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Which Water is best for drinking?

So far, we have gained plenty of information on drinking water by famous naturalist Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju. Today’s update is about “Which Water is best for Drinking?” Let us see what Dr. Raju has to say about the type of water we need to drink. Dr. Raju says, today everyone is in confusion as to what type of water is to be drunk. These days’ people are scared to drink any type of water, whatever may be the source. When we speak of the type of water, it is about “The Water”. But, we humans unfortunately classified the water into various types such as river water, bore water, well water, municipal water, cold water, warm water, filtered water, fridge water, boiled water, chilled water and mineral water etc. according to our own comforts. Apart from humans, all other creatures in the world drink any kind of accessible water. It has no discrimination in drinking water because the main function of water is to quench the need for thirst. As a result their bodies are adapted to any type of water. In the past, human beings too used to drink any available source of water to quench their thirst and therefore their body too acclimatized to it accordingly. With the evolution of civilization and advent of science and technology the man began to take precautionary measures for his health. Despite taking all the precautions people still fall prey to all kinds of flue, fever, cold dysentery, vomiting and many other types of viral infections and diseases. It is not that we do not have the capacity to protect ourselves from such diseases. The reason for the entry of pollutants contained in water and consequent spread of diseases is the deficient energy, loss of energy and lack of physical exert to the body among humans. In a simple term let us call it a lack of proper immune system. Let us now try to learn the inherent resistance power our body has. Before entering the blood the water we drink is purified in three stages. As soon as the water enters the body it gets heated in order to adapt to the body temperature. This heating process drives out some of the maladies that entered along with water. In the second stage, the useful friendly bacteria present in our body kills the harmful bacteria. In the third stage, leftover or any other unwanted substances are filtered and absorbed. It takes 15-20 minutes to complete all the three stages and to get the water blend with blood. If the immune system is perfect in stomach and intestines, the body takes care of all the maladies that arrive through water. If the bacteria or maladies still remain ever after this process, the liver cleanses it finally and transports it to the cells. This process takes place every time we drink water. If the saline water is directly transfused into the blood, the body may be immediately endangered and the person may die within 15-20 minutes. From the above it is very clear, why and how our stomach, intestines and liver filter water and protect us continuously. We are more concerned about the impurity of water but how many of us are concerned about improving the immunity system of our body which protects us from all kinds of diseases? If we try and improve our immunity system, then it protects us from various kinds of diseases intruding our body from all sources. And in order to improve and preserve our immunity system intact, then we should lead a natural way of life.

To prove his point Dr. Raju cited a wonderful example of animals and creatures. Out of 84,000 living beings on this Earth, only the humans drink water in different forms. We might have noticed in our villages; what kind of water the cows and buffaloes drink. They drink water from all the available sources in the village from plain to all kinds of dirty, murky and muddy rivers, lakes, ponds and wells etc. Still they remain healthy and free of illness just because they follow the law of nature by living naturally and get acclimatized to the conditions unlike humans. Similarly our ancestor’s too drunk the water from open sources of nature like rivers, lakes, ponds and wells for their survival in the past. Still they led their lives healthily. Moreover their life span was high and they used to live above 100 years of age. Today, we can hardly find people surviving above 100 years in spite of all the precautions we take while eating and drinking. The secret of their good health and long living was their hard work and natural way of living which resulted in the improved immunity system protecting them from all kinds of diseases. Today, we fall prey to all kinds of smaller diseases in spite of all the precautions as we lack physical exert in our works and lack of natural living. The situation is worst among the people living in metropolitan cities all over the world due to their odd life styles.

Taking on the discussion further, Dr. Raju gone on to explain what type of water is best suitable for humans in the context of present scenario across the world. Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers by Dr. Raju regarding drinking water.

Which is the best water for drinking? :

All living beings require the energy from the five elements of nature named as Air, Water, Sun, Earth, Space and Fire. Air has the life giving power, water takes the second place and sun, earth, space and fire occupies the other places in our life. We imbibe this vital power from water that gives more energy, health and immunity. If the water is exposed to sunlight it is all the more beneficial. The sunlight rectifies the maladies and gives solar energy to the water in the same way as boiled water eradicates bacteria from water.

2. Sterilized and filtered water:

Most of the people in the cities drink only sterilized and filtered water. However, they lack immunity that is found in the hard working people in rural and village areas. Though they store their food in hot packs, keep their utensils and mirrors clean, eat more fruits, wash vegetables thoroughly, take sterilized water and protect themselves from dust, they still fail to ward off the diseases like infections and fevers mainly because their immunity system is at the lowest ebb.

There is nothing wrong in drinking sterilized and bottled mineral water. But they have to carry them wherever they go. When such water is not available and if they have no choice but to drink normal water, then they immediately suffer from cold, throat pain, fever and dysentery etc. as their immunity system is weak. Always remember that if you drink sterilized water you have to always drink the same kind of water to remain safe.

On the other hand people consuming any kind of water develop a defense mechanism in their body which fights out all the maladies. The anti-bodies develop within our body to fight against such diseases. No need to take external source of anti-biotic to guard ourselves from diseases. The anti-bodies are always on guard to attack and kill the harmful bacteria that intrudes our body. Once, Dr. Raju noticed a slum boy drinking very dirty water mixed with sewerage and still he looked in good condition. A study conducted by a medical association at Hyderabad revealed that the children living in slum areas are healthier than those living in posh colonies. Dr. Raju definitely doesn’t mean that everyone should start drinking murky water. He instead wants all of us follow the rules of nature and lead a natural life with improved health and immune system.

