Thursday, June 25, 2009

Growing Wheat Grass - The Power House at Home

Growing a Powerhouse of Energy at Home

In my previous post, I had given a detailed description of Wheat grass and its advantages. In this update, I am about to provide information on growing wheat grass at your home. Growing wheat grass at your own backyard or apartment is not a big deal. It can be done with a little effort and expenditure. The entire process involves a period of 10-12 days. The wheat grass gets ready for the juice only after 10 days or when the crop grows about 7-10 inches in size. Here are few simple techniques of growing wheat grass at home.

Step1- Basic Preparations:

Planning is very essential to grow wheat grass at home. Plan to extract the juice daily for a period of 21 days. For this you need seven plastic trays/tubs. Make small holes at the bottom of the trays so that the water poured on the plants does not stay in them. Fill the trays with mud (preferred organic mud) and arrange them in order under the direct sunlight at your back yard or balcony. If there is no backyard or balcony, then put them near the windows getting sunlight. You can even use artificial light of 100 W or more of florescent bulbs to grow the seeds. Sunlight is preferred against the florescent lights because the sun rays possess numerous healing powers in it.

Step2 – Soaking of Seeds in Water:

Take your seeds and rinse them off thoroughly before use. Place the seeds inside a clean container and cover them with clean water. Let the seeds soak in the water for 12-15 hours. This soaking process infuses the dry seed with moisture and softens their shells allowing easier sprouting. Bad seeds (i.e. prone to mold) will typically float to the surface and should be discarded if found. A great time to soak the seeds is right before you go to bed as the seeds will be just about ready when you wake up. Do not soak all the seeds at a time. Divide the quantity of seeds for seven trays for seven days respectively. This enables you to extract the juice for a period of seven days continuously without a miss.

Step3 – Sprouting of Seeds:

After soaking the seeds for 12-15 hours, it’s time to get them ready for sprouting. Take a clean cotton cloth and pack the seeds into it and keep it aside. Keep the pack always wet by sprinkling water from time to time. In many metro cities, you can find a special bag of cloth for sprouting. If you use this bag you don’t need to sprinkle water frequently. Let the seeds remain in the cloth pack for another 10-12 hours. After completing the prescribed time, remove the seeds from the pack. You can now see tiny babe sprouts of the wheat seeds. The seeds are now ready for sowing.

Step4 – Sowing of Seeds:

Since the trays are readily arranged in a row, its time to sow the seeds in the first tray. Spread the sprouted seeds all over the mud in the tray, but be sure that the seeds do not overlap on each other. Now cover it up with a light layer of mud over them and sprinkle some water. Continue the same process for another six days in six trays as planned before. First three days are very crucial. Sprinkle water regularly early in the morning and evening. If the tray is kept under a florescent light, spray water only once a day either in the evening or morning. After 48 hours, you'll see baby wheat grass sprouting everywhere. By this point the seedlings would've attached roots to the soil and are on their way to growing. Sprinkle the water daily or every other day depending on the environment humidity. After about a week the wheat grass will grow to be around 7-9 inches tall. This is optimum time to harvest.

Step5 – Harvesting the Wheat grass:

After completion of 10 days, the grass in the first tray is ready to harvest. Take a good scissor and cut the wheat grass at around 1/2 inches from the soil. After cutting the grass sprinkle water regularly. The grass grows up again. Cut the grass again after 10 days to extract the juice. Repeat the process with the grass in other trays as well.

This is how you can grow the wheat grass at your own backyard or an apartment. When you try it for the first time you may not get the 100% desired result. Don’t get disappointed by that and learn by your mistakes and you will succeed at some point of the time. In my next update I am going to explain “who should drink the wheat grass juice and why?” So, keep watching the space for more updates.

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