Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Complexities in Drinking 5 - 6 liters of Water a day

I have been regularly updating the Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju’s preaching on drinking water through a series of posts on my blog. My only aim in writing this blog is to take Dr. Raju’s preaching to places. In a way it is my little contribution to Dr. Raju for the change he has brought in my life. I was never so happy with regards to my health anytime before as I am today. I feel lighter! I feel energetic! I haven’t fallen sick after following his natural way of living. I feel better as never before. More importantly, my total life style has changed. I started getting up early, started practicing yoga, started reading books related to yoga and spirituality which in turn helped me reduce strain and mental frustration. All these helped me abandon the animal food completely from my diet which is quite an unbelievable development in my life. I never felt eating animal food even for once after quitting it. With this you can imagine how my body is functioning at the moment. It is asking only what is needed for it and I am glad to provide the same to my body. I have no words to praise Dr. Raju for the kind of work he is doing to the betterment of society. No person has so much influenced me before with his lectures or preaching other than Dr. Raju. I haven’t got the opportunity to meet Dr. Raju as yet. Even if I meet him personally I don’t feel I could express my gratitude in a better way than this.

Anyway coming to the subject, we have so far learned Dr. Raju’s principle of drinking 5-6 liters of water and the advantages and procedure for drinking 5-6 liters of water in a day through a series of my updates previously. Many of the readers are finding it difficult to drink 5-6 liters of water a day. A few difficulties do arrive in drinking 5-6 liters of a day for many. But they are all temporary and only for a few days. Once you overtake that hurdle you are going to enjoy drinking that much of water. Let us see what Dr. Raju has to say about the complexities that arise while drinking 5-6 liters of water in the beginning.

First of all you have to remember that you are beginning a new practice which is against to your lifestyle in the past. Any new experiment encounters certain initial hiccups. Whether it is good or bad the body takes some time to adjust itself to the new situation. When we drink alcohol, which is against the nature, initially the energy in our body refuses to assimilate and come out as vomit. Initially mouth may get ready and gulp it with some difficulty. In spite of resistance from the body if it is repeated doggedly it may result in vomiting and nausea. However, man does not stop there knowingly it is not good for him. He tries to habituate by force. From now on he does not face much difficulty and adjusts himself to it. When addicted he cannot live without it. Likewise other habits such as coffee, tea, cigarettes, tobacco, spicy food, pickles, bakery foods, fried foods, non-vegetarian foods and narcotics. Everybody may not have all these bad habits but all the people have one or the other bad habit. They are against the nature. With these unnatural habits, the body, which is to be nurtured in a natural way, loses its natural qualities. Now if we try to inculcate natural habits body resists as it did in the case of alcohol for the first time. Three fourths of liquid in our body is water. We are alternating coffee, tea, soft drinks and beer for water. We feel irksome to drink a liter of water which is so natural. The body would have accepted it had we taken it in an unnatural way! A sort of confrontation starts inside the body between natural and unnatural elements. If unnatural element gains upper hand the natural element is shunted out. When unnatural element is weak it allows natural element, with little resistance. If natural thing continues to stay there for some time it turns unnatural element into a natural one. The bad element in the body resists water. If some one has a problem in drinking water it means he has more bad elements in his body. Then we should try to chase away bad things replacing with them good things, not running away from the initial problems. Moving forward we gain the wealth called health. At the outset let us know about the causes for initial difficulties and the ways to overcome them.

(1) Nausea: When we try to take more water forcibly, for which we are not used to, it may result in nausea. If we take water willingly nausea will not appear. Most people overcome this problem within 5, 6 days.


a. If you experience nausea with a liter of water, reduce the quantity next day. Increase it as and when nausea decreases.

b. If you suffer from nausea with the first installment of water give some gap and take less quantity for the second installment.

c. If by taking water nausea increases and in a situation where the water neither comes out in the form of vomit nor goes down, the only way is to vomit forcibly by putting fingers deep into the mouth.

