Saturday, January 30, 2010

Natural Thirst V/s Unnatural Thirst

In this update we try and understand about a natural thirst and its qualities and at the same time about an unnatural thirst and its qualities. The intensity and timing of thirst usually differs from person to person depending on the type of food he eats and the kind of work he does; apart from climatic variances. According to Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju the thirst can be classified as natural and unnatural.

1. Natural Thirst:

Natural thirst occurs involuntarily without our interference. When the fluid levels in our body falls below the required volume, the body calls for immediate replacements through various symptoms of thirst; which we have discussed in the previous updates. We all know that we feel thirstier when we work real hard and during hot weather conditions and less thirsty when we work less or moderate and during cold weather conditions. But many of us do not realize the relationship of thirst with the food we eat. It directly or indirectly affects the volume and timing of thirst which we hardly bother about. Many of us drink wrong volume of water at wrong times; which results in imbalance of our metabolism. Many of us do not realize the real symptoms of thirst. Please refer my previous update “how much water we need to drink a day?” to understand the symptoms of thirst. Dr. Raju says Natural thirst occurs to those who eat Natural food. There is a common practice of drinking water while eating food among millions of people across the world. Every individual should understand the harms of drinking water while eating, which we discuss in further updates later. If you eat natural food like fruits, vegetables, roots etc. you experience natural thirst. The food itself tells you when to take water and how. You feel thirsty only after the food gets digested. This is the principle of nature. If you observe the creatures and animals you are going to understand this. No living being on this Earth except a man drinks water while eating. The reason is quite simple; the animals and creatures follow the hardcore rule or principle of nature. They eat according to dharma or nature of their creation. Thus, they experience a natural thirst. Likewise, if we eat uncooked food without salt and oil we won’t be thirsty. Can we do that? We can if we really wish to! It’s difficult though. We actually feel thirsty when the cells in our body need water. This is a natural and healthy sign. As we all know that our body is made up of several millions of cells. All the important chemical reactions that occur in our body take place only in these cells. There is lot of water in and around these cells. The cells continuously need water. It is with the help of air, water and food the energy is generated and waste material is burnt or disbursed by these cells.

When the water level in the cells decreases the cells send signals through nerves to hypothalamus gland of the mind, which is the center for maintaining the ratio of water. When the water level in the cells decreases this center is stimulated and we feel thirsty. When the water level goes down, the production of saliva too comes down and our mouth dries up. The receptors beneath the mucus membrane in the mouth too receive these signals. Then we feel the urge to drink water. The throat and mouth doesn’t dry up immediately when the water levels in the body declines. However, any delay triggers these symptoms. We need not wait until our throat dries to drink water. When the water we drink reaches the cells through stomach and intestines the need for water is met. When the cells receive the required water immediately, they discharge their duties properly. If the water reaches cells within 20-25 minutes their thirst is quenched. If the water we take is to reach the blood early, the stomach and intestine has to be empty. The thirst of our cells is quenched well only when the stomach is empty.

Let us examine why the thirst is not quenched when our stomach is full. Assume that the cells feel thirsty when stomach is full and the brain sends a signal to drink water and you obey it. The water now reaches the stomach. Since there is food present in the stomach, the water mixes with food. In that case the water has to be digested along with food and therefore it has to remain in the intestines till the food gets digested. The time taken to digest the food depends on the type of food you eat. It might approximately take 2-4 hours for digestion. That means the water taken while and after eating food reaches the cells only after 2-4 hours. Till then the requirement of water of cells is not met. In the meantime the cells face similar difficulty as we eat food 2 or 3 hours of being hungry. Hunger can be suppressed but not thirst. This is the rule of nature and the nature of our body too. Those who feel thirsty while eating or when the stomach is full, it means they are leading a life against the rule of the nature. We should find out the reasons for unnatural thirst and correct them.

