Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wheat Grass - The Green Blood


Today we see plenty of people suffering from deficiency of Hemoglobin. To begin with, let’s discuss in brief about Hemoglobin, Deficiency of Hemoglobin, Effects and causes of low Hemoglobin count and its cure.

Hemoglobin is the iron - containing oxygen transport metallo-protein in the red blood cells. Lack of Hemoglobin count in our red blood cells leads to Anemia. Anemia is caused by too low count of red blood cells or low count of Hemoglobin in red blood cells. You need iron for many processes inside your body, especially for the production of oxygen carrying pigment in your body called Hemoglobin.

Iron is absorbed from the food and drink you eat by your small intestine. The iron is carried into the bone marrow – where the blood cells are produced. It combines with proteins to make Hemoglobin. Spare iron can be stored in Liver. Iron will be lost from your body through urine, dead skin cells, faeces and through bleeding.

Iron deficiencies or anemia leads to breathlessness, tiredness, dizziness, feeling cold all the time, even when it’s warm and most other people are comfortable, a rapid, week pulse, palpitations, headaches, memory loss, irritation etc. In some people with anemia can develop thin skin and spoon shaped or brittle nails. It can also cause painful cracks at the sides of the mouth and a sore tongue. Occasionally, in women over 40%, iron deficiency can be a symptom of a condition called Plummer Vinson Syndrome, which causes difficulty while swallowing due to small web like growths in the Esophagus (the pipe that runs from your mouth to your stomach).

Wheat Grass or Green Blood:

On average, men need 8.7mg of iron a day and women need 14.8mg a day. You can usually get all the iron you need from your diet. Because of various reasons people lack iron deficiency. Many people take various medicines for iron deficiencies. But they do not realize that our nature has enough resources to refill our iron deficiencies. There are plenty of fruits and vegetables which possess iron. But when the vegetables are cooked, 80% of iron, minerals, vitamins and other enzymes get evaporated while cooking. Always take raw food like fruits and juices to gain iron, minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Where as, numerous people in India and around the world cannot afford serving medicines, fruits and juices every day due to their economic conditions. Innumerable people in India die due to iron deficiencies unable to afford those costly medicines, fruits and vegetables every day. But 90% of us do not know that there is a valuable and affordable natural medicine available for one and all. And that is….Wheat Grass! Yes, you heard it right! Wheat Grass! It is the most powerful medicine in Naturopathy. It is termed as a substitute for natural red blood cells. The wheat Grass possesses all the compositions that Hemoglobin possesses. It is also known as “Green Blood” because of its close structural similarity to Hemoglobin. Wheat Grass contains many nutritious and prophylactic ingredients. It is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Laetrile (Vitamin B17 – which has been marked as anti-cancer effect) and several other useful enzymes. Green Blood is also found useful for Heart and Cardio Vascular System, Respiratory System, Digestive System, Teeth and Gums, Joints, Brain and Nervous System and Skin diseases. Wheat grass therapy has also been used with great success in kidney, ear diseases and in several cancers.

In western countries like America, it is sold in the restaurants and cafes. It is not very popular in India. It is not well promoted in our country. Thanks to the efforts of Mantena Satyanarayana Raju, Green Blood is now finding its place in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. No one else has promoted in such a large scale before in India.

Today we have discussed about the Hemoglobin, causes and effects of its deficiencies and Green Blood or Wheat Grass which we discussed as a substitute for red blood cells called Hemoglobin. In my next update I will come up with more details on wheat grass and the process of germination in our own yards and apartments and the way of administering the germination process in detail.

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