Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Exercises for Quick Weight Reduction

In my previous update, I explained about few natural ways to lose weight. Food discipline and exercises are two important things in order to lose weight naturally. Food discipline is broadly explained in my last update. Today, I will try to explain the role of exercises in reducing weight. Food discipline helps reduce weight only to some extent. Thereafter exercises take you further in the process. According to Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju you can lose weight by diet but cannot sustain the same health status rest of your life. It is only through regular exercises you can sustain yourselves from gaining weight again in the future.

Dr. Raju is worried about the future of current generation people. The reason is that we are taking care of every minute thing in life except health. We all want to look good, keep our house clean and enjoy our food, drink, shopping etc and every luxury that is available in the world. Nothing is wrong in doing all these things. But doing all of them at the cost of health is a matter of concern. How many of us pay similar attention to keep ourselves fit and healthy by doing regular exercises? When it comes to exercise majority of us would pay no attention. The reason is lack of awareness about the need of physical exercise to our body. It is the dharma or nature of our body to work in order to earn. In ancient times, the Man had to move his forearms in order to gain his bread. With the advent of modernization and development of science and technology the man has learned simple ways of earning livelihood without physical exert. This has led to the downfall of the man’s physical health and stamina. Today, the city population is getting prone to deadly disease like diabetes at an average age of 23 according to a study conducted in major cities across the world. We have learned to live with it instead of fighting it out from the roots. The ancient saints of India had realized the secrets of physical exert and introduced Yoga – a unique technique to keep themselves fit and healthy. Though yoga was prevalent in India from millions of years, it was the great Indian saint “Patanjali Maharshi” who first brought all about Yoga into scriptures around 200 B.C. Patanjali Maharshi is considered as the Father of this great art of living called Yoga. Whatever the kind of Yoga that is followed across the world today is based on his scripts. Without going deep into this, I would like to salute to the great vision of Patanjali Maharshi. In ancient times, the saints or yogis of India used to sit at one place unmoved for several hours and days performing the tapasya or penance. They realized the importance of physical activities and introduced the unique technique of Yoga to keep them fit and healthy. During those times apart from Yogi’s and Muni’s; everyone used to involve in one or the other kind of physical activities to earn their livelihood. Therefore, they used to teach this art of Yoga only to their disciples. There was no need for others to learn this yoga. But today, the situation has reversed. Today majority of people are earning their livelihood through no physical efforts or less physical efforts. Only this section of the people is suffering from all kinds of diseases. If you observe keenly, you find this section is located in metro cities across the world. On the other hand people who live in rural or suburban areas involved in hard work to earn their livelihood are still healthy. Let me give an example: If you look at the people living in rural Nepal, China, India and many other countries you hardly find a single person suffering from metabolic disorders like obesity and diabetes. In these parts of the world, people climb up and down the steep mountains and hills without any support even at the age 80’s and many survive over 100 years of age in these regions.

If you look at the question why city based people are easy prone to these diseases, the answer is their life styles. You have a gadget for every work you do; where as in villages each and every work has to be done manually. Naturally the human is a predator by day and therefore he had to work in daylight and take rest at night. For every living being 12 hours of work and 12 of hours rest is required as per the nature of creation. All other beings apart from the man follow this principle. People in Metros either sleep late at nights or in the day due to their work obligations. They have reversed the principle of nature and whenever the man tried to reverse the creation of nature, the world witnessed havoc. People in villages wake up early, work hard throughout the day and sleep early. In many parts of Nepal and North-East India people wake up early before sunrise, work real hard throughout the day and finish their dinner by sunset and sleep well before midnight. They thoroughly follow the Nature of their body. That is the secret of their health.

I don’t mean you to sacrifice all those comforts in your life and work like laborers. Do enjoy your luxury and comforts but……; do your exercises as well…! No problem if you haven’t done so far. Do it now to secure your future. The Man has been created above all living beings because of the only factor of intelligence. Use your intelligence and realize the secret of life. Dr. Raju says, people are insuring against the unforeseen problem to their health but they aren’t insuring their Life. Dr. Raju’s “Natural Way of Living” is nothing but insurance to your Life. Prevention is always better than cure. The health is totally in your hands. It is you; who needs to protect your health. Therefore my dear friends; eat healthy, drink healthy and live healthy.