(2) Vomits: When we take water forcibly it may be end up in nausea. Within 5-6 minutes nausea increases water comes out as vomit. If nausea subsides there is no vomit. Unless there is a problem with excess water in the stomach there won’t be any vomit. Unnecessary juices are deposited in stomach and intestines in many people. When more water is taken those juices are vomited. Those vomits are sour and burning sensation may also accompany. Even if you vomit once or twice a day it will be only for a week or ten days. No need to worry.


a. We feel comfortable if there is a belching after taking water. If there are one or two belches there is no vomiting. It is uncomfortable when there is no belching. If the problem is acute better vomit by inserting fingers deep into the mouth. Otherwise, take half a liter of water, wait for a couple of minutes and take little more water and take the rest of it after belching. Then no vomiting occurs.

b. If you vomit after taking one liter of water wait for half an hour or one hour and take half liter water. You can take another half liter after another half an hour.

c. If the entire water is vomited immediately bowels do not move since the pressure in the stomach is insufficient. To move the fasces more water is needed. As mentioned in the first point take water after belching and the bowel movement becomes easy.

d. If there is pain in throat due to vomiting take warm water. If it still persists apply coconut oil on neck and give fomentation, which gives a soothing effect. This can be done twice a day if it is needed.

(3) Excess urination: Those who are overweight and those who suffer from joint pains feel weak by excess urination. In the initial days of taking water, particularly in the mornings, we may feel that we are spending more time in the toilet and are unable to do anything else. When we take 2.5 to 3 liters of water in the morning almost 2 liters of it will pass through urine. Less quantity of urine is produced in those who consume less water and less urine is stored in the bladder. When excess urine is produced mind gets the signal to urinate. In the beginning, by taking more water we may have to urinate for every 15, 20 minutes. Taking water on empty stomach yields more urine, but more number of times and in less quantity. Many people overcome this problem within a week. Some may take 10-20 days, yet others may take a month or two. Those who stopped taking salt urinate only 3-4 times in the morning. There is no problem of excess urination with the water taken during the day. Sun and food do not allow production of more urine. However, during night you may feel little more urge to urinate. Those who do not want the sleep to be disturbed should consume water by 6 P.M.


Do not worry about more quantity of urination. It only purges out more waste material.

(4) More urination than the water consumed: Some pass more than a liter of urine, even if they take only a liter of water. Such people suspect something is wrong with kidney. Nothing happens like that. It is because of the salt deposited in combination with water. Those who have swollen legs, hands, face and body urinate excessively on taking more water. Some may not have any outward swelling even if there is edema. They also urinate more. The extra water, which we take in the morning, comes out along with salts. In the first 5-6 days the problem will be solved. Passing excess urine is helpful.


Don’t bother about the quantity of urine. The body purges it out when it is of no use. If there is need it holds.

(5) Weakness: Some may feel weak in the early days of taking more water. Some stop taking tea or coffee because of this extra water. Such people blame water for their weakness. As consumption of 5-6 liters of water is a new experience, in result the intake of food may also come down. It may also lead to weakness. Yet others feel weak as they purge out more fasces than earlier.


If you feel weak reduce the quantity of water and take four spoonfuls of honey directly or mixed with water. Weakness disappears with coconut water also. If weakness persists take some dates, which gives energy.

(6) Headache: As we are not used to excess water, headache may occur because of pressure on stomach and on nerves in brain and nausea. When coffee and tea are stopped some may experience headache for 5-6 days. If it is because of vomits and nausea, headache persists till they disappear.


a. If the headache is because of stoppage of tea and coffee it remains all the day. If it is not bearable taking tablet is the only way.

b. If it is because of nausea and discomfort in the stomach it goes with vomiting. Or else it disappears once the discomfort is not there. If you take head bath with cold water in the morning you are relieved.

(7) Loose motions: These loose motions are different from the usual ones. In the usual loose motions the water in the blood also goes out along with fasces, so we feel weak. When we take more water it goes into intestines, cleans them up and comes out along with fasces. It gives a great feeling as if we are floating in the air.

