Monday, June 14, 2010

How to Drink 5 to 6 Liters of Water a day

So far we have learned how water is important to our body and how much water we need to drink a day in order keep our fluid levels of the body intact. As discussed before, no person in the world have so far told us exactly how much water we need to drink a day except Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju. Dr. Raju is the only person who insists on drinking 5-6 liters of water a day irrespective of the seasons and weather conditions. To know how he came to the conclusion; you need to read my previous post “How much water we need to drink a day?” Unfortunately, we are totally against to what he says. We hardly drink a liter of water throughout a whole day. Many of us believe that it is highly impossible for a human to drink that much of water. More unfortunately, the intellectuals and educated people too do not agree with Dr. Raju’s argument. For many of us Dr. Raju’s argument looks faulty because he is the only one among a lot who claims that. A single voice of truth is always suppressed among the mass of untruth. Most of his arguments and principles on health look wrong to many. It is only because there is no other person to support his claim. For example, drinking alcohol is claimed as a bad, unhealthy and illegal practice in many parts of India whereas, it is not considered so in western countries like America and Europe. In western countries, people drink alcohol along with family members sitting on the same table. In India, we hardly find a family sharing alcohol on the same table. Our elders and ladies fire them out if anybody tries to drink alcohol in front of kids. Many men drink alcohol in the absence of their woman’s knowledge because they don’t want to get caught in their hands. And all men knows what happens if they get caught. What I mean to say is that if anyone tells you drinking alcohol in the Western countries a bad and unhealthy practice, there are no takers for his claim, because majority of them drink for various reasons. The person who claims that alcohol is dangerous to your health is absolutely true but nobody is in a position to accept his claim until and unless he becomes a victim of it.

Many people find drinking 5-6 liters of water a day is as hard as forbidding the intake of alcohol. Many of us do not dare to give it a try. Thanks to Dr. Raju’s sincere efforts and tireless preaching on the subject irrespective of the mild response in the beginning, people have realized the benefits of drinking 5-6 liters of water. The person benefited by this is passing on the message to others and in turn it has become a kind of revolution in most parts of Andhra Pradesh. Before learning this, I used to drink only a couple of glasses of water. I used to get lots of sweat and get tired early with frequent headaches. I was so foolish that I used to think that drinking water makes me sweat more and therefore avoid drinking water. I was one among many who do not realized that sweating is a signal or call by our body to refill its fluid levels. When body fluid levels fall below the required ratio, the hypothalamus gland signals the brain about the requirement of water and the brain in turn dries out the body, mouth and throat by excretion in the form of sweat. Earlier, I used to sweat even if I climb 1st floor of a building. But now after following Dr. Raju’s principle of water - drinking 5-6 liters of water a day, I hardly sweat even if I climb 8 floors of the building. Apart from this, I hardly remember when I last got the headache in this period of 1 year of following Natural way of living. I practically realized the benefits drinking 5-6 liters of water and recommended several of my friends and colleagues.

Dr. Raju has recommended a simple way of drinking those 5-6 liters of water a day. According to Dr. Raju’s principle the water should be taken in two parts: 1) water on empty stomach and 2) water during the day. He further divided the intake of water in several installments. Let us get into the details now:

(1) Water to be taken empty stomach: This is the first dose of water we take before breakfast. It has to be taken immediately after wake up. During this period we have to take 2.5 to 3 liters of water. This can be done in 3 different installments within 2-3 hours. To do this you need to wake up early because if you wake up late you might not find time to take this much of water. Therefore, wake up early in the morning. The best time to wake up is 3-4 A. M. obviously it is quite difficult for people living in metro cities as they sleep late at nights. The process of drinking water begins as soon as we get up from bed. Some people need to urinate immediately after getting up. Such people can start taking water after urinating. Some others may not have an urgent urge to ablate immediately after getting up. This is a good habit. However, number of such people is quite low. They can start taking water after attending the nature call.

First Installment: We should drink 1 to 1 ½ liters of water as soon as we get up. Those who find it difficult to drink one liter of water at a stretch can take half a liter and the rest after 5-6 minutes. It can be taken at one go also. After drinking water without attending to any other work, concentrate on intestines; move around for 10-15 minutes and the movement in your intestines starts. If we concentrate on intestines without thinking any other things, the nerves in our intestines relax. In addition to this the pressure of 1 to 1 ½ liters of water, acts as a flush upon the intestines, which are holding the fasces. Under the weight of the stomach, the fasces are pushed forward. The concentration on the intestines and the pressure of stomach together make the fasces move. Instead of rushing to the toilet immediately move around for a while and then enter the toilet. The Ablution is easy and complete. Ablating after the breakfast or lunch is not a good habit. Unless you attend to nature calls you should not do other things. After ablution you may shave or brush your teeth. The water we take goes into blood after 20-25 minutes and then you can go for your physical exercises.

