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In India, Naturopathy plays an important role. It prevails in India from millions of years. We are fortunate enough to still have this ancient form of treatment. We must be glad and thankful to the protectors of this ancient treasure. Naturopathy is not treated in big concrete buildings like of allopathic corporate hospitals. We usually find Naturopathic centers in our rural areas. They are still conducted in the form of Ashrams away from pollution in a natural and pleasant atmosphere.

Dr. Mantena Satya Narayana has defined the term Naturopathy in such a simple and realistic way that even an illiterate understands the essence of it. Naturopathy is a way of treatment which involves no medicines. Yes… you heard it right. It involves no medicines. You may wonder how it can be treated without medicines. Naturopathy deals with the healing powers present with in our body. It believes that a human falls sick only if he goes against the dharma of our body. To understand the essence of this, you need to understand the dharma of our body. A human body contains 5 elements of nature. These five elements are Air, Water, Earth, Space and Fire. Any deficiency of these 5 elements of nature in our body leads to ill health. Naturopathic Physicians use these five elements of Nature to cure all the diseases. They supply the lacking element in to the body through different processes according to the disease and the physical and mental state of the patient.

The following are the few techniques that are used to treat the patient in the Ashrams of Naturopathy:

Air Treatment:

Air plays a vital role in our body. I guess every one of you understand the essence of air in our body. A human cannot survive if he cannot inhale and exhale air for a few minutes. Air treatment involves performing regular Pranayams (an art of controlling breath in yoga). As all of you know that a restless mind is the source of all diseases. Today, everybody is in tension. Every man, woman including children in today’s world are involved in some kind of tension. People suffering from stress and other diseases are treated with Pranayams.

Water Treatment:

Many people do not understand the essence of drinking Water. Lack of water in our body may lead to many chronic diseases. Deficiency of water in our body results in the formation of Low Blood Pressure, Skin Allergy, Migraine, Stones in the Kidney, Urinary diseases, Body pains etc. If you visit an Ashram for any of these diseases you will be treated with water in different ways. Different types of water treatment are given to different people depending on their problem. Cold Water Treatment, Hot Water Treatment, Tub Water Treatment, Spray Water Treatment etc. are given depending on the case apart from giving ample amount of water to drink.

Earth Treatment:

Many people suffer from various diseases by eating junk and unhealthy food. As discussed in our previous post the enemies of health are Salt, Sugar, Oil, Ghee, Sour and spice. These elements are considered to be the main sources of ill health. Excessive use of salt leads to high blood pressure, sugar leads to diabetes, oil, ghee, sour and spices leads to high cholesterol. If anybody visits a Naturopathic Ashram he will be served all natural food that are grown from the earth. Totally unrefined and raw food is served. Earthly food includes only vegetables, seeds and plants. Apart from such food, patients will be given mud bath to their body.

Space Treatment:

The space or vacuum in our body has a major role to play. You need vacuum for food, water and blood cells to travel. If there is no vacuum in your stomach you can’t eat or drink, if there is no vacuum in the blood vessels, the blood cells doesn’t travel. You should always keep more space in your body to be healthy. Eating all the time may lead to form toxins within your body. Similarly drinking cool drinks too forms toxins. If you eat more than enough or any junk food, you may suffer from many diseases apart from indigestion problems. So, when a patient visits a Naturopathic Ashram, he will be put on fasting continuously for a couple of days to create the vacuum in his body and then flushed his entire stomach with lots and lots of water. Fasting involves, fasting on water, fasting on juices and fasting on fruits etc., depending on the mental and physical state of the patient.

Fire Treatment:

The fifth element fire in our body means the strength. A human body lacks strength if improper and innutritious diet is taken. We need strength to work and resist the body from various toxins in our body. Sun bath is the best example of fire treatment. The sun rays are allowed through mirrors of various colors on the affected parts of the body of the patients depending on the nature of disease they are suffering from.

I tried to briefly explain, how Naturopathy treatment works. These treatments are basically given to the patients suffering from different diseases. To understand it better, you need to visit any Naturopathy Ashram.

