Monday, May 18, 2009


Dr. Mantena Satya Narayana Raju is a famous Naturo Therapist. He hails from the Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh. He is a simple man under four decades of age, appearing in white Khadi Kurta and Pyzama with a candid smile and peaceful voice; preaching his theory of Natural Ways of Living. Once he starts, he preaches unmoved for about 2 to 3 hours continuously to the hundreds of people gathered to listen him.

It is learnt that he drives the car himself and travels miles around various parts of the state to preach on the Natural Ways of Living to the people. The moment he finishes his preaching, people gather around him and each of them raise their doubts. He explains each and every person with utmost patience.

He had conducted several camps at various districts of Andhra Pradesh for various corporate bodies, schools, hospitals and other small and medium enterprises to preach his theory of Natural Ways of Living.

Dr. Raju has begun his endeavor of preaching Natural Ways of Living, since 1994 ie. from the past 12 years across 20 districts of Andhra Pradesh and inspired millions of people towards a healthy and natural way of living. Being the beneficiary, I have no hesitation in claiming that millions of people have gained good health because of Dr. Mantena Satya Naraya Raju’s preaching on Natural Ways of Living. Several lives have been enlightened and many people have overcome the addiction of drugs and alcohol.

Dr. Raju has sowed the seeds of Natural Ways of living in the hearts of millions of people in a very simple and sensitive way. Those seeds are now growing into many branches and forming a huge Tree and giving health benefits to some millions of people. People are temporarily getting rid of the problems of ill health by taking English Medicines. No one is trying to eradicate the root cause of the ill health. Dr. Raju believed that our ancestors have taught us the Natural Ways of Living without taking medicines. He took up the initiative to spread the knowledge of our ancestral treasure of Natural Ways of Living to millions of people.

If you clearly listen his preaching, you would understand that every word spoken by him has gone through immense research on the subject. One more interesting point is that you don’t find him preach a written matter. They were experienced and expressed. Dr. Raju has followed the Natural Ways of living on self, experienced the benefits and then he preached others to enjoy the benefits of it. He continuously says that doctors tell you only what they have learnt by studying. They never say beyond that because they haven’t experienced it. Our ancestors have experienced the benefits of living in natural way free of diseases for hundreds of years. They have experienced and instructed us to follow and reap the benefits of living healthy. He took it as a mission to take our ancestral secrets of living naturally. To be honest, no one in this world has taken the mission of Nature cure treatment in such big way in a single state apart from Dr. Raju. He is like a single man army on a mission.

In this commercialized world, when thousands and thousands of rupees are being charged by the doctors for treatment, Dr. Raju never expects a rupee from anybody. His income comes from the sale of books, CDs and other essentials. Dr. Raju firmly believes that being born on the great Indian soil which has great natural resources, it is the responsibility of every citizen to preserve the great Mother Nature and follow the dharma of nature.

Dr. Raju’s first encounter with the Natural Ways of Living is very interesting one. Many of you would definitely like to know how and when Dr. Raju had happened to learn and follow the Natural Ways of Living. Well… I once heard him saying on TV, that his parents were childless for about 6 years. After following all other kinds of medicines, they approached a Prakrutika Vaidya Ashramam, a place where people are treated with Natural Ways of Living. Prakrutika Vaidya Vidhanalu or Nature cure treatment or Natural Ways of Living has no medicines to apply. The food you take is the only medicine in Nature Cure treatment. The patients in these ashrams are cured only by making and serving a natural diet. After following nature cure treatment in the Ashram, they finally gave birth to a boy child. He was none other than Dr. Raju himself. There is no doubt that he was taught the natural ways of living to some extent from childhood days. Once during holidays to his school, Dr. Raju was sent to the Ashram for a few days. He was kept on fasting for the first two days in the Ashram. Unable to tolerate the hunger, he kept on crying for food. He was finally served food after 2 days. 2 phulkas with little honey and boiled vegetables. The moment he started eating, he realized that curry has no salt, oil and any kind of spices. They were simply boiled and served. Unhappy with the curry he threw the curry from a window and ate the phulkas with honey. The same scene continued for a couple of days. They used to serve him the boiled vegetables, honey and phulkas and he used to throw the curry out of window and eat the phulkas with honey. In the mean time he had an interesting observation about the curry he had thrown out of window. A crow visited near the curry he had thrown but flew without eating it. Again after a few hours a dog visited it and sensed the curry and left without eating it. Dr. Raju is to wonder! Even the crows and dogs aren’t eating that food, how can he suppose to eat them? After suffering from indigestion, he realized the importance of curry and started eating it regularly. Gradually he learnt the natural way of living in the ashram and returned home after a few days. He followed the same life style even during college days. He used to cook himself and eat them. During this period he experimented different types of food on his body and realized the harms and benefits of different foods. In the process he realized that to make every one follow his way of Natural Living, one has to offer the natural and healthy food without the enemies of health viz., sweet, salt, oil, ghee, tamarind, spice and yet tasty by adding their supplementary elements to the food. He therefore, experimented and discovered a new technique of cooking tasty food without sugar, salt, oil, ghee, tamarind and spice with supplements of those elements.

Finally, I would like to say that Dr. Mantena Satya Narayana Raju is an embodiment of all virtues. He is a God sent gift to the entire mankind who is on a mission to provide good health by following simple ways of living naturally. Hats off Dr. Mantena Satya Narayana Raju!

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