Remember another point here. Suppose if we take a glass or tow of water intermittently. Even that water goes into blood and does the purification job. However, it has only one advantage of purifying the urine. When you take 1 to 1 ½ liters of water it has two advantages. With the pressure of water the waste material is easily purged out along with the purification of urine. It means we have double the advantage, like two birds at one shot. The first installment of water goes into blood and the cells and soaks overnight waste material, which has moved due to the excretion process. If we do some physical exercises the waste material is stirred well. If water soaks, the physical exercise moves it.

Second Installment: Those who do physical exercises can take 1 liter of water after finishing their exercises ie., after 1 hour or more of their exercises. Those who attend household duties can take the second installment of water, 40-45 minutes after their first installment. Concentrate again on the intestines and move around for 10 – 15 minutes. Some doubt that when they already have an ablation where is the scope for another. Our large intestine which stores the fasces is about one and half meters long. In the first installment only the fasces stored at the corner of the intestine comes out. Double to that is still there in the intestines. We never think about it as we are not aware of it. It takes half an hour to move the remaining fasces. It means the second installment is ready after half an hour after you ablate first. The delay is on our part. For some people second installment is much forceful and in liquid form. For some, it may take some more days to ablate the second. Some feel perturbed when the fasces in the second installment are watery assuming that they are having dysentery. Others feel they are weekend if water goes along with the fasces. There is nothing to worry as only a part of the water taken in two installments comes out along with fasces but there is no harm. Some people cannot ablate even if they drink second installment of water. No need to worry. Since there is constipation the intestines may not listen to us. When fasces do not move even after the intake of second installment of water it is better for them to take enema with warm water for few days. After taking second installment of water and ablation you can take bath.

Third Installment: Those who take 2.5 to 3 liters of water in two installments need not take third installment. Those who have taken only 1 or 2 liters in two installments can take third installment of water. If it is inconvenient you may skip the third installment of water. Those who are overweight, suffer from constipation, have stones in kidneys, suffer from chronic diseases and emit bad body odor need to take another liter of water after consuming 2.5 to 3 liters of water.

It is better to finish all the three installments in the morning by 7 or 7.30 A.M. We will be able to urinate completely by 9 or 9.30 A.M. That means before leaving to your office or business work. Those who have to leave early can start taking water a bit early.

The water taken on empty stomach will rectify the loopholes of our body and repair the system purging out the leftover waste material in the form of fasces, urine and sweat. The water taken on empty stomach will cleanse the cells and 5-6 liters of blood internally as bathing cleanses the external body. So far we have cleaned only the external body. Now the internal body will be cleansed. As all other creatures keep their internal body clean they do not take bath. However, the man cleans up the outer body and leaver inner body. Any amount of external cleaning will not help our health cause. That is why whatever may be the amount of soap, talcum powders, skin cleansers and creams that we apply, the bad smell returns just after an hour. This is the real way of cleaning our body. As we all know that our body consists of 68% of water, it is the only the water taken on empty stomach that cleanses but not the water that is taken during the day.

One must remember two special notes here. (1) Those who suffer from cold, allergy, sinusitis, sneezing, acidity and ulcers better take warm water on empty stomach. (2) After the intake of water, 20 to 30 minutes gap is to be maintained before eating something.

(2) Taking Water during the Day: We eat something or the other during the day. The water we take is very useful to digest, transport the digested food and turn it into energy apart from discharging two more duties. The work we attend to generates heat in the muscles. Water is needed to cool the muscles. It is hot during day due to sun. If we have to protect our body and skin from the sun there should be ample water in the body. To discharge these two duties we have to supply water to the body in time. Water needing during the day is about 2.5 to 3 liters. Let us know in detail how and when this water is to be taken during the day. Let us also remember that we should take these 2.5 to 3 liters of water when the stomach is empty but not while we eat.

Fourth Installment: The fourth installment begins two hours after the breakfast. By this time the food we eat in our breakfast is churned and converted in the form of paste or flour by various gases released in the stomach and completely digested. The water we take at this mixes up with that flour or paste and turns it into juice form. Fourth installment of 1 liter of water need not be taken at a time because there is no need to ablate. It can be taken in small quantities. First time one or two glasses of water can be taken and another glass or two with an interval of half an hour or an hour. In this way it can be taken between breakfast and half an hour before lunch. This fourth installment of water protects us from sun and maintains the water level in the body. When there is enough water in the glands and blood, saliva, digestive juices in the stomach and intestines will be produced sufficiently. Since digestive juices contain lot of water, if the water level in the blood is less production of digestive juices before meal will also be less. It means the fourth installment of water will qualify us to take food.

Fifth Installment: Fifth installment of water begins two hours after lunch. One liter of water is enough in this installment. Two hours after lunch the food is digested. However, digestion process in the small intestines goes on. The water taken during this installment will help the digested food to mix with blood. Then it reaches the cells. The fifth installment of water protects us from the heat generated by our body due to work as well as sun.

