Monday, October 5, 2009

The Ratio of Water and Matter in our Body

Like Earth, our Food consists of two thirds of Water and one third of Matter. In many Foods, Water content is high. Most people do not realize that Water is more important than Food. How many of us maintain the Water and Food ratio of 2:1 every day in our body? Many of us hardly drink 1 litre of Water a day and eat around 2 kilos of Food through out the day which is quite against the dharma or nature of our body.

As our body exerts Water and Matter gets depleted everyday, they have to be replenished every day. As and when our Water level decreases it demands Water through thirst. But most people drink Cool Drinks, Sodas and Juices to quench their thirst. Unfortunately most people do not know that Cool Drinks, Sodas and Juices are the Food contents with large percentage of Water. When we feel hungry do we supply water instead of food? No! Similarly, we must understand the dharma of our body and supply only what the body demands. Hence, when you feel thirsty always supply Water and not the Food like Cool Drinks, Sodas and Juices which is against the dharma of our body.

The same mistake we commit with regards to Food. The Food that our body needs and that we supply is entirely different. A better coordination between supply and demand keeps the body in our control. But unfortunately, we supply what we wish rather what our body needs. It is time we listen to the dictates of the body. It is the Water which is responsible for two thirds of the activity in our body. Water is the Manna of health. The supply of all important Water to the body helps perform its duties perfectly maintaining a good health. There is no harm to the body even if we skip Food once in a day. The Food that is stored in our body in the form of fats comes handy when we skip Food. But the case is quite opposite with Water. If we do not drink water for some time or for a whole day it triggers serious trouble inside our body. Unlike food, skipping water is quite unhealthy. Water is beneficial only supplied when the body needs. When we refill food when felt hungry why not we supply water when felt thirsty?

This wonderful information is extracted from the book “Water and You” written by famous Naturo Therapist Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju of Andhra Pradesh, India. As promised earlier, I will be coming with more information on the importance of drinking water to our body. So catch up all the updates without a miss………


  1. nice and compact write up! Keep it up!!

  2. I remember one more thing from Dr.Manthena's show on TV about digestion. Water goes through the blood and reaches all the cells and residue is out in about 2 hours. But if it is food, even if it soda, butter milk etc., it goes through the digestive system and takes about 6-7 hours for the food to go through the digestive system.

  3. That's true the fluids apart from water has to go through digestion process, therefore they don't quench your thirst immediately.


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