2. Unnatural Thirst:

When we eat unnatural food we experience untimely and unnatural thirst. It is said that when you commit a mistake once; you tend to continue with another. And if you lie once; you tend to lie again and again. Likewise, if you take unnatural food, you tend to experience unnatural thirst. It is the principle of nature to avoid drinking water while eating. It is the kind of food that is forcing us to take water while eating. Let us try to understand what kind of food makes us thirsty while eating. Today, we hardly refrain ourselves from eating food that doesn’t contain salt, oil, ghee, sugar, spices and other processed food products. There is a basis for this. 100ml of water is required to digest one gram of salt. Similarly oil, ghee and other spices also require ample amount of water to digest. When our stomach is filled with any of these, our body demands water to start the process of digestion. Since, we hardly avoid this stuff in food; we feel thirsty while and immediately after eating food. Let us try to understand what happens when we fill our stomach largely when we feast. The food prepared in India during feasts is especially made with huge amount of oil, ghee, spices and masalas apart from vast varieties of non-vegetarian items. People during these feasts usually fill their stomach leaving no space for water. The Brain orders to take more water, the mouth refuse to drink water as there is no space available in the stomach. Yet you drink water by force unable to bear the thirst. This doesn’t quench your thirst unless the food gets digested. As the water taken while eating does not help digestion, it can be called unnatural thirst. If you eat food avoiding salt, oil, ghee, spices and other processed products you can experience the difference. If we change our practices then we can enjoy natural thirst and natural thirst is a step towards good health.

There is another reason why we feel thirsty when we take salt. Let us now try to learn how salt results in reduction of fluid levels in our body in the words of Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju:

Every cell in our body has inner and outer parts. Salt is deposited outside the cell. Every food article contains a ratio of 1:8 sodium and potassium in it. When you cook the food the salt dissolves and remain in the food itself where as the potassium evaporates on heating. Our body hardly needs 270mgs of sodium a day, where as we consume above 1200 – 1500 mgs of sodium a day through food cooked without adding salt. You can imagine how much salt we consume in excess on every pinch of salt we add to your food. Natural food like fruits, vegetables, nuts or food cooked without salt contains enough salt necessary for the body. Salt is deposited around the cells in those who consume salt in food. Thirst and the salt deposited around the cells have a close relationship. People who eat food without salt feel less thirsty than who take less or more salt. People eating salt are thirstier because the water is drawn wherever there is salt. The excess salt we take goes out of the intestines and get deposited around the cells. The salt deposited around cells draws water from the cells. The water level in the cells thus comes down and when the water level decreases the chemical process in the cells is hampered. To rectify the situation our cells send signals to the brain to replenish with water. The brain signals us in the form of thirst. When we experience such thirst the mouth dries up. We feel restless unless we drink water.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mantena Satyanarayana Raju Ashram

For the last 10 and half months I have been writing on Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju’s “Natural Way of Living” in my blog. My blog has gained tremendous response from Netizens all over the world. The popularity of my blog clearly shows the popularity of Dr. Raju among health conscious people. With the intensive promotion of his “Natural Way of Living” Dr. Raju has helped millions of people cure their chronic diseases and disorders at home without any expenditure. Dr. Raju’s “Natural Way of Living” is a preventive Technique to get rid of chronic diseases and disorders in life.” My personal observation says that many have not understood the real cause of Dr. Raju’s “Natural Way of Living” They believe that is only for diseased or disabled people. There are several instances when I was asked, “Why I am following Dr. Raju’s “Natural Way of Living” when nothing is wrong with me? I have learned to live naturally for the betterment of my health. I realized prevention is always a better option than cure. And there is no better prevention technique in this world than Dr. Raju’s “Natural Way of Living”.

On thorough verification of the data of visitors to my blog across the Globe through various search engines, I realized that large number people are looking for the information on Dr. Raju’s Ashrams. I therefore, gathered some information about Dr. Raju from one of my friend at Vijayawada. But that information wasn’t sufficient enough for me to post on this blog. When I was looking for some foolproof information of Dr. Raju’s Ashram I have got some valuable information on Dr. Raju’s Ashrams in one of the Telugu website called and According to the information on the website the details of his Ashram are as follows:

1. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju

Prakruti Jeevana Vidhanamu

Amaravathi Karakatta Road

Tadepally – 522 515

Guntur Dist.

Andhra Pradesh.

Ph. 08645-272304

Srinivas – 98480 21122 (7AM to 10AM)

Visala - 98486 59444 (4PM Onwards)

2. Samskar Prakruti Ashramam

Akbar Nagar Village

Rudroor Post

Varni Mandal – 503 188

Nizamabad Dist.