He advises people to continue drinking the same water as they are used to. If people drinking sterilized water want to drink normal water of any source then they need to follow the system of nature in order to strengthen their immune system before they give it a try.

3. Which is the best container to store water:

We store water in containers. Since the containers have some kind of influence on the stored water, our ancestors have given equal importance to the water containers.

a. Earthen pots: When it comes to storing water, the earthen pots occupy the primary position. Storing water in an earthen pot is the best method. Earthen pot not only makes the water chilled during summer but also provides healing elements of Earth. More importantly the earthen pot transfers the coolness to the water according to the climatic conditions; which is the special quality of earthen pot that no other container has. The chilled water of earthen pots during summer has no other replacement in quenching the thirst and satisfaction of drinking water.

b. Copper Pots: After earthen pots, the copper pots occupy the second place as a better option for storing water. This is because our body needs certain percentage of copper for survival, which we usually acquire from foods. If one can afford copper vessel it can be used during rainy and winter seasons. If the water is stored in a copper pot for 10-12 hours, the copper nutrients are transferred to the water which is very useful to our body. Furthermore drinking the water stored in copper vessels relieve from gastro-intestinal disorders. Our ancestors realized this fact way back and formed a tradition to drink water in mud and copper vessels. That is the reason why many traditional Brahmin families still use copper pots for storing water from ancient times.

c. Glass Vessels: If the water is stored in glass vessels there is no harm; and there is no benefit either. The water stored in mud and copper pots perceive their respective scents where as the water stored in glass vessel smell nothing.

d. Stainless Steel Vessels: Storing water in a steel vessel is the best during rainy and winter seasons as the water remains lukewarm in it.

e. Aluminum Vessels: Water should neither be stored nor used from an aluminum vessel. The Aluminum mixes with water, goes into our intestines and the body leading to various diseases. Drinking water should never be stored in Aluminum vessels.

f. Plastic Vessels: Storing water in a plastic vessel is least recommended because it is quite harmful to our body. Apart from the plastic smell, various chemicals that are used to produce the container are acquired by water through contamination which is very harmful to our body. Unfortunately, plastic bottles are more in use these days.

4. How warm should be the water to be drunk?

Warm water is not sterilized and cooled. It is heated till it becomes lukewarm and taken instantly. Those who cannot drink water stored in earthen or copper pots tend to drink lukewarm water for various medical reasons. Let us see who needs warm water.

a. Those suffering from Cold: Those who suffer from chronic colds, cough and sneeze and whose nostrils are blocked frequently need to take 5-6 liters of warm water a day. The warmth of the water eases their difficulty. Those who cannot take 5-6 liters of water throughout the day can take 2.5 – 3 liters of water in the morning.

b. Those suffering from Cough: If one coughs it means the phlegm is deposited in the lungs. If warm water is consumed, the phlegm comes out easily. Even the throat pain is cured with warm water.

c. Those suffering from Asthma and throat allergies: Such people should take warm water every day so that breathing becomes easy. The soreness of the throat comes down with warm water reducing the uneasiness.

d. Those suffering from Acidity and Ulcers: They suffer from burning sensation in stomach and excess acid is produced. Warm water works as an antidote to acids. Acidity can be completely cured with warm water. As acids disappear ulcers get cured.

All the above mentioned might take 5-6 liters of warm water throughout the day if it is possible. Otherwise they should take at least 2.5 – 3 liters of warm water in the morning. Once they overcome the problems they can come back to normal water.

5. Why fridge water is not to be consumed? : .

Excess cold or excess heat is harmful to the body. Water loses action and reaction with these excesses. Blood flows faster only when the water possesses these qualities. If excessively cold or hot substance goes into stomach the digestion process is delayed until it becomes normal. For example, when we eat ice cream its temperature is in minus degrees. Our body usually maintains a normal temperature of 37 degrees Celsius or 98 degrees Fahrenheit. Since the temperature of ice cream is at a low level the digestive system tries to increase its temperature to normal. It means the digestion process of an ice cream delays by half an hour. Similar is the case with fridge water. These days every household has a refrigerator. During summer, some people even drink the water stored in deep fridge. When such water is consumed the gums and teeth bear the brunt. It is the mouth that decides what is good or bad for stomach and intestines. Fridge water might possess a temperature of 7-8 degrees Celsius. Digestive system needs at least 20 minutes to bring it to normal body temperature. When the stomach contracts because of excessive coldness, the cleaning process does not start till it goes back to normal temperature. Tonsils in throat get infected easily with fridge water. Formation of phlegm increases. Asthma, Allergy, Sinusitis, Cough and burning sensation in stomach can never be cured if fridge water is consumed. We remain healthy if we give normal water to the body, which is nearby or equivalent to our normal body temperature. What type of water we drink is not the issue. It is the quantity of water that is important. It is always advisable to take normal water whether or not we purify. The level of immunity system in our body is ultimately going to count. Let us remember it is the immunity, which protects us from various diseases but not the purified water.

In conclusion, I would like to add a few things here. I used to suffer from regular throat and upper respiratory infections. Cough, Cold, Flue, Tonsils and throat irritations etc., in the past. Whether it is summer, winter or rainy season I used to frequently suffer from these problems. I always used to keep hold of the stock of medicines at my home and office as a precautionary measure. After following Dr. Raju’s Natural way of living I hardly remember when I last had a cough or cold. I totally stopped consuming ice creams, colas and cool drinks. Instead I developed a strong appetite for fruits and fruit juices without ice.

Do comment on how you find the information and keep watching the space for more updates to come.
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