibilities of growing sprout in a lung.

As for the likelihood of something sprouting inside the body, experts say it’s not impossible. Walter Reeves, a horticulturist, author and radio host in Atlanta, Georgia, says it’s conceivable if a seed gets lodged in a lung.

“Isn't that what happens when a seed is underground and gets moisture and warmth? " They [seeds] don't need light” he adds, at least not for the first two or three days.

Reeves doesn’t have more details about Sveden’s situation than what’s been reported in the news media, but he points out that this could happen only with raw peas or beans or peanuts. Cooked peas or other legumes cannot germinate or sprout. Reeves say a raw peanut could easily sprout, as could dry peas, after soaking in water. “Those are quite capable of germinating.”

Spillane says children, in particular, are known to have a peanuts go down the wrong way and get lodged in the lung, which is a very serious problem. “Kids have died from that stuff,” he says.

Spillane is a little surprised at all the attention this story had received. He says removing objects from patients’ lungs happens frequently. “A week later [after Sveden’s surgery], I pulled a tooth out [of another patient]."

Dr. Steve Georas, a pulmonologist in Rochester, New York, agrees. He says people inhale things into their lungs frequently, probably because the trachea and the esophagus are so close to each other. “We had a similar case at the University of Rochester where I practice. A patient had a pea wedged in his bronchus – it didn't turn into a plant."

Spillane says he went into surgery to help people and to "pull the thorn out of the lion's paw.” Sveden’s sprouting pea, the surgeon says, “was the ultimate thorn in a lion's paw, I guess.”

After all these I got an email from one of my friend from Australia cautioning me to be very careful while eating raw vegetables and sprouts as I eat sprouts in breakfast every day. There was an attachment of a news paper cutting which wrote a story on various deaths across the world by eating raw vegetables. Many of these belong to eating of vegetables related to gourd family. And the world knows the nutritional value of these gourds. Many nutritionists and naturalists suggest eating of gourds on daily basis.

Scientists and nutritionists conducted many researches on these products and realized that sometimes these vegetables come up with some unnatural characteristic features due to several factors like improper soil, excess use of fertilizers, shortage or excess water supply to the plants, improper sun light on plants etc. The greed of some other farmers is also responsible for such unnatural characteristics in vegetables. Of late, we have been regularly coming across the news regarding the use of some kind of drugs and chemicals to yield the crops early.

We cannot avoid any of the above mentioned reasons. Plenty of questions start running all over the mind. What can we do? Shall we stop eating raw vegetables (Which were doing wonders for so long)? Do we need to consult a doctor before eating every vegetable we buy? Can’t we eat raw peas anymore? Is it risky to follow the recommendations of Baba Ramdev and Dr. M.S. Raju?

The naturalists say that there are certainly many ways to avoid such incidents at our end. We all know the natural character of vegetables we eat. Before making raw vegetable salads and juices make sure to take a piece of it and taste it. If you find unusual in any manner just avoid that. For example, bottle gourds usually taste sweet like cucumber. If you find it bitter don’t use it. You don’t usually find bottle gourd bitter. You find it only once in a million. It is said, some kind of chemical is released in excess in such vegetables due to the reasons mentioned above making it bitter and venomous. In case of Delhi Scientist, the couples consumed bottle gourd juice combined with bitter gourd. As a result they couldn’t realize the bitterness in bottle gourd. Had they consumed them separately they would have avoided it. I have been noticing since my childhood that my mother used to cut a piece of cucumber and ridge gourd before cooking or serving us. When she came to know about the news of Mr. and Mrs. Saxena she too couldn’t believe it and exclaimed “Shiva…Shiva…! I never heard of bottle gourd tasting bitter.” After learning this, she began to taste a piece of bottle gourd before cooking. She learned what to do now. Did you? I guess you do…!

It might be Baba Ramdev or Dr. M.S. Raju, they are recommending the consumption of raw vegetable juices only to those who are suffering from metabolic disorders like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure etc. And it is proved time and again that these raw vegetable juices are doing wonders for those patients. Therefore, people should not take one or two instances into account and stop consuming them. It is suggested to take few precautions as mentioned above and consume each vegetable juice separately in order to identify the natural flavor of those vegetables for safety.

Dr. M.S. Raju is aggressively spreading the health benefits of eating sprouted beans and peas for a long time. He is largely successful in spreading the message in most parts of Andhra Pradesh. I began eating sprouts as breakfast since last one and half years and it’s been a great feeling since then. I take every opportunity to thank Dr. M.S. Raju for the favor he has done to my life. I was never so healthy before. I thank Dr. Raju once again. As far as the news of a sprout in the lungs of Mr. Stevens is concerned, it took me by surprise too. The cause behind sprouting made me more alert. I realized very well and request all those sprout eaters through this blog to clean the sprouts very well and break the sprouts and peas by chewing them thoroughly and swallow without any hurry. Small mistakes like Steven’s would end you up in trouble like him. As a matter of fact, the hospital staff has served peas to Mr. Steven during his first meal after operation as a gesture of humor and caution. He might not make a mistake anymore and chew it thoroughly. I hope you too do the same.

Since evolution the man has been eating raw fruits and vegetables for living. The fruits and vegetables are gift to the mankind by the Mother Nature. Man has never suffered believing the nature. I don’t think we need to consult a doctor for eating vegetables provided by the Mother Nature. Baba Ramdev and Dr. M.S. Raju are doing wonderful service to the society by preaching healthy practices without any personal gains or interests. It is understandable that their preaching on healthy practices is acting as a thorn in the flesh to some doctors. Some doctors irked by the good work done by these two greats are always looking for an opportunity to blame them.

To conclude with I appeal to all the people who are consuming raw vegetables and juices take these minor precautions and stay healthy. Wish you a great health and happiness.
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