Thursday, July 30, 2009

Formation of Stones in the Kidneys

Today I am about to post information on the issue which is causing havoc to most of the people these days “Formation of Stones in the Kidneys”. Are you eating Spinach and Tomato curry? Oh no…! It’s forming stones in the Kidneys. Is that true? Or is it a mere superstition? Many of us have lots and lots of doubts, opinions and fear about these and many more things about the formation of stones in Kidneys.

In this update we try to learn, what exactly are the stones that are formed in the Kidneys? How are they formed? How are they cured if formed? And what are the precautions necessary to avoid the formation of stones in our Kidneys by simple means? Apart from these we try to thoroughly understand all other issues related to formation of stones in Kidneys, types of stones formed in the Kidneys, facts and fears related to the formation of stones in the Kidneys. The facts revealed here are mentioned by renowned professionals Dr. K. Subrahmanyam, Urologist, Appollo Hospitals, Hyderabad and Dr. K. Uma Devi, Professor of Nutrition & Home Science College, Hyderabad in a Health column published in a Telugu Edition Enadu on 28th July 2009. Since I find the article very useful which should reach larger sections of the society, I took up the opportunity to add up the topic here in my blog. Hope you find this information very useful.

First Let us know in the words of K. Subramanyam a few facts about the formation of stones in the Kidney:

1. What exactly are the Stones in Kidneys and how are they formed?

What happens if we boil the salt water on the stove? A few minutes later, some tiny little salt stones or marble like stones are formed. Similar is the process of forming stones in Kidneys. In fact, they are not the stones. They are the result of various acids and enzymes which are part of the daily activities of our body. Various acids and enzymes combine together and take the form of these stones. We generally presume the stones formed in the kidneys are one and the same, which is not the case. There are several forms of stones formed in the Kidneys. Primarily Calcium Oxalate and Calcium Phosphate stones were found more. After that you find more of Uric Acid Stones. When the quantity of water in our urine is reduced, the chemical substances like Calcium Oxalate, Phosphate, Uric Acid and Cystine are increased and form into stone like objects. These are the main sources for forming stones in our Kidneys. Therefore, it is always recommended to drink more water. See that your urine always passes thin and clear.

2. Who are susceptible to these stone formations in Kidneys?

Well… it is quite difficult to say exactly who are more susceptible to these stone formations in Kidneys. Usually, at the places like Telangana in Andhra Pradesh and many regions of Rajasthan where we find hard drinking water, the chances of forming stones in the Kidneys of people residing here are more. Hereditary evidences were found in a few cases. It is observed that people in the age group of 25-40 are mostly affected by these stones in Kidneys. Many of us believe that the stone are not formed once removed, which is not the fact. They may still be formed if proper diet is not followed. Therefore, once affected persons should take utmost care in their diet and drink lots of water.

3. How can we identify that stones are formed in our Kidneys?

Usually tiny stones are formed in the Kidneys and move down through urinary vein. These stones literally get stuck in between the small layers of the vein and lead to sever pain. This pain starts from waist to urinary organs of the body. The small stones cause you more pain. When you urinate, the tiny stones get stuck in between the layers of vein causing more pain in an effort to broaden the vein. The pain would be so sever that it won’t stop whether you sit, stand or sleep. You must definitely get your diagnosis done immediately after feeling such pain. Some times, it might not pain after couple of days. Never ignore such pain. Visit a doctor immediately to diagnose yourselves at the earliest level. Doctors may suggest X-Ray, Ultra Sound, Urine test etc. and CT-Scan if essential to diagnose whether you have any stone? If yes! Where is it? Are the Kidneys functioning well? Is there any swelling on the Kidneys? Etc.

4. What is the Treatment for Stones formed in the Kidneys?

If the stone is 5 mm or less it will come out along with the urine on increased intake of water. If the stone is above 5 mm and around 8 mm and if the Kidneys are fine without any swelling and tolerable pain then there is no need to remove it immediately in panic. It can be cured by taking pain killers and drinking more amount of water. If you follow this routine it will come out by itself. If the stone is above 8 mm, the functioning of kidneys is affected, there is a severe pain or if there is a severe fever, the stone has to be removed immediately. In the past the stone used to be removed by operation. But, today Science has developed a lot. New Techniques have come into existence to treat this kind of diseases. With the help of Ureteroscopy, Pneumatic Lithotripsy and lasers are released in the veins through uterus and destroy the stones. If the stone is in the Kidneys shock waves are sent to the kidneys with the help of Lithotripsy and break that stone into small pieces. Later those pieces are excreted along with urine. When doing so there might be a possibility of getting stuck in the layers of urinary vein. Therefore small loops are arranged in the veins for easy pass-through of stones. If these broken pieces are above 2 mm size then they are removed through “Keyhole” process.