Cell No: 99080 47800

Ph: 08467 284144

Other Details:

Mr. and Mrs. Lavanam were actively involved in running a Nature Cure Ashram with 20 bed accommodation facility in a widespread area of 5 acres at Akbar Nagar since 28-03-1997. Believing that more people get benefited if the Ashram is run under the supervision of Dr. Raju, the couple attributed the Ashram to Dr. Raju as on 01-07-2006. Since then the Ashram is running under the personal supervision of Dr. Raju.

In a short span of 2 years, Dr. Raju has developed the Ashram with wonderful plants, flowers and trees along with state of the art facilities in Nature Cure Treatment, Yoga, and Physiotherapy etc. The bed accommodation has been raised to 80 from 20 along with a spacious kitchen and dining hall. Many donors have come forward to build up this Ashram in support of Dr. Raju for his generous cause.

3. India’s biggest Nature Cure Ashram at Vijayawada (Under Construction): In the month of May’08 the construction work began for Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju’s dream project and India’s biggest Nature Cure Ashram at Vijayawada on the banks of River Krishna, 5Kms away from Prakasam Barrage. The Ashram is being built in a widespread area of 14 acres with 500 bed accommodation comprising all sorts of facilities for the treatment. It is being built with a plan to provide free accommodation of 30 rooms, 30 General Wards, 120 Ordinary Rooms, 60 Air Cooler Rooms, 60 A/c Rooms and 25 VIP cottages. The Land was actually acquired in the year 2002 with the help of some well wishers and followers of Dr. Raju. The construction work could not start immediately after acquiring the land due to lack of funds. In the early 2008 Dr. Raju gave a call for donors to help in this dream project through local TV Channels “Samskruti TV and MAA TV”. Reacting to Dr. Raju’s call for human cause many NRI’s and locals have come forward to help in the construction of his ambitious project for human cause.

Hope you people like the update and find this information valuable. Do post your comments and remarks here below so as to enable me to bring you more valuable information. Keep watching the space for regular updates…!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Exercises for Quick Weight Reduction

In my previous update, I explained about few natural ways to lose weight. Food discipline and exercises are two important things in order to lose weight naturally. Food discipline is broadly explained in my last update. Today, I will try to explain the role of exercises in reducing weight. Food discipline helps reduce weight only to some extent. Thereafter exercises take you further in the process. According to Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju you can lose weight by diet but cannot sustain the same health status rest of your life. It is only through regular exercises you can sustain yourselves from gaining weight again in the future.

Dr. Raju is worried about the future of current generation people. The reason is that we are taking care of every minute thing in life except health. We all want to look good, keep our house clean and enjoy our food, drink, shopping etc and every luxury that is available in the world. Nothing is wrong in doing all these things. But doing all of them at the cost of health is a matter of concern. How many of us pay similar attention to keep ourselves fit and healthy by doing regular exercises? When it comes to exercise majority of us would pay no attention. The reason is lack of awareness about the need of physical exercise to our body. It is the dharma or nature of our body to work in order to earn. In ancient times, the Man had to move his forearms in order to gain his bread. With the advent of modernization and development of science and technology the man has learned simple ways of earning livelihood without physical exert. This has led to the downfall of the man’s physical health and stamina. Today, the city population is getting prone to deadly disease like diabetes at an average age of 23 according to a study conducted in major cities across the world. We have learned to live with it instead of fighting it out from the roots. The ancient saints of India had realized the secrets of physical exert and introduced Yoga – a unique technique to keep themselves fit and healthy. Though yoga was prevalent in India from millions of years, it was the great Indian saint “Patanjali Maharshi” who first brought all about Yoga into scriptures around 200 B.C. Patanjali Maharshi is considered as the Father of this great art of living called Yoga. Whatever the kind of Yoga that is followed across the world today is based on his scripts. Without going deep into this, I would like to salute to the great vision of Patanjali Maharshi. In ancient times, the saints or yogis of India used to sit at one place unmoved for several hours and days performing the tapasya or penance. They realized the importance of physical activities and introduced the unique technique of Yoga to keep them fit and healthy. During those times apart from Yogi’s and Muni’s; everyone used to involve in one or the other kind of physical activities to earn their livelihood. Therefore, they used to teach this art of Yoga only to their disciples. There was no need for others to learn this yoga. But today, the situation has reversed. Today majority of people are earning their livelihood through no physical efforts or less physical efforts. Only this section of the people is suffering from all kinds of diseases. If you observe keenly, you find this section is located in metro cities across the world. On the other hand people who live in rural or suburban areas involved in hard work to earn their livelihood are still healthy. Let me give an example: If you look at the people living in rural Nepal, China, India and many other countries you hardly find a single person suffering from metabolic disorders like obesity and diabetes. In these parts of the world, people climb up and down the steep mountains and hills without any support even at the age 80’s and many survive over 100 years of age in these regions.

