Saturday, September 19, 2009

Transformation of Human Life Style

A Human life is closely associated with Nature. In the process of evolution, plants and trees were the first to come into existence which is followed by creatures. Experts believe that creatures emerged 3500 million years ago. In the process of evolution, man evolved from Apes. The early evolution of humans can be traced back to 65 million years. Since then, the human followed the nature and learned what, how and how much to eat and drink for survival. He got adjusted and adapted himself to the Nature. He lived according to the terms and conditions of Nature. As long as the human was close to the Nature, he lived happy and healthy without diseases and survived for long. With the emergence of civilization the human drifted himself away from the nature seeking physical comforts which ultimately lead him to sorrow. He is not able to come out of the life style which is against the nature. Consequently, right from the new born to the aged every one is suffering from one or another disease and their life span is shrinking. There are many reasons for their difficulties and sorrow. Particularly improper food and drink habits, defecation and lack of sufficient physical exercise to the body can be considered the main reasons for the dire situation. Unless man changes his way of living in tune with the nature, it is difficult for him to regain his good health to live comfortably. If we stick to the laws of the nature, not only we but also the coming generations can live happily.

By Nature the human is not an animal predator. His body is made for eating food available in the Mother Nature. He is genuinely an herbivorous predator by Nature. In the early stages of evolution the man ate raw food like leaves, seeds, fruits and other vegetables available in the nature. There is a huge misconception among people, thanks to the creation of media that primitive people used to hunt animals and eat them raw or burnt. But many do not know that they hunt animals out of choice. With the emergence of civilization, the man drifted himself from nature. Once drifted away from forests, he involved into cultivation of lands for his survival. During times of natural calamities like drought and floods, they grew cattle like cow, buffalo, goat etc for survival. During hard times people used to live on the milk provided by the cattle. There were times when cattle too were affected by natural calamities. The amount of milk supplied by the cattle was not sufficient. In order to keep himself survived he started eating non-vegetarians like fish, egg, hen and goat. In the past, man ate non-vegetarian food only to keep himself survived. With the discovery of fire, man started to burn the span of his life. With fire been discovered he started eating food by burning or cooking. What is the nature of fire? It is to burn and destroy. That is the reason why Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju reiterates “Nippu Manishi Kanabettina Muppu” which means “Fire is the trouble discovered by Man”. The moment the man started eating cooked food he invited his own troubles. When food is cooked, the nutritional values of food get destroyed by evaporation. Man further developed his culinary art and dug his own graveyard. He started cooking food in different ways with different items. The discovery of processing and refining of food has changed the whole definition of food. This has lead to serious hazards of life inviting numerous diseases.

The condition of health can be considered worst in the current generation of men. People are succumbed to health hazards like diabetes, low or high blood pressure, obesity, heart diseases, malfunctioning of liver, kidneys and Lungs etc. at the tender age of 25 or 30 years. Earlier people used to eat for living but today people live for eating. The life span of people is shrinking as the generations pass by. One day I was explaining about Pandavas in the epic of Maha Bharata to one of my friend. He was awestruck on knowing that the Pandavas lived for more than 300 years. We still find some of our grand parents live above 100 years. Many are surprised to see them living for so long. They lived for so many years because they followed the natural ways of living. If we do not follow the way of living of our grand parents the situation is going to worsen. If we do not change our life styles and get back to the roots, there is no surprise that the average life span of a man might shrink to 40 years. People might get surprised to see men living for 50 years in the generations to come.

Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju has started a lone battle in educating people about the Natural Ways of Living of our grand parents. He is trying to take us back to the golden era of health and happiness. He is trying to revive the ultimate finding and teachings of our Rishis and Munis who studied the nature and guided our ancestors live healthy and happy. Come… Let’s relive our tradition. Let’s make a chain and spread the awareness of Natural Ways of Living among people. Let’s join our hands together with Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju in re-living his dream of healthy and happy India and ultimately a happy World.


  1. Ram,
    You are doing a great job by starting a blogspot on natural way of living. I liked it more for the reason that it also talks about Dr. Raju gaaru and his works.
    I am his follower since I read his books 3 years ago. Time to time I will try to participate/contribute in this blogspot/discussions.
    Thanks again.

  2. Thank you for the comment Mr. Hari. I Hope you are not only confined to reading Dr. Raju's books but also following them. Dr. Raju's preachings helped me gain good health and positive attitude towards life. Everything that is written in this blog is told and written by Dr. Raju. My little effort is to take it to the masse internet community.

  3. Yes I do follow his teachings though to some extent. First I am focusing on food part at this moment.


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