Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mantena Satyanarayana Raju Ashram

For the last 10 and half months I have been writing on Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju’s “Natural Way of Living” in my blog. My blog has gained tremendous response from Netizens all over the world. The popularity of my blog clearly shows the popularity of Dr. Raju among health conscious people. With the intensive promotion of his “Natural Way of Living” Dr. Raju has helped millions of people cure their chronic diseases and disorders at home without any expenditure. Dr. Raju’s “Natural Way of Living” is a preventive Technique to get rid of chronic diseases and disorders in life.” My personal observation says that many have not understood the real cause of Dr. Raju’s “Natural Way of Living” They believe that is only for diseased or disabled people. There are several instances when I was asked, “Why I am following Dr. Raju’s “Natural Way of Living” when nothing is wrong with me? I have learned to live naturally for the betterment of my health. I realized prevention is always a better option than cure. And there is no better prevention technique in this world than Dr. Raju’s “Natural Way of Living”.

On thorough verification of the data of visitors to my blog across the Globe through various search engines, I realized that large number people are looking for the information on Dr. Raju’s Ashrams. I therefore, gathered some information about Dr. Raju from one of my friend at Vijayawada. But that information wasn’t sufficient enough for me to post on this blog. When I was looking for some foolproof information of Dr. Raju’s Ashram I have got some valuable information on Dr. Raju’s Ashrams in one of the Telugu website called and According to the information on the website the details of his Ashram are as follows:

1. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju

Prakruti Jeevana Vidhanamu

Amaravathi Karakatta Road

Tadepally – 522 515

Guntur Dist.

Andhra Pradesh.

Ph. 08645-272304

Srinivas – 98480 21122 (7AM to 10AM)

Visala - 98486 59444 (4PM Onwards)

2. Samskar Prakruti Ashramam

Akbar Nagar Village

Rudroor Post

Varni Mandal – 503 188

Nizamabad Dist.

Cell No: 99080 47800

Ph: 08467 284144

Other Details:

Mr. and Mrs. Lavanam were actively involved in running a Nature Cure Ashram with 20 bed accommodation facility in a widespread area of 5 acres at Akbar Nagar since 28-03-1997. Believing that more people get benefited if the Ashram is run under the supervision of Dr. Raju, the couple attributed the Ashram to Dr. Raju as on 01-07-2006. Since then the Ashram is running under the personal supervision of Dr. Raju.

In a short span of 2 years, Dr. Raju has developed the Ashram with wonderful plants, flowers and trees along with state of the art facilities in Nature Cure Treatment, Yoga, and Physiotherapy etc. The bed accommodation has been raised to 80 from 20 along with a spacious kitchen and dining hall. Many donors have come forward to build up this Ashram in support of Dr. Raju for his generous cause.

3. India’s biggest Nature Cure Ashram at Vijayawada (Under Construction): In the month of May’08 the construction work began for Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju’s dream project and India’s biggest Nature Cure Ashram at Vijayawada on the banks of River Krishna, 5Kms away from Prakasam Barrage. The Ashram is being built in a widespread area of 14 acres with 500 bed accommodation comprising all sorts of facilities for the treatment. It is being built with a plan to provide free accommodation of 30 rooms, 30 General Wards, 120 Ordinary Rooms, 60 Air Cooler Rooms, 60 A/c Rooms and 25 VIP cottages. The Land was actually acquired in the year 2002 with the help of some well wishers and followers of Dr. Raju. The construction work could not start immediately after acquiring the land due to lack of funds. In the early 2008 Dr. Raju gave a call for donors to help in this dream project through local TV Channels “Samskruti TV and MAA TV”. Reacting to Dr. Raju’s call for human cause many NRI’s and locals have come forward to help in the construction of his ambitious project for human cause.

Hope you people like the update and find this information valuable. Do post your comments and remarks here below so as to enable me to bring you more valuable information. Keep watching the space for regular updates…!

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