Friday, July 10, 2009

How to Make and Drink the Green Blood

In my previous update I had explained about who should drink the green blood. Today, let us learn how to make and drink the green blood.

1. For a normal person about 100 grams of wheat grass per day are quite adequate to maintain positive health. Wheat grass can be chewed or drunk as a juice and it can also be administered as an enema. It is very important to note that the juice must be consumed as soon as it is extracted; otherwise the vital elements in the juice will lose its efficacy.

2. As explained in the earlier post, the wheatgrass has to be grown for 10 to 12 days approximately or till the grass grows 7-8 inches / 14 -16 Cms. Cut the grass with the help of scissor from just above the roots. Leaving the roots in the mud helps the plant to grow again. Again after 10 to 12 days, you can use these plants as well. This time around you pick up the grass from roots and sow fresh seeds.

3. After cutting the wheatgrass wash it thoroughly and grind it in a Mixer and juice it adding little water.

4. Strain the juice in to a jar or vessel through a clean muslin cloth.

5. Green and fresh juice is now ready to drink

Here you must follow a few simple steps while drinking the wheat grass juice or the green blood.

1. Drink 100 ml or full tea cup of green blood every day in an empty stomach early in the morning after flushing your stomach.

2. People who do not like the smell of the grass might not enjoy the drink. My information on wheat grass juice was not very encouraging. But when I personally tried, I found it okay. It’s not that bad as it had been projected.

3. It’s naturally sweet. People who do not like the raw grass smell can add couple of tea spoons of honey and lemon juice into it. I personally like to drink without honey and lemon though.

4. Drink it sip by sip just like any other juice without swallowing it in a single gulp. You must apply your saliva while drinking in order to get it digested soon. Swallowing it unwillingly in a single gulp may either lead to vomiting or motions. Therefore, be sure to drink it sip by sip no matter how it tastes.

5. If it is not possible for you to drink in the morning, drink it in the evening while your stomach is empty in the same manner explained above.

However, even if it isn't a complete substitute for eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, the effect of this highly nutritious green drink is nothing short of amazing. Invest about 100ml (1 full tea cup) of wheatgrass everyday into your body and enjoy the refund.

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