If you look at the question why city based people are easy prone to these diseases, the answer is their life styles. You have a gadget for every work you do; where as in villages each and every work has to be done manually. Naturally the human is a predator by day and therefore he had to work in daylight and take rest at night. For every living being 12 hours of work and 12 of hours rest is required as per the nature of creation. All other beings apart from the man follow this principle. People in Metros either sleep late at nights or in the day due to their work obligations. They have reversed the principle of nature and whenever the man tried to reverse the creation of nature, the world witnessed havoc. People in villages wake up early, work hard throughout the day and sleep early. In many parts of Nepal and North-East India people wake up early before sunrise, work real hard throughout the day and finish their dinner by sunset and sleep well before midnight. They thoroughly follow the Nature of their body. That is the secret of their health.

I don’t mean you to sacrifice all those comforts in your life and work like laborers. Do enjoy your luxury and comforts but……; do your exercises as well…! No problem if you haven’t done so far. Do it now to secure your future. The Man has been created above all living beings because of the only factor of intelligence. Use your intelligence and realize the secret of life. Dr. Raju says, people are insuring against the unforeseen problem to their health but they aren’t insuring their Life. Dr. Raju’s “Natural Way of Living” is nothing but insurance to your Life. Prevention is always better than cure. The health is totally in your hands. It is you; who needs to protect your health. Therefore my dear friends; eat healthy, drink healthy and live healthy.

People these days have started to realize the importance of physical exercises and many are following some or the other workout routines either on their own or on the advice of doctors. Unfortunately, nobody is guiding them properly. Many of us do not know what kind of exercises are to be done for their cause. There are number of Yoga and other fitness centers across the globe teaching healthy activities among people. You can join any of them if you can afford; otherwise you can try a few simple steps given below at home or at parks nearby. Here are a few revealing facts about exercises that will help in weight reduction and much other health causes. There are actually two types of exercises (i) aerobic and (ii) anaerobic.

(i) Aerobic Exercises: Aerobic means "with oxygen", and refers to the use of oxygen in the body's metabolic or energy-generating process. Aerobic exercise is a physical exercise that intends to improve the efficiency of the cardiovascular system in absorbing and transporting oxygen. In other words, an aerobic exercise includes lower intensive activities performed for longer periods of time. Pranayam, Yoga, Walking, Jogging, Swimming, Cycling etc. comes under this category which requires a great deal of oxygen to generate the energy needed for prolonged period of time.

(ii) Anaerobic Exercises: Anaerobic exercise is intense enough to trigger anaerobic metabolism. Muscles trained using anaerobic exercise develop differently as compared to aerobic exercise, leading to greater performance in short duration, high intensity activities, which last from mere seconds up to a maximum anaerobic metabolic contribution at about 2 minutes. Any activity after 2-minutes or so, whether it is exceedingly easy or immensely intense, will have a large aerobic metabolic component. Power Lifting at Gym, Karate and Martial Arts etc. comes under this category. It is used by athletes in non-endurance sports to promote strength, speed and power and by body builders to build muscle mass.

If you understand the difference between these two types of exercises, half your work is done. By now you might have clearly understood that you do not need to lift power weights in the gyms and run hard on the track in order to lose weight. Studies revealed that practicing yoga, pranayam, moderate walking, jogging, cycling and swimming etc. results in effective weight loss than by performing hard running and power lifting exercises. Dr. Raju has revealed some scientific facts on this which I don’t remember it now. According to Dr. Raju, when you perform moderate exercises the body gets ample time to convert those excess fats stored in the fat reservoirs into energy. Whereas hard and rigorous exercises do not give enough time to convert those excess fats into energy. It immediately takes the glucose available in the blood, Liver and Muscles in order to gain instant energy to perform the anaerobic exercises.

