Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Natural Ways of Living

This blog of mine is a tribute to Dr. Mantena Satya Narayana Raju for his endeavour to keep his fellow mates and the society healthy and happy through his “Prakrutika Jeevana Vidhanalu” (“Natural ways of life). Dr. Mantena Satya Narayana Raju is famous Naturo Therapist from the Distt. of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India. I am sure you would like to know more about Dr. Raju. Don’t you worry; I will provide a detailed description of Dr. Raju in my coming post. As of now I would like to share my experiences on the effects of Dr. Raju’s preaching on me.

I first saw Dr. Raju giving a TV program called “Mee Aarogyam Mee Chetilo” (Your Health in your Hands) on MAA TV a local Telugu Channel of Andhra Pradesh. To be honest my first impression on Dr. Raju was not very good. I found him boring. That is because I hardly heard him for 10 minutes. More over, I never stick to a single program on TV, thanks to the remote controller in my hands.

Again after a couple of months I saw him in the same program on MAA TV. I listened to him for just 5 minutes. His preaching struck my heart. He made me think. This time he hit the nail on the head. He succeeded in influencing my mind and heart with his preaching. The reason! He was preaching on Obesity and its cure and it was one of my major concerns over the years. I put up 7 to 8 Kgs of weight over the past 2 years. I was around 90 Kgs by that time. I watched the program unmoved on my seat like never before. Later, when the program ended I realized he is not an ordinary man. He is a slim man under four decades of age attired in white khadi kurta preaching his theory of natural ways to live a life, unmoved at one place with a candid smile on his face and a peaceful voice. He has the charm and charisma to influence large section of the crowd. Now a day I never miss an opportunity to listen Dr. Raju. I considered Dr. Raju as an ideal and started to follow his preaching to some extent if not completely.

The beginning was not easy for me. Since I belong to a middle class large family, it was difficult for me to follow his preaching. Because of my decision to make changes in the type of food I eat, the problems for my mother and wife have increased. If they cook according to me, other members get unhappy and vice versa. They found themselves in trouble quite often because of me. Initially, I thought of giving it up. But the problem is I never give up things easily. My dedication to change has increased more with the obstacles on my way. I continued to follow some of the guidelines of Dr. Raju to some extent if not fully.

Today, I have realized the magic of Dr. Mantena Satya Narayana Raju’s secret of Prakrutika Jeevan Vidhanalu. I am feeling and enjoying it now. I not only shed my weight to a great extent but also find myself healthier and happier. A few months back, I used to get tired very often. But today, I feel more energetic and enthusiastic. A few of these things I strictly followed for the past 4 or 5 months and it paid off. Here are the few things I did:

1. Stopped eating stuff cooked outside. Earlier I used to eat lot of junk food at hotels, restaurants, bakeries and roadside stalls. I haven’t touched them after started following Dr. Raju’s way of living.

2. Stopped eating of rice in dinner. I have been regularly taking Phulka’s in dinner without missing. This has helped me getting me deep sleep at nights. Since I work 12 hours a day, (10Am to 10 PM) I always felt short of deep sleep. Since, Phulka’s take no much time to get digested; I dont feel tired and deprived of deep sleep these days.

3. Stopped eating Idlies, dosas, poories, vadas and other fried and cooked items in breakfast. Instead of them I have started eating Dr. Raju’s recommended breakfast with sprouted seeds. I used to soak a couple of grasps of groundnuts, Bengal grams, moong beans, black eyed beans in water in different bowls separately for a period of 5 to 6 hours and then take them out and knot them in neatly washed clothes and sprinkle water regularly on them to keep them fresh. By morning the sprouts begins to rise from the seeds. I take these sprouted seeds as my breakfast every day. Sprouted seeds are considered to be very nutritious and healthy.

4. Replaced white Rice with Brown Rice at lunch. Since brown rice (mudi biyyam in telugu) has more nutrients I started eating brown rice at lunch. Since there is a long gap between my lunch and dinner time, I used to get hungry by evening 5 PM before when I was eating white rice. But after eating brown rice I realized that it’s taking long time to digest and not making me feel hungry by evening. More over, I find it chewy and tastier than white rice.

