Friday, August 7, 2009

A Few Facts on Kidney Stones

There are numerous false presumptions relating Kidney stones among people in India and across a few nations. Let us know what the facts are according to a famous Nutrition expert Dr. K. Uma Devi from Hyderabad.

1. Presumption:

Many believe that Kidney Stones are formed because of the stones available in rice.


In fact, there is no relation to the stones in rice to the formation of stones in kidneys. The stones gone in the stomach with rice will be excreted with stool. Kidney stones are actually formed within our body with the help of enzymes like calcium, oxalate, phosphate etc. Though they appear like stones they aren’t actually stones. They are lime stone like objects.

2. Presumption:

Many believe that if the Kidney stones are once formed, they keep on forming again and again.


Well… the fact is if the patient do not follow proper diet and drink more water there is every possibility of forming stones again. But there is no hardcore rule that if the stones formed once, they keep on forming again and again. Therefore, the affected person has to be careful with his diet.

3. Presumption:

Many believe that Kidney stones can be melted with medicines


In fact the kidney stone once formed does not melt. Only the stone formed with Uric Acid has a small chance of melting. But many are commonly affected with Calcium stones, which do not melt. They had to be removed by drinking more amount of water if the stone is below 5 mm. If it is above 5mm and around 8 mm they had to be removed by laser and electric treatment.

4. Presumption:

Many believe that Kidney stones can be excreted using medicines.


The fact is if the stone is less than 5 mm, it will be excreted through urine whether the medicine is used or not. It is excreted by drinking around 6 litres of water a day. If the stone is around 5 – 8 mm then there is a small chance of excreting through urine depending upon the width of urinary vein. If it is greater than 8 mm they can be removed only by using latest medical treatment.

5. Presumption:

Many believe that Kidney stones are formed by eating Tomatoes and Spinach either singly or combined.


It is the fact that Tomatoes and Spinach contains more amounts of Calcium and Oxalate enzymes in them. But just saying that eating Tomatoes and Spinach forms the Kidney Stones is a false perception. These two vegetables contain lots of other vitamins, minerals and proteins in them. Avoiding them is not the solution. Eat them but drink more water so that the excess oxalate enzymes get excreted through urine. But people already affected by Kidney Stones should avoid them.

If you are a regular follower of Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju's Natural Ways of Living, you might have observed that he always recommend eating leafy vegetables atleast once a day. I bet many of you stop eating leafy vegetables daily with a fear of getting Kidney stones. It is possible if you donot follow Dr. Raju's way of living completely. You might have heard it from our elders that half listening and half knowledge on any subject is a dangerous act. Therefore, I request all of you to follow Dr. Raju's Natural Ways of Living in totality. If you eat leafy vegetables everyday and do not drink water as per his recommendations, there is every possibility of forming Kidney stones. I have therefore decided to bring you the extracts of Dr. Raju's book "Neeru Meeru" (Water and You) in the form regular updates. So keep watching the space regularly to know the story of man and water.


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  2. A simple and most important lifestyle change to prevent stones is to drink more liquids—water is best. Someone who tends to form stones should try to drink enough liquids throughout the day to produce at least 2 quarts of urine in every 24-hour period.
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  3. Thank You Mr. Steve Mickman for your valuable suggestions. Drinking more water is indeed a best medicine for kidney stones.


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