Studies revealed that 70% of body fats and 30% blood sugar are transformed into energy during Yoga and moderate walk, 60% of body fats and 40% of blood sugar during a treadmill walk and 50% of body fats and 50% of blood sugar during a jogging session are transformed into energy. On performing the anaerobic exercises like weight lifting and running etc. up to 80% of blood sugar and 20% of body fats are transformed into energy. Without knowing the fact, plenty of people workout breathlessly sweating all over the body in order to lose weight early. Whereas some people walk out for a few months and end up finding no results. They are actually burning enough fats with walk. The mistake they commit is with food discipline. What is the use if you burn those fats and take it back through food? That is the reason why I told you in my previous update, you cannot achieve your goal without food discipline no matter how hard you try. Moderate aerobic exercises combined with proper food discipline are going to help your cause better. I request everyone who read this to go through my previous update “Natural Ways to Lose Weight” to know about food discipline.

Friends! The mantra or principle of life is simple “eat well and work well” to keep yourselves fit and healthy. There are number of aerobic exercises like Yoga, Walking, Jogging, Swimming, Cycling, Playing indoor games like badminton, table tennis, tennis, volley boll etc. Each person has his own choice of taste or opinion. Pick up the choice of your own and start your workout. When you visit a market you find vast varieties of vegetables and each person buys the vegetables of his own choice according to his taste. Similarly you can choose any one of the exercises from the list mentioned above and start working out. I have chosen Yoga as I find it best among all the aerobic exercises on my research. Finally, I would like to say, be patient in your approach and do not expect to make changes overnight. The result will follow you soon once you stick to your routine.

Here I end up this update now! Keep watching the space for more updates….!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Natural Ways to Lose Weight

This update on the eve of New Year 2010 is a kind of resolution to fight obesity. Today I am about to reveal how I lost 25 kilos of weight in the past 10 months at home without spending a single rupee. Like me in the past, there might be several other millions of people around the world who are suffering from obesity and are willing to reduce their weight; but couldn’t do so due to lack of guidance and proper knowledge of diet to be followed to burn those excess calories. To be honest, it’s not easy to burn those calories. Good Health never comes easy. I followed a few simple things recommended by Dr. Mantena Satyanarayan Raju to get rid of my excess weight. Initially my emphasis was on to reduce my excess weight but as the days progressed I shifted my gears on living healthy and changed my complete life style. Today, I am able to enjoy a healthy life style, thanks to Dr. Raju’s preaching. I have already posted why and how I happened to adapt Dr. Raju’s Natural Way of Living (refer my previous updates “Natural Ways of Living” on the right of this blog) published in the month of May’09, which also happens to by my first update in this blog.

After successful completion of 10 months of my “
Natural Way of Living”, I tried to make a self assessment of my health status. In the past 10 months I realized that I never suffered any fever, flu, throat infections, and headache etc. which were apart of my life before. I realized that my immune system has improved as never before. During these 10 months I happen to visit a doctor only once due to neck breakage while practicing yoga. As told before, my first emphasis was on to reduce my overweight; but I gradually happened to gain great health in the process. This magical change had made me stick to the “Natural Way of Living”.

The above two are my past and present photos. Some times I do wonder myself looking at these pictures. When I adopted Dr. Manten’s “Natural Way of Living” I expected some change but never imagined such a radical change in this short span of time. Don’t worry! I am neither going to sell any fitness product nor services by showing these pictures. It is intended to let you know how one can lose weight by following simple measures of Dr. Mantena’s “Natural Way of Ling”.

There are numerous institutions and products available in the market inviting people with attractive incentives and unbelievable offers to lose excess weight. You find plenty of advertisements on TV and in news journals attracting people with vast verities of products and services on weight reduction. Some claim “Drink our Dr. Tea twice a day and lose 10 kilos of weight in a week” and others claim “use our personal massager and lose up to 7 inches of your waist in 10 days without any workout”. Trust me! They are all scrap! Never fall into those traps. Losing weight is exclusively in your hands. No person or product can come to your rescue in this issue.

