Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Man - Air, Water and Matter

The Man is closely associated with Nature. As a matter of fact, the human cannot survive without Nature. He needs the five elements of Nature like, Air, Water, Earth, Space and Fire to survive. Among all, Air occupies the prime importance for all the living beings. Water occupies the second place in the Nature for survival of the living beings. Earth/Matter/Food occupies the third place of importance followed by Space and Fire. We cannot survive a few minutes without Air. We need to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide for our survival. Breathing Air is involuntarily done as a part of our metabolic activity. It is not in our control, thanks to the Creator. If breathing of Air, was left to the humans, Air would also had been priced and sold like other elements of nature. Billions of people would have died immediately after birth unable to buy the valuable Air. It’s really hard to imagine the price of Air if it would have been left to the control of human. After Air it is the Water which occupies the utmost importance to living beings. Unlike Air, we can survive a few days in the absence of Water. But, if we stop drinking water we cannot survive beyond a few days. The third important need for any living being is food or matter. In the absence of food we can survive beyond a month or so. But beyond a month or so one cannot survive in the absence of food. Air, Water and Matter are the three basic needs for the survival of living beings. Space and Fire are the other two factors required to survive longer. If there is no space or vaccum in our body, the above three elements cannot be stored in our body. If they cannot be stored in our body then we cannot generate the Fire or Energy to work. If we do not work, we cannot earn our livelihood which is again very essential to survive. All these five elements function in a chain for our survival. If all the above five elements in our body are supplied to the body in right proportion man can survive for more than 200 to 300 hundred years. Any imbalance in the above 5 Elements of Nature might lead to diseases and ill health thus causing problems to our body. Our ancient Saints, Sages and Yogis who knew this secret lived for hundreds of years.

If you look at the creation of Nature, the Air occupies large percentage of Earth. Our atmosphere is fully surrounded by Air. The Air in our atmosphere is made up of molecules of different gases in particular Nitrogen which occupies 78% of Air and Oxygen which occupies 21% of Air and the rest of 1% is occupied by other types of molecules. Air is important for almost all the life on earth including plants and animals. Plants need gases from Air for photosynthesis where as men and animals need Oxygen to breath for survival. Air in the form of oxygen is present everywhere in our body from our hair to our foot nails. It is present in each and every cell of our body. Without oxygen no part of our body is going to function. It gives life to a living being. Any living being is considered alive as long as he has oxygen in the body. Such is the importance of Air in our body. Thankfully, inhale and exhale of Air in our body is done involuntarily without our intervention. Moreover, we need not buy oxygen. It is available free of cost in the Nature. But it cannot be said in future. Man is digging his own graveyard by cutting forests in the wake of development of the civilization. I have great concerns for the future generations to come. I am afraid they might need the artificial oxygen for living which comes with a price tag. If the trees are cut at this pace, there is every possibility of my concern becoming the truth.

After Air, Water Occupies most parts of the Earth. Water is a chemical substance with a combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen. One molecule of water contains two atoms of hydrogen bonded with single Oxygen atom. Water occupies second place in our body too. In the past just like Air, Water was also available free of cost. With the advent of civilization and man drifting away from nature, he drifted the river water towards him with mind, money and labour. Earlier the man like animals used to go to the rivers, lakes and ponds for drinking the water. But today, he is getting water at his door steps by diverting rivers. This has cost him to pay for the water. When it comes to our body, 68% of our body is occupied by Water in different forms of fluids. Water carries blood to all parts of our body. It excretes all the waste and unwanted things from our body either in the form of sweat or urine. Our body excretes 2 litres of water every day as a part of our metabolic activity to keep itself clean and healthy. As said before, it might be either by sweat or urine. It is commonly noticed that we pass more urine in rainy and winter season than summer. The reason is very simple. Our body temperature falls very low during winter and it cannot produce heat to sweat it out unless you really work hard. But it has to excrete the waste that has been sent in by us in the form of food and water. Therefore, it excretes this waste through urine. Similarly, during summer the body temperature rises and the water is excreted in the form of sweat even if you sit idle without any work. You hardly get urine during summer season because all your water is being excreted through sweat. Our body has such an automated mechanism that it does not tolerate any waste inside it. It immediately tries to send it out of the world. Weather it may be summer or winter you need to drink enough water to refill this excreted levels of water in your body. Many might not drink even a glass of water during rainy and winter days fearing of going to urinals often. In fact you need to drink more water during rainy and winter days because it is during this season more germs and bacteria intrude our body. Only by drinking more water the intruders can be thrown out of our body.

After Water, it is food that occupies the more space on Earth in the form of plants, fruits and seeds. Similarly, food is third important need of our body. Unlike Air and Water it is not easy to gain. Every living being has to strive hard to gain food because it is neither available free of cost like Air nor as cheap as Water. One has to work really hard to gain food for survival. Though it is not as important as Air and water but man has to really sweat it out to gain food. Animals usually go miles to earn their food. Unlike animals, the Man has gained intelligence along with evolution. With this intelligence he learned to generate food nearby him without moving miles in search of it. Development of human intelligence has lead to the development of Science and Technology creating more comforts for man towards earning his food. Though the development of Science and Technology has done wonders for human beings but it has come with certain side effects too. Technology has made man more dependent on machines resulting in health hazards.

If all the three elements of nature are appropriately provided to the body in required proportions, there is every possibility of man living healthy through out his life without diseases and health hazards. The dharma of our body is to provide more water and less food to the body. Unfortunately, many of us give more importance to food than water. We hardly drink a couple of glasses of water but eat kilos and kilos of food. How much water is actually required for the body per day? What is the procedure of drinking water? When to drink the water? When not to drink water? You are going to find answer for all these questions by Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju in updates to come. So… keep watching the space for regular updates….

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