5. What are the precautions to be taken to see the stones not formed again?

If the stone is formed once, it is very essential to see that they don’t form again. You need to drink plenty of water to keep safe from forming stones. You need to check your urine using a tea filter to see whether any fresh stones are formed. If the stones were formed again, they get stuck in the filter. On examination of those stones it can be said what to do next. As told before the main causes of forming stones is presence of Calcium, Uric Acid, Phosphate etc. in the blood in more than required quantity. If any of these acids were found more than required quantity in the blood on diagnosis, one has to immediately consult a doctor.

How much Water one should drink a day?

If you do not want to form stones in your kidneys there should be more water in your urine. The volume of chemical substances like Calcium, Oxalate etc should be less in your body. To see whether the amount of water you drink is sufficient to your body, examine the colour and odour of your urine. Always see that your urine comes white without any other colours and bad odours. When ever you see the change of your urine colour and odour, it’s an indication of shortage of water in your body. Immediately refill the water levels by drinking more water. One should drink 5 to 6 litres of water every day to refill their water levels in the body irrespective of weather conditions. There are plenty of people who do not drink water, only because they get more urine if they drink more water. No problem! You don’t loose any bucks for passing your urine. In fact you gain a good health. One has to excrete 2 to 2.5 litres of urine per day to keep away from all diseases. It is one of the major excretory systems of our body. The more you excrete the healthier you remain. I am about to post a detailed information on drinking water based on the book written by Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju “Neeru-Meeru” (“Water-n-You”) in my coming posts. It has all the secrets and essence of water in our body. So keep watching for this in coming updates.

In this post I had provided you the information on formation of Stone in the Kidneys and other factors associated with it in the words of Dr. K. Subramanyam, Urologist Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad. In my next update you are going to find more information on the formation of stone in Kidneys. There you can find what Dr. K. Uma Devi, Professor of Nutrition & Home Science College, Hyderabad says about it. So keep watching the space for next update….

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Human Body Secretes Par4 Protein which can cure Cancer

Recently the news daily "The Times of India" had published an article on the breakthrough discovery of Dr. Vivek Rangnekar on the treatment of dangerous disease cancer. I felt it necessary to spread the news of this breakthrough discovery through my blog. Hope you find it useful.

A Mumbai born US-settled Dr. Vivek Rangnekar, professor of radiation medicine at the University of Kentucky, hit the headlines last year for creating the world's first breed of super mice, which are resistant to all forms of cancer.

Now he has in another breakthrough discovered that the Par-4 protein (a mass killer of cancer cells) is produced within the human body itself and spreads through circulation to distant organs.

This finding will now help scientists look at ways on how to naturally increase the secretion of the protein, for example, by certain natural diets and develop resistance to the growth of cancer. Scientists can also develop approaches to safely inject the Par-4 protein to inhibit cancer. The team headed by Dr. Rangnekar has also found that Par-4 protein is capable of killing cancer cells, when applied from outside.Till this discovery, scientists believed that Par-4 protein has to be present inside cancer cells to kill them. Since it isn't easy to deliver large amounts of the protein inside cancer cells, scientists have been studying other methods to target and kill cancer cells.

Par-4, after being secreted by the human tissues, has also been found to kill only cancer cells. It didn't harm normal cells, proving they aren't toxic. The presence of large amounts of Par4- protein in the super mice had made them completely invulnerable to cancer. Not only did they not develop tumours, they even lived longer.

According to Dr. Rangnekar, who is associate director of University of Kentucky's Markey Cancer Center, what these findings mean for the future is that it may not be necessary to use invasive or genetic approaches to inhibit the growth of cancer. Par-4, secreted inside the human body by the kidney, lung and prostate, can now be developed so as to inject the protein to treat cancer. Not only primary tumours that have spread to other tissues should be killed by Par-4 protein, Dr. Rangnekar told.

Increased par-4 protein in circulation, in the blood and serum of the super mice is one of the reasons they are reistant to cancer, he added. According to his team, a person is susceptible when the amount of this par-4 protien secreted by the cells of that individual may be low and inadequate.