  • 1. Strong Will Power: A strong will is very essential to achieve a goal in any work. As discussed above, losing weight is not an easy task and it has lot to deal with will power. When I started following Dr. Raju’s recommended diet routine, the result was very discouraging in the beginning 4 months. I hadn’t lost even a kilogram of weight after such a strict diet routine. My strong will power and self belief has helped me a lot in achieving my goal. Some of my friends too joined Dr. Mantena’s Natural Way of Living to lose their weights but none of them had succeeded. Each one of them cites one or some other reason. I have a doctor friend called Dr. Vali. He once asked me some tips to lose his overweight. I instructed a few easy tips for his cause. It’s been 6 months since then and no change in his appearance. Every time I ask him whether he find my tips useful; I receive the same answer from him that he has couple of functions and ceremonies to attend and he is going to start working on my tips after attending them. His functions and ceremonies never end and he never starts his weight reduction program. Another friend of mine Mr. Venkat Rao whose weight is increasing at an alarm pace claims that his wife isn’t co-operating him in cooking the kind of food recommended by me. If you try to do with this attitude; I bet you never achieve your goal. Unless you have a strong will to overcome all these kinds of hurdles, you can’t achieve your goal.

  • 2. Sacrifice: This is very crucial in losing the weight. You need to sacrifice some of your favorite recipes and dishes. Here again your will power comes handy. It is not easy to sacrifice your favorite stuff. Every time you eat; you must remember that you are eating for your good health. Good health cannot be bought. It has to be gained. And you will gain it by sacrifice. You feel bad to lose them initially but once you gain your health you will enjoy and feel proud of sacrificing such a junk. After adopting Natural Way of Living I sacrificed all my favorite stuff and when I look back, I never regret what I lost but enjoy what I have gained.

  • 3. Food Discipline: The above two factors are related to psychological preparations. Once you are ready with above two, food discipline is not very difficult. Many believe that one can lose weight by regular exercises. But to my belief; mere exercises doesn’t help you lose weight. Food discipline is very essential for every individual not only to reduce weight but also to stay fit and healthy. And some people believe that they can lose weight by skipping meals and remain on fasting for couple of days. Never try this. It’s harmful for our body. By skipping food we might burn calories but our body needs many nutritional enzymes, minerals and proteins to function. Skipping food might lack these elements and leads to serious health hazards. Let us try to understand and follow a better food discipline

  • a) Drinking 1.5 Liters of Water early in the Morning: Always start your morning by drinking 1.5 liters of water as soon as you wake up. This helps you in cleansing the inner body and free bowel movement. Once you drink that much of water in the morning, you are going to enjoy the pleasure of discharging the faeces. I haven’t given any miss in drinking 1.5 liters of water in the morning as soon as I wake up from the moment I started following Dr. Raju’s “Natural Way of Living”.

  • b) Exercises: Half an hour later do some exercises whether it might be Yoga, Aerobics, Gym, Walking, Jogging, Skipping or any other kind of physical activity for an hour or more. Physical exercises will not only help in reduction of weight but also keeps you fit and strong. I started performing Yoga after losing 20 kilos of weight. After losing 20 kilos, the skin around my stomach, biceps and thigh region was hanging loose. It was similar to the condition of a pregnant lady after delivering the baby. I realized the need to tone it up. Therefore, I downloaded all the videos of Ram Dev Baba from you tube and started learning Yog Asans. As the days gone by I realized the pleasure and joy of performing Yog Asans and Pranayams. Yog Asans and Pranayams are the blessings to the mankind by the great ancient saints and sages of India.
  • c) Drinking another 1 liter of water after Exercises: 10 minutes after finishing your workout drink another liter of water and flush your intestine one more time. Well… to be honest, I am unable to drink this additional liter of water again after exercises due to lack of time. The time doesn’t look like stopping in the morning. In this busy modern life in cities, I find it exceptional. I still wonder how Dr. Raju could manage all this with such perfection.