Sixth Installment: This installment of water begins half an hour before evening snacks and two hours after snacks. We should consume this installment between 5.30 P.M. to 6.30 P.M. This is because we need to urinate by 10-11 P.M. If you do not want the sleep to be disturbed, better finish off water consumption by 6.30 P.M. Those who have problem with prostate gland urinate frequently during night and the aged should take the sixth installment before 5.30 P.M. If this one liter of water is taken in single dose and concentrate on the intestines most of the people can ablate. This ablation is that of the breakfast we had in the morning. Take your dinner 30 minutes after completing this installment. If we take dinner by 7 P.M, it will be digested by the time we go to bed. When food is digested stomach and intestines find rest. Then, the body resumes the duty of cleaning and repairing. If you take late dinner late at nights there won’t be any time for this process. It may cause diseases. Two hours after dinner half or one glass of water can be taken. That much water is sufficient carry the digested food into blood. If you take more water urination problem may arise. Many people urinate between 2 to 3 A.M. During that time mouth dries up and body is busy in repair and cleaning activity. If you get up at that time taking a glass of two of water is good. There is no need to get up and take water specifically though. Anyhow you begin your first installment of drinking water by 3-30 A.M. or 4 A.M.

If the urine is not yellowish but white in color it is a sign of good health. Don’t get confused with the mention of white urine. Urine is usually pale yellow. I mentioned white in context of flow. Extra urination means more discharge of waste material. Generally in the morning urination will be white in color. However, the urine that we pass during the day is slightly colored. Anyway, for those who take water in the manner described above the urine is white in color in morning and evening also because they taken water on the empty stomach, in the afternoon and in the evening. With this bad elements of the body go out.

Have Patience: Here is a special note for the beginners. Those who wish to take water in this way may try to take 3-4 liters of water a day in the beginning. Take 1 to 1.5 liters of water in the morning, the same quantity in the afternoon for four or five days and then go for 5-6 liters of water. If you feel any difficulty reduce the intake till you are accustomed to it. Aged people who need not move out can take only 4 liters of water.

In the beginning many of you might curse Dr. Raju because you may feel that you have nothing to do except drinking water, purging and urinating. You might even feel confined to your toilets. Keep patience for a week’s time. The result begins to show after 10 days. You might have a feeling of being on cloud nine. You might feel light and comfortable. After that you are going to praise and bless Dr. Raju for cultivating such a great habit in you. The mother asks her child whether he has brushed his teeth as soon as he gets up. But how many mothers ask their child whether he has attended a nature’s call? That is the reason for all troubles. Mothers and wives tend to feed more but they never ask whether nature calls are attended to and whether they have drunk enough water. Immediately after waking up the wives prepares tea or coffee and offers bed coffee to their husbands besides consuming it herself. This is the order of the day. No one is bothered about attending a nature’s call.

I hope many of you might have understood the process of drinking water throughout a day and try to follow and let others follow the same. Keep watching for more updates….


  1. Hello, I have been on the 5-6 l water regimen for about a week now. I eat fresh vegetables and fruits as you suggest at the times you suggest. I have two questions. 1) Yoghurt (milk) has given me bad breath in the past (bad breath and body odor being the reasons I started the regimen). Should I be incorporating yoghurt (or curd, as you call it) into my daily diet plan? 2) I find that when my bowels move, they are harder and darker and smaller than usual. This, despite the fact that I'm eating fresh fruit and veg incl. spinach and broccoli-and drinking all the water. Is this normal?

  2. Hi! First of all thank you very much for the comment. It would have made me happy if you had mentioned your name and age. Any way, with regards to your first question I would like to say that Yoghurt apart from bad breath gives you cholesterol which is again harmful to your health. It is advised to keep distance with yoghurt. And to your second question, your body needs to get adapted to the lifestyle change. I recommend you to continue the same routine and you will be benefited for sure. Try to follow the steps mentioned in the link below. I am sure you will overcome all your issues in a short span of time without medicines. For any further information feel free to contact me on facebook. You can find the facebook batch at the bottom of my blogpage.

  3. Hello Sir,
    My name is A. M. Rao; First I would like to appreciate you for writing this in your blog. I have a question on taking water. You have recommended taking water as soon as we get up. As soon as we get up, our mouth will smell because of bacteria. If we take water then, that bacteria might go into our stomach. So I’m brushing my teeth as soon as I get up and then take water. Is it OK, if I take water in this way? Or it has be the way you have prescribed.

  4. Thanks for your appreciation Mr. Rao. You can just gargle your mouth with some water. If you brush your teeth will also do.