"This needs to be tested on an individual basis. The next step is to test whether human cancer can be prevented or treated by increasing the amount of protein produced." And how will the team do that? "Either by injecting par-4 protein or by trying different diets," Dr. Rangnekar said. Reporting this breakthrough in the journal "Cell" on Friday. Dr. Rangnekar, added, "The novelty is that the par-4 molecule binds to its receptor GRP78 on the surface of the tumour cell and then triggers biological process called apoptosis or cell suicide, killing the cancer cells."

Is the finding new? Dr. Rangnekar said, "We knew previously that par-4 is present inside human tissues and cells. This new finding shows that it is also secreted and in circulation in humans, just like it is in circulation in the blood or serum of super mice."

Friday, July 10, 2009

How to Make and Drink the Green Blood

In my previous update I had explained about who should drink the green blood. Today, let us learn how to make and drink the green blood.

1. For a normal person about 100 grams of wheat grass per day are quite adequate to maintain positive health. Wheat grass can be chewed or drunk as a juice and it can also be administered as an enema. It is very important to note that the juice must be consumed as soon as it is extracted; otherwise the vital elements in the juice will lose its efficacy.

2. As explained in the earlier post, the wheatgrass has to be grown for 10 to 12 days approximately or till the grass grows 7-8 inches / 14 -16 Cms. Cut the grass with the help of scissor from just above the roots. Leaving the roots in the mud helps the plant to grow again. Again after 10 to 12 days, you can use these plants as well. This time around you pick up the grass from roots and sow fresh seeds.

3. After cutting the wheatgrass wash it thoroughly and grind it in a Mixer and juice it adding little water.

4. Strain the juice in to a jar or vessel through a clean muslin cloth.

5. Green and fresh juice is now ready to drink

Here you must follow a few simple steps while drinking the wheat grass juice or the green blood.

1. Drink 100 ml or full tea cup of green blood every day in an empty stomach early in the morning after flushing your stomach.

2. People who do not like the smell of the grass might not enjoy the drink. My information on wheat grass juice was not very encouraging. But when I personally tried, I found it okay. It’s not that bad as it had been projected.

3. It’s naturally sweet. People who do not like the raw grass smell can add couple of tea spoons of honey and lemon juice into it. I personally like to drink without honey and lemon though.

4. Drink it sip by sip just like any other juice without swallowing it in a single gulp. You must apply your saliva while drinking in order to get it digested soon. Swallowing it unwillingly in a single gulp may either lead to vomiting or motions. Therefore, be sure to drink it sip by sip no matter how it tastes.

5. If it is not possible for you to drink in the morning, drink it in the evening while your stomach is empty in the same manner explained above.

However, even if it isn't a complete substitute for eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, the effect of this highly nutritious green drink is nothing short of amazing. Invest about 100ml (1 full tea cup) of wheatgrass everyday into your body and enjoy the refund.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Who should drink Wheatgrass Juice?

In my previous posts, I had provided information on green blood, advantages of drinking green blood and the process of its germination. Today let me explain, who should drink the green blood.

Anemia – the iron deficiency syndrome is highly prevalent in India particularly amongst the adolescent girls and pregnant women. The main cause of anemia is lack of nutritional value in the intake of food. There are plenty of people in India suffering from anemia. Unable to afford the expensive medicines and nutritional food many die every year and many others suffer from iron or hemoglobin deficiencies. Many people are unaware of the fact that anemia can be cured by intake of wheat grass juice-also known as green blood. Wheat grass juice is the best medicine to increase hemoglobin than any other form of drug. The chlorophyll of the wheat grass is easily absorbed into the body and is converted into hemoglobin as both wheat grass and chlorophyll have similar molecular structure. Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India, many have realized the essence of eating healthy food. According to Naturopaths, drinking green blood is like storing red blood in your body. Such is the effect of drinking green blood on our body. If it is taken in an empty stomach, it assimilates into the blood in a time span of 20 minutes. It lasts throughout the day giving required energy for the day.

There is no hardcore rule that only people with hemoglobin deficiencies should drink the green blood. Anybody who desires a healthy lifestyle can drink it. Green blood can be given to the growing children, youth and aged irrespective of their genders. People who lack hemoglobin count, people who often donate their blood and women who experiences heavy menstrual bleeding and pregnant women should definitely be given green blood every day in order to refill their blood levels in the body. Moreover, green blood is also very useful for people suffering from dangerous diseases like blood cancer. Many cases were cured with the use of green blood. And green blood is also useful for people suffering from high cholesterol, obesity, skin allergies and ulcer. For more details refer my previous posts on Wheat Grass – The Green Blood and Process of germinating green blood.

I hope you find this article useful. Keep watching the space for my next update “How to Drink the Green Blood.”

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