  • d) Breakfast: This is very crucial part in the Natural Way of Living. As we all know that our body is a combination of trillions of cells. We need energy to work. Where do we get this energy from? From the heat generated by our cells. Our cells relax at night when we sleep. Since we need energy to work throughout the day, we need to end our whole night fast by eating some light food. Always begin your day by having juices, fruits and uncooked vegetables as your breakfast. I have been regularly eating 120gms of sprouted whole moong beans (botanical name-vigna radiate), Chick Peas and Cow Peas (Black eye beans) in my breakfast everyday. When it comes to nutrition whole grains or beans are considered number one. The nutritional value increases three times more in the whole grains when they are sprouted; revealed in a study by the National Institute of Nutrition, India. Sprouted beans are low in calories, rich in potassium and easy to digest. Add any fruit along with the sprouts if you wish. Sprouted beans are like a boon to the people suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, anemia and many other liver and kidney problems. For those healthy people who include these sprouts as a part of their daily menu, these chronic diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, anemia etc. would never come in their way. Unfortunately, most people in India do not consider sprouts as a food item. People in southern parts of India cannot think of breakfast other than traditional Idlis, Vadas, Dosas, Pooris etc. According to Mantena Satyanarayana Raju this kind of food is the main source of diseases in this part of the world.

  • e) Drinking Water in the Day: Drink 2.5 to 3.5 liters of water throughout the day in small quantities giving a gap of half an hour before and two hours after every meal intake. It keeps you fresh and energetic throughout the hectic day of work. There is no better refreshment of energy than water intake. When you drink water while you eat, the entire digestive gases in the stomach washes out and evaporates leading to improper digestion and constipation. To derive full benefits of eating food, you need to allow your stomach to churn the food properly by releasing various digestive gases and enzymes. I want to add another important point here. I have observed many people wake up from sleep to drink water at nights. You don’t actually need water at nights, if you drink enough after in the above described manner. Many people do not realize the importance of drinking water. When they feel thirst, they drink concentrated sodas and soft drinks. If you keep your fluid levels high by drinking water in the above prescribed manner, you feel more energetic and enthusiastic as never before.

  • f) Lunch: Avoid all refined and polished carbohydrates like Potato, Rice, Maida and Sugar during lunch. Needless to say that you got to sacrifice eating non-vegetarian and the food cooked in lots of oil, ghee, masalas and spices. Eat Wheat Phulkas at Lunch to get early results. People unable to avoid rice can eat Brown Rice instead. After following Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju’s Natural Way of Living, I hardly consumed white rice. Initially I shifted my diet to Brown Rice and after a few months I started eating Phulkas even in my Lunch. It not only helps in reducing the excess weight but also keeps your stomach light. Once I started to enjoy Phulkas, I hardly preferred eating rice. More importantly I totally prohibited the use of non-vegetarian food, oil, ghee, masalas and spices in my food. By watching the videos of Dr. Raju I learned the way of cooking food without these stuffs. I have no words to thank Dr. Raju for the work he is doing for the people like me. When I posted my first update “Natural Ways of Living”, I mentioned that I reduced the intake of above items. But today, I am glad that I totally sacrificed them. Only regret is that I am unable to stop the use of salt totally. Abandoning the salt is a great challenge to the tongue. Efforts are on to abandon the salt as well. And when that happens I am going to win this challenge. I heard Dr. Raju saying number of times that many people overcome every challenge in Natural Way of Living except the challenge of abandoning the salt. This is because, the salt is considered as the king of taste in Indian Cuisine. And it is always difficult to defeat a King in the contest.

  • g) Evening Snacks: When we think of evening snacks what we remember? The pizzas, burgers, sweets, breads, cakes, cookies, biscuits, samosas, chips, noodles, manchurias, chats, kurkures, Mirchies, Vadas and Bajjis and all kinds of processed and refined food made with maida and deadly fats containing Tran’s fats, HNE and other chemicals. Who don’t like these things? Bad things always attract us more than the good. The above items were my favorite ones before. This is where sacrifice comes handy. You need to sacrifice all these evening snacks if you are really serious in burning your calories. Believe me! I haven’t touched any of these items in the past 10 months and I never regret it any more now. They are out of my menu and I have replaced those junk with fruits and juices. Whenever you feel like eating some evening snack, buy any fruit available in the nearby market according to your economic condition and grab it. You might have heard a proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor at bay”. But according to me “Any fruit a day keeps the doctor at bay”. There is a huge misconception among people about eating some fruits during winter and rainy season. Many believe that eating fruits like guava, cranberries, gooseberries and lemon etc. will result in soar throat and flu during winter. This is absolutely baseless and in fact, these fruits help in strengthening your immune system. Dr. Raju strongly recommends eating every fruit available in the season at least once a day. Natural food is always beneficial to your health.