Growing importance of Naturopathy:

An Allopathic doctor offers you medicines, a Homeopathic doctor offers you medicines, an Unani doctor offers you medicines and finally an Ayurvedic doctor too offers you medicines but a Naturopath never offers you medicines for treating the disease. Instead he asks you to change your life style and live naturally. This aspect of Naturopath has made it unpopular for many years. A human being never wants to change the way he is living, no matter what it costs. He wants to eat whatever he likes, drink whatever he likes and yet wants to get relieved from the illness he suffers from. 99% of the people visit the Allopathic doctor for their illness because an Allopathic medicine relieves them from illness immediately without asking them to change their life styles. When it comes to Homeopathy, Unani and Ayurved, the doctors ask you to follow some diet according to the disease or infection. Therefore they are least liked medicines when compared to Allopathic. Naturopathy does not involve any medicines, injections or surgeries. A Naturopath treats you only by finding the deficiencies in your diet and by balancing your diet according to the requirement. For this you need to change your life style. You are asked to avoid salt, sugar, sour, oil, ghee and spices immediately and were made to eat boiled vegetables, fruits and juices. You may wonder, who would like to undergo for such a treatment where every tasty food is avoided to eat. Yes! Most of you wouldn’t like to follow naturopathy, if you were asked to eat only boiled food without all the tastes of food stated above. But some day one has to visit the Naturopathic Ashram if he continues eating those enemies of health. You may find a cure for the diseases in Allopathic medicine but there is no permanent prevention in it. There are certain diseases which cannot be cured even by all the other forms of medicines if the dharma of the body is not performed. Many people approach Allopathic medicines for their illness. Instead of getting cured, they get side effects. Then they approach for Homeopathic medicines. As you know homeopathic medicines takes time to cure. Unable to wait for long time, they move on to Unani and then to Ayurvedic. After giving it up, they come to know about Naturopathic treatment. After trying every kind of treatment they visit the Ashram of Naturopathy as a matter of last resort. Here they were put on severe fasting for a few days and were served with the natural food without those enemies of health as mentioned above. They not only get cured but were also taught the methods of preventing diseases in future by following simple and the Natural Ways of Living.

Today the attitude of people towards Naturopathy is changing, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Mantena Satya Narayana Raju and many others like him. He has taken the mission of Natural Ways of Living in such a mass way that millions of people have started living naturally. He has given a new approach to Naturopathy. He made it simple and acceptable. He made people realize the dharmas of their body and shown them the way to protect those dharmas of body. He utilized every possible media of information like, TV, News Papers, Internet, CD’s etc., and spread the treasure of Natural Ways of Living across the globe. Dr. Mantena Satya Narayana Raju realized that no matter any number of Allopathic corporate hospitals were established in the past 50 years in India, the percentage of people admitting in those hospitals has not been reduced. The reason is that all these forms of medicines cures the specific disease but does not prevent or eradicate the root cause of the disease. On the other hand Naturopathy involves two ways of treating the patients. One way of treatment is as it has been described above by balancing the five elements of nature in the Ashrams and other way is by teaching natural ways of living to the patients. Naturopathy not only cures the diseases but also prevents you from diseases affecting in future. In other words it is a two fold sword. Dr. Mantena thought of educating the people about the Natural Ways of Living on a large scale throughout the state of Andhra Pradesh. His efforts have paid off. He has succeeded to a great extent in making people realize the benefits of living naturally. His endeavor to the mankind is unforgettable. With his Natural Ways of Living or Prakruti Jeevana Vidhanalu, Dr. Mantena preached and taught the root causes of the diseases and the ways to prevent or eradicate from their roots.


In this update I tried to explain the little I had learned from listening and reading the preaching of Dr. Mantena Satya Narayana Raju. In my next update I would like to post a detailed description on the 5 elements of nature in our body. Keep watching the space for updates…


  1. Lets healthy, natural food be thy medicine to treat our body diseases. Today everyone is on pills. everyone has forgotten that we can heal our body by changing our eating habits. The many diseases are caused by chemIcals found in processed food. I believe in eating healthy is necessary to balance life, mind and soul.

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