Monday, June 8, 2009

Five Elements of Nature in our Body

Five Elements of Nature Air, Water, Earth, Space and Fire along with various other forces of Nature sustain life and maintain equilibrium in this Planet. Imbalance in any of these Elements of Nature leads to chaos. An invisible equation operates within and outside these Five Elements of Nature to maintain the equilibrium on this Planet.

These five Elements of Nature viz. Air, Water, Earth, Space and Fire exists in our body too. Like Nature, imbalance of any of these Elements of Nature in our body too leads to the destruction our health or life. Let us examine in detail, how these Elements function in our body.

(1) The Air:

Air occupies first place in our body. No living being can imagine surviving without the presence of air. A human body consists of two respiratory organs called Lungs. The principal function of Lungs is to transport oxygen from atmosphere in to the bloodstream and release carbon dioxide from bloodstream to the atmosphere. Any irregularity in the respiratory organs leads to death. I believe everyone agree to this point. Therefore, avoid smoking of cigarettes or any other form of harmful tobacco to keep your lungs healthy and last longer. Perform breathing exercises of Yoga called Pranayam every day under the guidance of an able instructor. Pranayam gives ample exercise to your Lungs, thus keep them healthy.

(2) The Water:

The second vital Element of Nature in our body is Water. Water occupies 68% space of our body in different forms of fluid. If the body is put to work, the water level of the body gets reduced. You need to refill the required amount of water to keep yourself healthy. Our body informs us about the requirement of water by different means. 99% of us do not understand its indication until our throat gets dry. Drying of throat and mouth is the last indication by our body to refill its water levels. Urinary inflammation, change of urinary color into red or yellow, bad urinal odour, too much of sweat from body, frequent headaches, drying of throat and mouth etc are the symptoms or indications by our body to refill its water levels. 99% of us drink water only when our mouth and throat dries up. Dr. Mantena emphasize on drinking 5 to 6 litres of water a day because the body loses 2 litres of water a day even by sitting idle without any work. People whose work involves physical activity should drink a little more water than prescribed 5 or 6 litres. But there should be a process of drinking water. If the water is not taken in a procedure, it will do more harm than the good. Do not drink water immediately before eating food, while eating food and after eating food. Drink water half an hour before and two hours after every food you take. Drink as much of water as u can after two hours and before half an hour of eating food. Drinking water during and immediately after eating food dissolves our digestive gases creating problems of indigestion as well as the nutritional enzymes of our food will be excreted from the body along with urine instead of reaching our blood cells.

(3) The Earth:

Third important Element of Nature in our body is Earth. Here Earth is referred to our food from soil. The earth provides us the food to survive. Take all the nutritious and healthy food on this planet, it comes out of soil. There is no better food for humans than the food derived from soil. All the vegetables and fruits are grown from the soil of the Earth. Therefore, soil food is the God made food for human beings. When our ancestors in the past moved out of the jungles in search of their livelihood, they got away from the vegetables and fruits. In order to survive, they had to switch over to animal food in the absence of vegetables. But today, thanks to the development of infrastructure, every fruit and vegetable is available at our yard steps. Still we are ignoring the God gifted food like vegetables. Eating more volume of vegetable curry with less volume of rice is always recommended because the vegetables possess the substance that cleans our intestines. Eat Healthy and Live Healthy.

(4) The Space:

The fourth important Element of Nature in our body is Space or Vaccum. You need vaccum for everything in your body. Need vaccum to eat food, need vaccum to transfer the food to bloodstream etc. Naturopathy suggests eating less and living healthy. You may wonder how? Well… the logic is simple. Identify that food which contains more proteins, vitamins, minerals and all other enzymes and eat them in less number. There is a proverb in Telugu, “Okka saari tine vadu Yogi! Rendu saarlu tine vadu Bhogi! Moodu saarlu tinevadu Rogi” which means a person eating once is a Yogi (master in Yoga), person eating twice is a Bhogi (the one who enjoys all the fruits of sacrifice) and the person who eats thrice is a Rogi (a patient). There is a popular belief in India that the volume of food for humans is predetermined by the God in the Heavens. Once the determined volume of food is consumed by him, he will be taken away from Earth. The digestive system of a body too needs rest. The less you eat, the more it relaxes. This helps in increasing the resistance levels of your body which in turn keeps you away from diseases. Our ancestors had experienced and proved this fact. If you look at the Yogi’s and Sadhu’s living in penance at Himalayas, there were evidences that they lived for and above 100 and 150 years of age. Many Saints have sacrificed their soul and entered into Jeeva Samadhi at their will. If we look back to our grand parents we still find them healthy and doing all their work themselves. That is because they ate less and ate well. Creating a vaccum in the stomach is always beneficial for the body. Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju recommends fasting at least once a week to keep the body clean and healthy. According to him the body has an automatic self cleaning mechanism. Once the body is kept on fasting for a day or two, it cleans itself and relieves you from diseases on its own. Fasting increases the resistance capacity of your body which in turn keeps you away from diseases.

(5) The Fire:

Fire is the fifth and final Element of Nature in our body. Fire refers to as Energy or Strength. We need the fire power to work and stay fit. The absence of fire in our body leads to ill health. The God has given this wonderful Element within our body, which increases the more you spend. You get more energy the more you work. If you observe the people whose work involves severe physical activity are comparatively stronger than the people who work at offices under Air conditioners. In India, among large sections of the community there is a misconception about health. Many feel health is actually connected to wealth. Therefore, people who look big in size are considered healthy because they afford to eat all the expensive and healthy food. But the fact is totally different. Physical activity of our body is must to gain strength. It can be done either by way of exercises or by any other work which involves physical activity.

As long as the man maintains equilibrium of these five Elements of Nature in his body, he remains safe and healthy. The moment he creates an imbalance in any of these Elements, he suffers. When ever there is imbalance in any of these five Elements of Nature we see havoc like Earth Quakes, Storms, and Drought etc. When ever a human tried to disturb the nature of these Elements, he paid for it weather it might be his planet or his body. In order to stay fit and healthy do respect and follow the rules of the body. Perform regular Pranayams to keep control of respiratory system, Drink 5 to 6 Litres of Water a day in the above prescribed manner, Eat healthy and hygienic food derived from the mother soil, Eat less and Keep on fasting atleast once a month to create vaccum in your stomach and work hard physically to gain strength. Those who follow these simple things need no doctor through out his life. In this journey, I will share all the secrets of Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju’s theory of Natural Ways of Living. Keep watching for updates….

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  1. Hi, is it possible for you to explain how can we improve our health knowing these five elements and how can we apply this in our daily lives? Thank you


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