  • h) Dinner: Most people commit a mistake here. Most of us carry a small box for lunch and eat very light during lunch. This is because we don’t want to get lazy during work. When it comes to dinner, we sit altogether at one place and eat leisurely and heavily with some gup-shup on the dinning table. I wouldn’t be wrong if I say that many of us end up filling the stomach till the throat during dinner serving all kinds of varieties. Since we take rest during nights the excess calories we eat in dinner are stored by the fat cells in their reservoirs leading us to obesity. One should be very careful in selecting the kind of food you eat at night. You need not get up half stomach from your dining table at dinner. You have to avoid heavy oil cooked and non-vegetarian foods at night. You need to identify the food which has low calories and more minerals and enzymes. There is no better food at dinner than phulkas made of wheat, maize, millet and barley. Eat more vegetables and less rice or phulkas because the vegetables possess lots of minerals, enzymes, vitamins and rich fiber resources which keep your body healthy.

Some Important Points: So far you have learned about food disciple. Let us now try to learn some other important points in “Natural Way of Living”.

  • a) Eat more vegetables: Indian cuisine is never complete without curries. You need curries to eat rice as well as phulkas. I have been consuming leafy green and other vegetable curries cooked without oil, ghee, masalas and spices during all this while and believe me I am enjoying every bit of it. Many of us believe that curries cannot be cooked without oil and those spices. If you haven’t tried so far, have a go at it by watching Dr. Mantena’s Videos on You Tube or follow my blog “Mantena’s Kitchen”. The hardcore rule of Dr. Mantena’s Natural Ways of Living is eating ¾ of Curries and ¼ of Rice or Phulkas. This is because these leafy green and other vegetable curries contain numerous types of vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes that are required for the body. More importantly they are rich in fiber content which is very essential for cleansing of our body internally.
  • b) Eat only when you feel hungry: There is very bad practice among many of us that we eat whatever offered to us at any time and any place. Eat nothing in between your breakfast, lunch, evening snack and dinner. By nothing, it means nothing! Not even a single biscuit, a piece of chocolate or fruit. If anyone offers you any of these, keep it with you and eat when you feel hungry along with your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Eating often disturbs your digestive system resulting in serious gastric and other problems. We Indians are usually humble people. We cannot deny anybody’s offer to eat or drink something thinking that the other person might get hurt. Dr. Raju says; never eat for other’s satisfaction. Doing so will harm your personal health. I follow this principle very strictly. If anything is offered to me, I gently accept it without hurting his feelings and eat it according to my schedule if it is in my menu otherwise I gently deny the same.

  • c) Regular Vegetables in your Menu: In order to get quick results and lose weight early, you have to add “Bottle Gourds, Snake Gourds, Ivy Gourds, Ridge gourd, Lemon Cucumber etc.” in your menu. Any one of these gourds should be a part of your daily dinner menu. Because, these vegetables are rich in nutrition and low in calories. 1 Kilo of any of these gourds contains a mere 70-90 calories approximately which is equal to the calories you get from a cup of tea. Apart from them, any one kind of leafy vegetable should be a part of your daily meal. It might be Spinach, Amaranths, Sorrel leaves, Fenugreek Leaves, Mustard Leaves etc. because these leaves are very rich in nutrition which keeps you strong and healthy.

  • d) Honey & Lemon Juice: Drink 2tps of honey and lemon juice in lukewarm water every morning in the empty stomach after exercises. This helps in burning calories to some extent.

  • e) Flax Seeds: Flaxseed is another rich nutrient of omega 3 fatty acids which helps reduce your weight apart from many other health benefits. According to Dr. O.P. Mehra, Kota, Rajasthan, adding 30gms of flax seeds a day will do wonders for your health. Roast these seeds and store in a bottle. Grind 30-40 gms every day and add the same in wheat flour while making phulkas or sprinkle it in your curries after cooking as masala.
  • f) Avoid Processed, Polished and Refined Foods: Half your work is done if you could do this. Instead, eat organic, whole grains and unrefined and unprocessed foods.
I firmly believe that “prevention is better than cure”. Therefore, I urge all the people to react well before it’s too late. And there is no better prevention of diseases than Dr. Mantena Satyanaryana Raju’s Natural Way of Living. I hope some of you might find this information useful. Keep watching the space for more updates.
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