5. Gradually stopped drinking tea and coffee. Before, I used to take 3 to 4 cups of tea a day. Stopping a habit immediately is not easy for anybody. It took me four months to do so. I gradually reduced the intake of tea and totally stopped it now since one month.

6. Reduced Oil, Salt and Spice. Dr. Mantena Satya Narayana Raju considers them as the mentors for creating health problems. All the health issues are associated with these three factors in food. We Indians are so addicted to these three elements of food that it is not easy for anybody to take apart from them. I haven’t got control over them yet, though I reduced the intake of oily, salty and spicy food to a great extent. It may take a few months more to stop them completely to be honest.

7. Drink 5 to 6 Litres of water every day. I drink a litre of water as soon as I wake up in the morning and walk for ten minutes. This creates pressure on the small intestine and helps in cleaning the stomach. The water flushes the intestines and makes it clean. Again after some time I drink another litre of water. This flushes the remains in the stomach if any. I do not take any water during and after the food for about two hours. This is because, taking water during and after food dissolves the digestive gases in our stomach. If the digestive gases dissolve no proper digestion takes place. After two hours of every food break I drink 3 to 5 litres of water.

8. Stopped drinking concentrated drinks like cola, pepsi etc., available in the market. Early I used to drink lots and lots of cool drinks during summer. This summer, I hadn’t touched them. Instead I preferred to drink fruit juices as and when possible.

9. Reduced consuming non-vegetarian food. I used to eat non-vegetarian food once or twice a week. I can't say I had completely stopped eating non-vegetarian food but I haven't eaten it for long at home. I occasionally ate non-veg at marriages and other functions of my friends and relatives where I found it hard to avoid. After realizing the ill effects of the non-veg food, I don't feel as enthusiastic as before for non-veg food. I feel, I may overcome this hurdle very soon and stop consuming non-veg food completely in the near future.

Sprouted seeds and beans, brown rice, phulka’s have become a part of my life style these days. Another good thing happened to me was that my wife too has started to give me a company. She too has included this menu in her diet. I noticed other members of my family are now gradually getting accustomed to low spice, salt and oil food. This welcome change in my family members has encouraged me to start this blog. I hope 1 out of 100 might find this blog useful and change if not try to change his/her life style to stay fit and healthy. In my post, I would be revealing various secrets of Dr. Mantena Satyanarayana Raju’s theory of “Natural way of living”. Before that I feel it essential to tell you a few things about Dr. Raju. So keep watching the space for my next update on Dr. Mantena Satyanaraya


  1. A very nice blog, Ram. As humble as Dr. Manthena's efforts. I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog while looking for Dr. Raju's recipes. Keep it going so that people like myself can be reminded of natural ways of living whenever we go off-track. Thanks a lot. An invaluable service.

    God Bless,

  2. Thank a ton for your compliment Madam. The appreciation I receive from people like you really motivates me to do more. Keep watching the space for more updates.

  3. Excellent and inspiring! I am also 90 kg. and I derived so much hope as I too am on the same path (from 96 kg. to 90 kg. as of now ,following Dr. Manthena S. Raju and also of course the indomitable Yoga Guru Swami Ramdev ji!
    Thanks. Pl. keep the good work going!

  4. If you follow Dr. Raju's path of Natural living, definitely you will attain your goal. Do follow this link for more guidance - http://naturalwaysofliving.blogspot.com/2009/05/natural-ways-of-living_150.html

  5. God bless you. I am in America and the people over here are messed up. I plan on sharing this with a few people with an appropriate attention span. Please don't stop this work of yours, even if you barely get noticed. God is blessing you for this. Thanks

  6. Hello,
    I'm so glad that I stumbled upon your blog. I'm already a huge fan of Dr.Raju and I do follow his principles on healthy living except for the salt part. I do use very less salt for curries but will work on not using salt eventually. Anyhow, the truth is that Dr.Raju's principles do work and is true.
    Thanks to you for writing this blog since it is very inspiring and motivates me to be right on track!! It is a wonderful blog and please keep them coming! :) Thanks!

  7. I agree with the views expressed in the blog as also the comments. My experience too is the same. Even if one partially follows Dr. Manthena's teachings, one can experience significant change and conscious living, i suppose.


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