  5. Hello Mr.A.M.Rao..
    i am a dentist with a well established clinic in hyderabad. i just wanted you to know that the organisms in the mouth in the morning is considered very beneficial if swallowed along with water. this applies only WHEN YOU BRUSH IN THE NIGHT BEFORE SLEEP. on brushing in the night your mouth is clean from all the food debris and most of the bacteria and your mouth is fresh. the bacteria then formed is the harmless organisms that are naturally present in the mouth.
    so just a word of advice , you can brush in the night times, drink water in the morning like Mr. Ram recommends and brush your teeth later.
    i have been doing this for the past 6 years and it has proved highly beneficial to me.
    thank you!

  6. Thank you Doctor garu for you valuable suggestions.

  7. hello mr ram godar,
    i want to know.are this methods safe to be done every day?does it expand your belly?i've tried it once.i drink 1 liter of water in the morning and i feel bloated for 30 this effect will have benefits if i do it every other day?

    1. Off course, it is to be followed everyday. Your body might take little time to adapt a new practice. If you keep doing it the water get absorbed and within 40 minutes of time it is excreted through urination. It is a safe and harmless practice followed by millions. If you are feeling uncomfortable then you can start the practice with half liter of water for few days and increase the quantity.

    2. Hi I'm Portia eighteen years old before last summer
      March and april
      I have been drinking too much of water more than five liters
      But now I drink five liters of water daily

      Can it heal all my problems in my kidney and bladder

    3. Hello Portia,

      You did not mentioned what kind of kidney and bladder issues you have but if you drink 5-6 liters of water as mentioned above definitely you feel better and all your issues will be resolved for sure. If you are taking medicines for your problems, continue the same as per your physician's advice and follow the natural way of living for better results.

  8. Hi, Mr. Ram my name is Shane and I am very thankful for your blog. I usually drink a lot of water but according to my schedule I cant do this routine as the times mentioned in this blog. I work Tuesday through Saturday 4pm-12am. By the time I get home it is 1 oclock am. I usually wake up around 8-10 am. What would you recommend as far as the doses and times I should take water as recommended. Can you please e-mail me a response to as I am using a public computer. Thank you so much for our help.

  9. I'm sorry, I can't see how this is a "natural way of living". I'm pretty sure neanderthals did not rush to a spring first thing in the morning and force copious amounts of water down their throat before starting their day. From what I understand a regiment such as this will cause kidney problems and mineral deficiencies. If you want water, eat plenty of vegetables.

    Also, yogurt will not cause any problems. There are numerous studies that debunk the fact that fat or saturated fat is linked to heart disease, it is not linked to heart disease and is in fact very healthy to consume.

    1. I understand your concern but if you follow this practice you not only understand but experience the magical benefits of drinking water.

    2. Dear Anonymous user,
      As you've rightly pointed out that this is not the 'natural' way of living. The primitive human creatures like the neandrathals never used to do that (according to you of course)
      But for the civilized human it is always important to control the urges especially the urge for evacuation
      Hence it was recommended in the ayurveda to do ushapana ( usha means morning and pana means drinking). This was done by people so that they dont have to run for defecation during random times of the day while at work.
      It is clearly against our instincts and i clearly admit it. But we are civilized humans need not go by the natural instincts but rather by social stimuli. This this wasnt the case with the primitive neandrathal man. He could defecate whenever he wanted and would stay healthy.
      Also for the amount of junk we dump into our body nowadays, this process actually would aid the kidneys in their proper functioning. I've been practicing this since 5 years and i do not find anything odd, but rather, made me more clean and flexible too.

    3. Dear Anonymous user,
      As you've rightly pointed out, this is not the 'natural' way of living.
      The primitive humans like the neandrathals didnt do such things.
      But for civilized humans it is very important to control the urges especially the urge to evacuate. Hence it has been recommended in the avurveda about ushapana (usha means morning and pana means drinking). People used to do that in order to evacuate in the morning so that they dont get disturbed while at work.
      Neandrathals didn't have this requirement as they were not civilized. They could defecate whenever they felt like. Nevertheless, for their lifestyle they would defecate in a proper way and avoid diseases just like other animals.
      But there's a problem with us. For the amount of junk we consume, and the irregularity with which we evacuate, we are prone to a lot of ailments. This process of drinking water cleanses the accumulated toxins.
      It actually helps the kidneys by providing them enough water for cleaning and flushing out at the right time. I've been practicing this since 5 years and all i feel is clean, flexible and relaxed.

  10. I have tried to increase my water intake managed to reach upto 3 -1/2 ltrs. I have usual problem of constipation, my day start by 8 AM as i work till late, i cannot take as advised though i have 2 ltrs uptil lunch i am able to manage 1-1/2 ltrs by eve. Can you please advise some change that helps to constipation problem as well. my mail id is

    1. Many believe that drinking 1 liter water will resolve the constipation problem but the fact is it helps only when you consume fiber rich food.


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