8) Feeling moving bowels whenever urinate: Such feeling would be there, only in a few people. This problem does not arise when you do not defecate in the manner mentioned above. When second defecation is watery the third installment of water goes into the intestine where fasces are stored. Since there are no fasces in the intestines water stays there for half an hour or one hour. In this situation when we urinate and release gas it gives a sensation of bowel movement. In certain people there may be wetting of clothes also. With this there may not be any loss but it is disgusting.


a. We come to know about it whenever water enters the fasces holding to intestine. In that situation whenever you release gas concentrate and drag inside rectum and release gas, then water in the intestines does not come but only gas goes out.

b. This water will be there in the intestine for half an hour or one hour. If care is taken during this period water enters blood.

c. If this problem is to be avoided those who have watery defecation should not take third installment of one-liter water at one go. If this is divided into two parts and taken with a gap of 15-20 minutes the problem is solved. Otherwise take only half a liter of water.

(9) Sagging of stomach: If we take water forcibly or unwillingly we feel that water is stored either in the stomach or intestines for a long time. When we take 2-3 liters of water in the morning stomach may get stretched. With this it is felt that belly is protruding. With increased water intake and easy bowel movement appetite increases in some people. Digestion also betters. With this the food is absorbed completely and if there is no physical exercise stomach protrudes and they blame the water. Actually belly would contract with extra water. Intake of any amount of water will not stay in the stomach for more than 15-20 minutes.


Gradually belly contracts. So take water without any hesitation.

(10) Edema: One or two in a hundred who take more water face the problem of edema. This is because of problems in blood circulation, hormones, and deficiency of blood, thyroid and damage of kidneys. When such people start taking water their face may be swollen for 5-6 days. However, there is no need to worry and continue taking water.


a. Take more water and stop salt and this problem is solved in a couple of days. If salt cannot be stopped completely, at least the quantity should be reduced. For such people salt is the first enemy.

b. If the body is very heavy because of edema 4 to 4.5 liters of water can be taken instead of 5-6 liters.

(11) Cold: People suffer from cold mostly because of intake of insufficient water. Water is the great remedy for cold. Mucus, bacteria etc., are deposited in sinus and in the gap between the bones. After they are filled to the brim cold manifests and running nose starts. When we start taking water mucus stored starts coming out and those parts are cleaned. If the level of histamine increases we get cold. Water is anti-histamine. It is wrong to think that water therapy does not suit us. Let all the bad deposited in the body come out and the cold is cured quickly.


a. If 5-6 liters of warm is taken cold disappears quickly.

b. It is better to give steam bath to face if it is convenient. Do not use any medicine for common cold. Let it flow out.

(12) Fever: Very few people get fever when they start water therapy. We do not know whether this fever is general or it is because of elimination process of bad elements from the body. Anyway, remember fever helps in eliminating bad elements from the body.


If you suffer from fever do not stop taking water. If more water is taken, bad elements in the body move out quickly. Along with water if we fast for a couple of days fever subsides soon.

(13) Loss of appetite: By taking extra water it may not be possible to take breakfast sufficiently. If you take water before lunch it is also affected. Since we are not used to intake of more water appetite may come down and we cannot eat properly.


a. If appetite decreases reduce the quantity of water to 3.5 to 4 liters. After three or four days you become normal.

b. If there is no appetite skip breakfast. Take honey mixed with water or fruit juice once or twice so that stomach gets rest.

c. Those who suffer from constipation mostly face this problem. Such people can take enema with warm water for some days. Do not get disturbed to know that there are so many problems with intake of more water. Fifty per cent of people do not encounter such problems. It is not that everybody faces all these problems. Till you get accustomed to it such problems arise and vanish on their own. Anyway, follow these advices and continue to take more water. Once you get accustomed to this in 10-15 days you cannot live without taking more water. When you cannot take 5-6 liters of water by any chance you feel that you lost something. When you are getting long lasting benefits better ignore small inconveniences.

More information on water is yet to come. So keep watching the space for updates…!

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