People these days have started to realize the importance of physical exercises and many are following some or the other workout routines either on their own or on the advice of doctors. Unfortunately, nobody is guiding them properly. Many of us do not know what kind of exercises are to be done for their cause. There are number of Yoga and other fitness centers across the globe teaching healthy activities among people. You can join any of them if you can afford; otherwise you can try a few simple steps given below at home or at parks nearby. Here are a few revealing facts about exercises that will help in weight reduction and much other health causes. There are actually two types of exercises (i) aerobic and (ii) anaerobic.

(i) Aerobic Exercises: Aerobic means "with oxygen", and refers to the use of oxygen in the body's metabolic or energy-generating process. Aerobic exercise is a physical exercise that intends to improve the efficiency of the cardiovascular system in absorbing and transporting oxygen. In other words, an aerobic exercise includes lower intensive activities performed for longer periods of time. Pranayam, Yoga, Walking, Jogging, Swimming, Cycling etc. comes under this category which requires a great deal of oxygen to generate the energy needed for prolonged period of time.

(ii) Anaerobic Exercises: Anaerobic exercise is intense enough to trigger anaerobic metabolism. Muscles trained using anaerobic exercise develop differently as compared to aerobic exercise, leading to greater performance in short duration, high intensity activities, which last from mere seconds up to a maximum anaerobic metabolic contribution at about 2 minutes. Any activity after 2-minutes or so, whether it is exceedingly easy or immensely intense, will have a large aerobic metabolic component. Power Lifting at Gym, Karate and Martial Arts etc. comes under this category. It is used by athletes in non-endurance sports to promote strength, speed and power and by body builders to build muscle mass.

If you understand the difference between these two types of exercises, half your work is done. By now you might have clearly understood that you do not need to lift power weights in the gyms and run hard on the track in order to lose weight. Studies revealed that practicing yoga, pranayam, moderate walking, jogging, cycling and swimming etc. results in effective weight loss than by performing hard running and power lifting exercises. Dr. Raju has revealed some scientific facts on this which I don’t remember it now. According to Dr. Raju, when you perform moderate exercises the body gets ample time to convert those excess fats stored in the fat reservoirs into energy. Whereas hard and rigorous exercises do not give enough time to convert those excess fats into energy. It immediately takes the glucose available in the blood, Liver and Muscles in order to gain instant energy to perform the anaerobic exercises.

Studies revealed that 70% of body fats and 30% blood sugar are transformed into energy during Yoga and moderate walk, 60% of body fats and 40% of blood sugar during a treadmill walk and 50% of body fats and 50% of blood sugar during a jogging session are transformed into energy. On performing the anaerobic exercises like weight lifting and running etc. up to 80% of blood sugar and 20% of body fats are transformed into energy. Without knowing the fact, plenty of people workout breathlessly sweating all over the body in order to lose weight early. Whereas some people walk out for a few months and end up finding no results. They are actually burning enough fats with walk. The mistake they commit is with food discipline. What is the use if you burn those fats and take it back through food? That is the reason why I told you in my previous update, you cannot achieve your goal without food discipline no matter how hard you try. Moderate aerobic exercises combined with proper food discipline are going to help your cause better. I request everyone who read this to go through my previous update “Natural Ways to Lose Weight” to know about food discipline.

Friends! The mantra or principle of life is simple “eat well and work well” to keep yourselves fit and healthy. There are number of aerobic exercises like Yoga, Walking, Jogging, Swimming, Cycling, Playing indoor games like badminton, table tennis, tennis, volley boll etc. Each person has his own choice of taste or opinion. Pick up the choice of your own and start your workout. When you visit a market you find vast varieties of vegetables and each person buys the vegetables of his own choice according to his taste. Similarly you can choose any one of the exercises from the list mentioned above and start working out. I have chosen Yoga as I find it best among all the aerobic exercises on my research. Finally, I would like to say, be patient in your approach and do not expect to make changes overnight. The result will follow you soon once you stick to your routine.

Here I end up this update now! Keep watching the space for more updates….!


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