Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Thought on Health

I have been following Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju’s “Natural Ways of Living” for the past 9 and odd months. Since then plenty of changes occurred in my body. I miraculously lost 22 kilos of weight in a span of 9 months. The beginning 4 months were not very encouraging. I hardly shed 400 gms of weight during this period. Once I lost 5 Kilos of weight, there was no looking back for me. When I last checked my weight a fortnight ago, I was standing 68 Kilos. Today I feel that I am at the peak of my health. I haven’t fallen sick during these 9 months of following the Natural Ways of Living. I neither took medicines or been to the doctor during this period. My resistance power has increased tremendously. Earlier, I used to keep a strip or two of migraine and pain killer tablets in my desk. But today I am leading a medicine free life. Contrary to my opinion, people around me find me weak and feeble. Over the past couple of months I have been flurried with questions relating to my health. “Are You Alright? Is everything Ok with you? Any issue with your health?” all these sort of questions were being asked. The list of people asking all these queries is increasing everyday.

It all began 3 months ago. My mother was the first one to comment. She looked around my collar and said, “Hey stop it over here now. No more Natural Ways of Living. Your clavical bones are visible now. You are getting weak”. I smiled at her and assured that everything is fine with my health. At that point of time I hadn’t realized that was only the beginning. Then come the turn of our neighbours. People started wondering about my health and started murmuring as and when they see me. Next was the turn of my in-laws. My father-in-law looks a worried man these days. He feels the effect of entire recession is showing on me. Like wise, many friends, relatives, colleagues and other known people around me have their own reasons to worry about my reducing weight. Some relate it to serious health issue, some to the recession effect and some relate it to family tensions. Believe me! No day has gone for me in the recent past without I am being asked about my health.

When I was gaining weight at a rapid pace and losing health, no one was concerned about me. But today, when I gained total health by losing the excess weight every passerby is seemed to be worried about my health. How can I explain them? A good health is a state or condition which can be felt and experienced but cannot be explained. Many people suggest me not to follow any more diet routine as I might get weaker. Some people cry “What’s the need to follow Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju’s hard path of living? Why am I doing at this small age of 32? This is the right age to eat and enjoy as one cannot enjoy anyway after getting old.” But none of them realize that they cannot enjoy the future if there is no food discipline today. I accepted Dr. Raju’s path of Natural Ways of Living because I foresaw my future which others don’t. I don’t want to live for about 100 years. Whether I live for 40 years or 100 years it doesn’t matter. What matters the most is how I live. Whatever is the span of life I have got, I want to live healthy and happy free of diseases and ill health.

Food discipline is quite essential for every human being to stay fit and healthy. People who follow food discipline can be compared to Military Soldiers and those who do not follow food discipline can be compared to Police people. Military soldiers remain fit and slim not only during their training period but also rest of their life. On the other hand, police people follow food discipline only during their training period. Once they get posted to their jobs, all their food discipline goes to trash. Therefore they grow fat and obese. They cannot chase a thief where as the Military people fight heavily armed terrorists. We don’t find a single military soldier fat and obese like a police man. The main reason is food discipline. No matter how many hours you exercise, food discipline is must. One cannot stay fit unless he follows a disciplined metabolic activity. Now let me explain what a disciplined food is. First of all we need to understand what our body needs and what are we providing it. Secondly how much does our body need and how much are we providing it. Thirdly are we providing the needs of the body in a right way?

Our body needs a balanced diet which is classified into five major groups such as Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals and Water. There is certain ratio of eating these things. Most of the times we eat what our little tongue dictates. We prefer the taste rather than the nutritional value of food we eat. We must control the tongue; rather the tongue is controlling us. We must realize that we are not eating only for the satisfaction of little tongue but for the benefit of entire body and its organs. One who dictates the tongue always lives healthy and hassle free life.

For people who earn their livelihood by standing or sitting work needs 2400 calories a day and for people who earn their livelihood by hard work needs 3800 to 4000 calories a day. But many of us eat more calories and burn less. Anything that is eaten excess is stored by fat cells in their reservoir causing obesity.

How we eat is also essential to live healthy. Many people eat less and eat plenty of times. This is not a healthy sign. The lesser number of times we eat, the better for health. According to our great ancient saints “Eka Bhukte Sada Yogi…Dwi Bhukte Sada Bhogi…Thri Bhukte Sada Rogi…” which mean “People who eat once a day are like Yogi blessed with good health. Those who eat twice a day are like bhogi blessed with all offerings. Those who eat thrice a day are like Rogi blessed with diseases and ill health. The fast food culture is creating serious health hazards to the people. Decide how many times you want to eat whether 1, 2 or 3 times. Eat enough during those times and never use your mouth in between for eating. Only then you are going to remain healthy. The reason is that every time we eat, our body releases digestive gases to digest the food. Everyday it releases 2 litres of gases to digest our food. If we eat in small quantities the gas burns the inner layer of our stomach giving intolerable pain which we call it an Acidity problem since the quantity of gas released is higher than the food we eat.

Many people feel that I lost weight by skipping food which is not the fact. I am eating that food which is less in calories and more in Proteins, vitamins, minerals and other enzymes. Today I am at the peak of my health; thanks to Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju and Baba Ramdev. The secret of my good health is Dr. Raju’s diet plan and Ramdev Baba’s yoga for 2 hours a day. Both these great men are doing the same kind of service to the people in their own ways. Though the ways are different, the purpose is one and the same – to create a healthy and happy India and ultimately the happy world. Millions of people across the globe are getting benefited by the preaching and teachings of these two greats.


  1. Hi Ram, your oct 14 article is quite good. I too have similar experieneces to share. Thanks for sharing so much good information.

  2. Thanks for your comment Mr. Hari. How long you been following Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju and how do you find yourself now? You can share your experience here if you would like to.


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